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(kind of a ) Newbie


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So, obviously, I am new here.  Or newly joined I should say.  I have lurked here for as long as I can remember.  When I first discovered WOT (5ish) years ago I knew exactly one person who had read them.  So I looked for other outlets.  And then I discovered Dragonmount.  And lurked.  I always told myself that someday I would register, and I am sad to say that it was RJ's death that made me do it.  Not that I have anything particularly eloquent to say, but I find that I am alone in my grief, and I just couldn't take it anymore.  The simple act of registering has made me feel a million times better, just because I now officially belong to a community that cares as much as I do. 


I still remember RJ's first blog post, and how excited I was that now we would be getting the words 'straight from the horses mouth'.  I remember checking his blog everytime I came online.  When he announced he was sick, I felt sad. And guilty.  My roomate and I used to joke (before he became sick) about what we would do if he was hit by a bus (or whatever) before he finished the series.  The thought of those conversations now makes me feel slightly ill.  He was an amazing man and he will be sorely missed. 


But enough of that.  Apparently ONWARD is the word.  I look forward to being an active part of this community from here on out.  :)

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Welcome to DM


Hopefully you enjoy your time here, As your new you should take your time to have a look around the orgs and other places.


If your interested you should come join in with the fun the red ajah has and find us hidden within the great hall or over HERE on the offsites.


Enjoy your stay *hugs*



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Guest Stefania Sedai

Welcome to DM! We are glad that you finally decided to join in. And don't feel guilty. I think that RJ's death brought a lot of people to finally register, if for no other reason but to share their grief with other WoT fans. And it doesn't matter what made you join, all that matters is that you have a great time while you are here.


I would like to invite you to come over and check out the Band of the Red Hand. We are the music and travel Org, but we are so much more. Besides just being a great group of people to hang out with, we also have tons of fun with our brews and our brawls, not to mentio the jousts and the org game. Hope to have you join us!

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Welcome to DM, GGG!


Do you have any questions? If so, shout them out and we experienced members will help you out!


Do take up Stef's kind and generous offer! The Band of the Red Hand ORG is the place to be! We are DM's very own music and travel ORG, and have loads of laughs doing the many fun activities we have, like playing the Lottery, brawling, beating each other up in our ORG Game based on the rolls of dice and much much more!


Whatever you do here at DM, have fun! :)

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Thank you for the welcomes everyone!  Geek is fine with me. or GGG.  Whatever works for you! :)


I plan on checking out the orgs sometime, but real life keeps intruding on my internet time.  I would fix that if I could, but I like having a place to live.  :) Don't worry.  I will be poking my head in soon!

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Welcome to DM! :)


If you're at all interested in role-playing, there's a thriving RP community here.  For roleplaying, I'd suggest starting off by reading this post: http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,354.0.html  That covers the basics and will give you an idea of where to begin.


Next you'll want to get an idea of the kind of character you'll want to play. Just about every group of people on Randland are represented in some way. When you have an idea of the kind of character you'll want to play, you'll need to come up with a character bio and have it approved for play. For more info on that, check out this post: http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,717.0.html


After that, just find your way to the Div boards for your chosen Division and begin to join in on the fun as you await for your bio to be approved and to be assigned a mentor


But no matter what you decide to do with your time here at DM, I hope you enjoy yourself. If you have any questions about the RP side, or about DM in general, feel free to PM me here.  Or if you have Skype Messenger, you can find me there as bcxanth as well. :D And once again, welcome aboard. :)

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Guest nephitess

Welcome to DM!!! We’re glad to have you….please make your self comfortable. There is lots to do here and you’ll quickly learn your way around. I promise. *winks*


Make sure you check out he White Tower Org…visit the Reds, they’ll give you lots of Snugglebites. 


Also the Illiuminators Org is amazing!!! I love it because that is where all the creative people hang out. There are place for those who like graphic design, writing, or crafty stuff like candle making or soaping!!


So please check everything out and find were your comfortable!!


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