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Live from Dragonmount...


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  I've been a fan of the books since I was a teenager. I'm 30 now, so.... Long time.


A bit about me. First, I literally live on Dragonmount. Sounds odd, but I live in the Yongsan district of Seoul, South Korea -- the direct translation of Yongsan from the Korean language is "Dragon Mountain".


My hobbies: Photography and 2D/3D art and animation. I use Lightwave 9.3, Modo 301, ZBrush 3.1, Vue6: XStream, Photoshop CS3: Extended, Painter IX, Combustion 4, Project Messiah: Workstation 2.5, Vegas Pro 8, and Acid Pro 6 to do.... absolutely nothing! Okay, so it has been a while since I've done anything animation-related, but maybe I can again someday if motivation and inspiration strike me at the same time.


Nice to be here and I'm looking forward to talking with everyone. Hopefully I can make and post some fan art from time to time.





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Welcome to Dragonmount...er...the FanSite! :D


Nice to see a new face.  I also really live on Dragonmount.  About 60% of my life is spent here.  I know, it's crazy, but it's true.


We have some fun Orgs here, a few that I can recomend are the Aiel, the Band of the Red Hand, the Wolfkin, and the White Tower.  I'm sure some of their members will be around to tell you a little about their Orgs.


If you feel extra brave and random, drop on by Fiddlesticks for spam, spam, and even some possums.  Unlike what you may think, spam here on DM is an art.  A time to widen your imagination with no rules (except that you can't widen the page)!  It's fun, trust me.  If you want to know what it's like, it's best to try it yourself! :)


Welcome, once again, and hope to see you around.;D

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Welcome to Dragonmount on the world wide web, verses your rl place of residence. I think that is so awesome.


I would like to invite you to come visit the Wolfkin Org. We are a great group of wolfies who like to ramp and play in the stedding. You can come enjoy some chili and tequila fresh from our lake. We are also the nature group here at DM. I think they would get a kick out of where you live too!!!!

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I have a friend that goes to school somewhere around Seoul...the exact place always escapes my memory though, lol!


Nice to see you here on dragonmount!  I'm Jea, both a member of the Brown Ajah in the White Tower and Captain-General of the Archers from the Band of the Red Hand....and, from your handle, it looks like you would make a wonderful archer!  But, please make sure you look around and find where you fit in the best!


*hands Jason a plate of brownies, a Brew Tea and a flaming shot*


Any questions, all you got to do is ask! :)

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Welcome to DM!


Feel free to ask any questions you may have, and someone will be very helpful and answer them!


As to what to do at DM, definitely check out the Band of the Red Hand ORG! As Jea said, your handle looks like it will make you a good Archer! ;) The Band is DM's very own music and travel ORG, so pop by to see what is happening. The Band is also a great place to get fame and honour, as well as the place to drink Battle Brew, brawl, dodge the Redarms and punishment, challenge other Banders in the Arena by playing our dice-based ORG Game, and much, much more!


But whatever you do at DM, have fun. :)

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Guest Stefania Sedai

Oh, yes, with a handle like that you have absolutely no choice but to join the Band of the Red Hand!


*ties the newbie up and drags him to the Band*


Don't worry, you'll love it!

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