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Since there seems to be no more feedback, I think this is a fantastic point to put it into place and see how it fares for the next year-ish. 


Thank you everyone for your feedback! I'll be happy to update everyone's WS's accordingly. 

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So getting to create our own discipline is fun.  Not sure where to post it but here is where I see Kai's 'discipline' going.  Is there anything else I need to include in a description.  I know I can look up old ones (but that's work lol)


Power Augmented


This weapon discipline uses more than just training with weapons but using the One Power as an additional asset in each battle. Honing the ability to fight with a weapon and the One Power requires great concentration and practice with weaves of specific kinds.


Beginners typically form their weaves before a fight choosing to use shields or weaponized weaves to enhance their combat abilities. Intermediate and advanced users of the discipline can create weaves in the middle of of a move to augment their fighting style. Masters of the discipline can create complex weaves and fight multiple opponent at one time while maintaining multiple flows.


[Descriptive note: Think Avatar: The Last Air Bender style fighting at intermediate and above skill level]

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I’ll post it into Kai’s bio for when I’m not on my phone. 🙂 


And I’m glad you like making up your own! It’s nice you can pick up some from others os be creative and go with something that fits with your character.


Now… i just need descriptions for those numbers….


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