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Open Suggestions Thread

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[[ not sure if I should start a new thread or not so putting it here feel feel to break it out ]]


So one thing I thought about while writing my post was the default policy for threads in the IC world.


At DM (in my time anyway) it has always been a thread is default closed to other participants and people jumping into a thread is typically not always welcomed unless it says (open).  


I honestly think that should change.  It's a scary change, I know it was for me.  But the truth of the matter is, if you are new you don't know anyone.  You don't know where to start.  Your bio is approved so now what?  Now I need to make a friend to write with.


That's can be just as daunting as stepping in.


Jumping into a thread can be scary too.  But at least you don't have to think up how to start.  You just read the thread, and wherever the action is you step in and let them react.


I have had so many game changing instances for my characters because someone else threw me a curve ball just be coming into the scene unexpectedly.  Some totally off the wall things I never would have done.


I just think that if you're gonna change some policies, this should be one that needs looking at too.

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I wasn’t sure if it needed to be a new topic either, but then I’d prefer the other to stay on-topic, soooo new thread!! 




I think you make a really good point, although the application might be an interesting challenge for the more traditionalist player. 


How would you feel about a “badge/reward/etc” system? Or… No. Those aren’t the right descriptors. 


Milestones. Quests. Maybe? I even have extra graphics for badges for completed quests. Etc. People love shinies, or even things to mark off doing. Kind of why starting as the lower ranks was fun (before it was tedious for multiple characters). 


[ ] Write with a new Player/Characters

[ ] Write with 5 new Players/Characters

[ ] Start an open thread

[ ] Start 5 open threads

[ ] Join an open thread

[ ] ETC


Something like this, but with goals and bonuses that help with both new and old players to make it fun for everyone. 


With the Battleground Open for play, I can 100% easily adjust it for Roleplay too… fyi.

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Achievements and shinies are always motivating.  It's why gamification works lol.  I'm okay with that but doesn't really give a newb someplace to start without saying 'hey I need help'.


You  mentioned the traditionalist RPer.  In my very limited RP online experience in forums 3 out 4  forums that I remember (I only remember 1 other site I tried but I don't remember their thread policy) were open first closed only when mentioned was the default policy.  One of them was a VERY large site with lots of people.  It was all very daunting having to jump into a thread someone else started or hope someone jumped into yours without knowing someone.  Granted I didn't stick around too long.  

But the two smaller sites that I've tried were all very open first which allowed your new blood to jump into an existing plot and just join in.  No need to set things up.  No need to ask.  It was scary.  But it gets easier.

I just wanted to mention it. Because right now I'm contemplating a character.  But okay then what.  I don't have a story, no plot, no connection (ic, I know several of you 🙂 ) to anyone really who's around.  And if I want to write by myself I don't need DM to do that I have plenty of perfectly good outlets to do that.  So it's just a thought on my mind.

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Maybe have it that people can nominate that their threads are open by just putting (Open) in the title?  That way if someone has a focused/set story, they can do their thing, but anyone can just start an open and let it run?

I think also it'd be worth having a couple of players that are happy to use their characters as greeters.  I think under old DM RP we always had a few people that did that in each of the groups.  But basically, the moment someone signs up or create a character we know that they're going to contact the new person and talk to them about setting up a story.  I was already planning on doing that with my merc because he can travel, he can be anywhere really for RP.  But he might not be suitable for every character.


I like the gamification as an encourager as well.


Also, going to start a new thread for you Mat about a new character, I'd like to see if my character could link up. 🙂

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I think I'd prefer if the threads marked 'closed' were the marked threads.  Because if everything needs to be marked open no one's going to put it in there if they don't care one way or another.  


Greeters are all well and good. 


A closed thread by default says we aren't building a story together it says to me that I have this path I want to follow that is set.  We participating have agreed this is where it's going.  Any interference derails that plan.


That should be the rare case.  And some threads NEED to be that because it's all about your character arc.  And acceptable.  


I think you tell a better story if someone can throw you a curve ball you weren't expecting.  We are building a new place together, telling a new story.  We don't have a set of books tying us into the this is how it'll happen type thing.  It's our story and we should tell it together, not as individuals but as a group.

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And, not really sure where to put this, but gamifying with challenges/badges still works with things like

On 1/31/2024 at 3:34 AM, Arie said:

[ ] Write with a new Player/Characters

[ ] Write with 5 new Players/Characters

[ ]


And I'm wondering if we could extend that to include actual content events/challenges that earn reward badges or general acclaim based on staff-set writing prompts/games/challenges/...




[] Use [X] word in your post.


[] Match/Snap! Start a post with at least one noun/verb/adjective that matches one in the last sentence of the post before (or matches word set by that player)


[] Alliteration / Simile/ Metaphor Competitions - Best one of [X] created in comp/challenge time wins.






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14 minutes ago, Wayfarer said:

I think either closed or open will work as long as it is consistent.  Should we try (closed) to start?


As in, only threads marked (closed) are closed?

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I can work it into the "Tags" thread that Kathleen initially wrote. 

I support the 'starts are open, closed are intentional'. And will write that into the... rules and process... somewhere. XD 



And I'm wondering if we could extend that to include actual content events/challenges that earn reward badges or general acclaim based on staff-set writing prompts/games/challenges/...


100%!! ... I have... lists...... of challenges. 

The Tarot Challenge being one of many...

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