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Hello, new member here...


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Well, new to Dragonmount forums, but I am a citizen of TarValon.net.  I figured I would expand my horizons.  I've read all of RJ's books, and many of them twice.  I love them all.  I live in South Carolina, USA (very close to where RJ resides I might add) and I am looking forward to being a part of this online community ;D

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Welcome to DM!


Do check out the ORGs - especially the Band of the Red Hand (DM's very own music and travel ORG, as well as a great place to make friends and have loads of fun) and the Seanchan where you can chat about the entertainment world!


Whatever you do here at DM, have fun!  :)

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Hello and welcome!!


Welcome to Dragonmount! Dragonmount is a wonderful community place where people from all over the world really enjoy coming together. I’m Aleita and am an Initiate of the Aiel Org. The  organisations are a really wonderful way to get to know other members here. So please pop by and say hello to us! We’re a very friendly bunch.


Aiel Link


If you have any questions or queries about the Aiel or Dragonmount in general please feel free to send me a PM. :)


P.S. Who are you at TV.Net?

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Hey welcome to Dm, Have fun whilst you here, but I'm sure I don't need to tell you that..


Some good Orgs I recommend are the Wolfkin, fun,loving, carefree, TQ, chilli, what more can I say, except that we are also the nature org


The /band for music, travel, brawls, brews and fun

Seanchan for entertainment chat.


And the organised games if you like, forum games, in fact there is a mafia games waiting to start still looking for a few more...and it's a newbie game so if you have never played before then no worries, there will be others to guide you

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Guest nephitess


Welcome to DM!!! We’re glad to have you….please make your self comfortable. There is lots to do here and you’ll quickly learn your way around. I promise. *winks*


Make sure you check out he White Tower Org…visit the Reds, they’ll give you lots of Snugglebites. 


Also the Illiuminators Org is amazing!!! I love it because that is where all the creative people hang out. There are place for those who like graphic design, writing, or crafty stuff like candle making or soaping!!


So please check everything out and find were your comfortable!!


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