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Hi to all, I am new to the site, although in the past I have looked here and at other WOT sites, I have not participated. I just felt now I should say something. I have been a reader since "EOTW" was printed in paperback. Each time a new book would come out, a good friend and myself would reread all the stories to get current, then go out and buy the new hardcover. We were in that process for "KOD" and then my good friend passed away, This was just about a year ago, and as such, I never started "KOD". I had been rereading though recently and was into "COT" and then of course Tuesday heard the news. I am in shock and stunned. I do not know what to say. I feel such a loss and heartbroken. I love this series so much, and I think that is really why I feel compelled to write. I had so many great discussions with my friend Mark, who passed on, and since then I have felt quite a void. It has been hard reading this series and not having someone to call and talk to about the books. No one else I know has read the books or immersed themselves in them like we had. I was fortunate enough to get a signed copy of "New Spring" and we were going to try and go to a signing of "Kod" and meet the man himself, but that never happened, we live in Iowa and he never came too close. I also was looking foward to the other 2 short stories like "New Spring". I loved Moraine and just new she would come back, and when that story about how she met Lan came out in "Legends", I just thought that was awesome. I often read critisims of the books, how they are too detailed and too long. I also have felt myself that there are good books and bad , some slower and boring, but each time I reread the books, I find the details pertinient, and I find that they are not slow at all. I often recall how the same people relflect that "The Lord of the Rings" is not long enough. I think that the story is just perfect, and am glad to be a part of it, and long to go there. In all of this I worry and wonder, would he have changed the title "Memory of Light", and how can it possibly be finished now, will it?. I know as a writer he probably wanted to move on, I read this talk of his new ideas, and it always made me nervous that he would not get to the short stories. Well, all I can say is that I am shocked, stunned, and saddened.


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Guest nephitess

Welcome to DM!!! We’re glad to have you….please make your self comfortable. There is lots to do here and you’ll quickly learn your way around. I promise. *winks*


Make sure you check out he White Tower Org…visit the Reds, they’ll give you lots of Snugglebites. 


Also the Illiuminators Org is amazing!!! I love it because that is where all the creative people hang out. There are place for those who like graphic design, writing, or crafty stuff like candle making or soaping!!


So please check everything out and find were your comfortable!!


Thank you for your words. We are all mourning RJ's passing. *hugs*


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Welcome to DM!!! Hope you stick around and join in the fun.


I think we are all still a little out of sorts from this.. I know I'm finding it hard to get past. Sorry to hear about your friend.. I can imagine having that bond cut makes this even harder for you in a way. You can find a home here though, we're a very supportive bunch of people.. trust me, I've put that to the test.

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Hey Dorian, Sounds like you have had a bad time losing your friend like that. Especially when you had an interest that you don't share with others. I hope that you find some more friends here to be able to discuss the books to help fill that void.


There are os many aspects of DM, for a start we have Great WoT discussions always going on and if you have a subject you wish to discuss then fell free to add it.


We also have Orgs which are the community side of DM, and we would love you to pop by so that we can meet you better.


I'd like to recommend the Wolfkin. The theme for us is Nature and the outdoors so if you are into that then please stop by. We are also the Home of TQ, Chilli, Pirates and Cheerleaders and are quite laid back and like to have fun. WE even have out little welcome thread here on the newbies board at the moment so come along and join in the festivities.


The Band of the Red Hand is the travel and music org, and plenty or brawls and brew can be found here.


The Seanchan is the place to discuss TV, Films and games if you are into them.


Then we have our very own Organised game board, with various games including our very own Mafai game, so stop by and have a look.


Wherever you go Dorian , I hope you get to meet some new friends and have fun along the way.

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Welcome to DM!


Sorry to hear about your loss, but I hope some of us will be able to fill that void. It sounds like checking the Book Discussion area will be good idea.


I think most of us didn't expect the sad news with RJ. It was a shock, but we will make sure his name and work lives on.


Now, DM has plenty to offer. I've already mentioned the Book Discussions, but if you want to 'hang out', why not check the ORGs (Community) and the RP side?


One ORG that is a must is the Band of the Red Hand - we are DM's music and travel ORG. Apart from discussions about music and travel (expect some hot discussions shortly), we have loads of fun, whether it be brawling or fighting in our ORG Game (based on dice), or any other activity we do!


But whatever you do here at DM, have fun!  :)

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Guest Stefania Sedai

Welcome to DM! We are glad to have you with us, Dorian! I am very sorry for the loss of your friend. I know that I have really enjoyed finding a place where I can discuss the books that I love so much. No one that I know has read them either.


But if you take a break from the book discussions, I would like to invite you to come on over and visit the Band of the Red Hand. Like Corki said, we are the music and travel Org, but we have fun doing so much more. We'd love to have you join us!

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Welcome to Dragonmount! Dragonmount is a wonderful community place where people from all over the world really enjoy coming together. I’m Aleita and am the newest Wise One Apprentice of the Aiel Org. The  organisations are a really wonderful way to get to know other members here. So please pop by and say hello to us! We’re a very friendly bunch.


Aiel Link


If you have any questions or queries about the Aiel or Dragonmount in general please feel free to send me a PM. :)

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