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help - language change in keyboard


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in lack of anywhere else to ask i'll put this here and hope someone who know will see it


it seems my keyboard has changed language, i been to the control panel to check, and while english is set as one of the languages, my first language is still listed as the first choise


only i lack my 3 letters that are unique to my language, and all the signs on my keyboard has switched places


this is sort of a crisis as i have a termpaper i need to work with over the weekend, and will need everything where it should be


anyone with a sugestion?

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jeg har gjort det før Ata!


gå nederst på skjermen din, på verktøylinjen. der er det en liten grå knapp. der skal det stå NO, men står sikkert ENG eller noe. trykk der, og det skal være mulig å bytte. jeg holdt på lenge med å fikse det sist. lol

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