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Hello, I'm HighWiredSith


My user name predates the prequels so don't get me started.


I've been reading WOT off an on for nearly four years now.  I admit the first book wasn't as impressive as I expected and as a result it was nearly a year and a half before I picked up The Great Hunt.  They say you can't judge a book by its cover but I have to admit that the cover to TGH kept me from purchasing it on at least five different occasions (not sure if there are different covers, I am referring to the cover where Rand is holding the horn aloft - Loial is there to I guess Lanfear - very cartoonish looking imho).  Anyway - it was much to my shame because I absolutely loved the book, particularly the ending.  I am now in the middle of book four - The Shadow Rising


I am more of a Science Fiction reader than fantasy but Robert Jordan and George R.R. Martin are my two exceptions.  To be honest, I think Jordan over writes at times and seems, at least four books in, to depend a little too much on simple conventions for speeding up the action (like way gates and portal stones).  His books also seem at times to fall into predictable fantasy patterns, i.e. the heroes get attacked, go on a journey, get attacked, journey some more formula.  I also think his characters suffer from an inordinate amount of good luck (but then again, don't they all?).  That said I think his characters are remarkable as is the breadth and scope of his world.  In fact, it was two chapters of TSR ("The Road to the Spear" and "Dedicated") that prompted me to create an account and post here.  He keeps adding layers to this already complex world (BTW, does it have a name?) that just draws you in deeper and deeper into the story.  I love secondary characters in books and films, Loial is probably my favorite at this point.  I also love the whole Children of Light angle - the religious zealots, wholly unique!  I hope there are more COL in the books to come, they have been painfully absent through most of my reading thus far.


There you go.  I hated to heard of Jordan's passing.  I was really looking forward to this second series he was planning - the Shogun culture thing, very cool sounding.  I'll avoid the obvious (I'm sure it's been discussed at length) - what will happen to the final novel.  I'm sure he made plans to leave his master work in capable hands and that's good enough for me.



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Guest Stefania Sedai

Welcome to DM! I totally agree about the TGH cover. Very cartoony. I really try not to over analyze the covers because I don't want that to become how I envision the characters. I've always thought that Knife of Dreams has the worst cover. Perrin looks sort of like a Wookie!

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Welcome to DM!


Do you have any ideas of what you want to do here??


If you want to chat music and travel, the Band of the Red Hand ORG is the place for that. Apart from that, we brawl, gamble, drink Brew, beat each other up in our dice-based ORG Game, and much much more! It's the place to be!


But whatever you end up doing, have fun! :)

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