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Chitter Chatter Winter Edition - 2022


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I went to the Dr on Monday. Foot looks good. I can walk without the boot as tolerated. The issue is, I have no calf muscle left. I start PT the beginning of January. 

My youngest son has to work on Thanksgiving so we are taking the dinner to him at the fire station. We’ve done it before and it’s fun. 

My husband has the week off and we’ve been doing some stuff around the house. I still tire easily because I haven’t really done anything for almost a year. 

Thought you might like this picture of me at my friend’s house. If you look below you can see the boot.


Yes, I truly am “The Eldest.” 😁



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Hi, Ryrin! Glad the foot is doing better. 🙂 Hope you all have a great holiday! 


I also have the week off, so it's been mostly catching up on the house chores/making the house ready for guests tomorrow, and cooking and baking! I'm teaching my son all the secrets to the family recipes this year. 

Great photo! Nice to see your face. 🙂 (And the pile of adorable critters with you). 

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  • Club Leader

Hi ladies!


Nice picture, Ryrin!


It took me a long time to find out where they moved the Clubs to. But I found us. 


Yesterday, I finished my coursework for my Bachelor's degree. I triumphantly threw a large stack of paper (reading material that I no longer need) into the recycling bin, and declared "It's over!" My family applauded. It was pretty cool. And then I cried. That was a lot more emotional of a moment than I expected it to be. I can't wait to see how I react to having the degree in my hands. 


I'm glad you both had a good Thanksgiving. 

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I hope everyone is finding some enjoyment in this festive winter end-of-year Holiday Season! 

Our local SCA group held our Yule event on Saturday. I was in charge of the Feast. I am so grateful it turned out delicious, and I had an amazing team working in my kitchen to make everything come out just right. (Despite several challenges, like the church we rented accidentally not giving us the refrigerator space we needed!). So now that that is DONE I can enjoy the next two weeks of Winter Break without big projects. 🥧 We had four courses (with three dishes each)! 

I ran my oven through the Self-Clean cycle after. So now it's all nice and clean for holiday baking. I haven't made cookies yet this month (because I made literally hundreds of baked goods in my kitchen last week lol. 150 individual apple-and-candied-orange tarts, and 24  full size torta rustica pies. On top of chopping/baking/boiling/pureeing so many vegetables). 

Does anyone have any plans over the next couple of weeks? 😺

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We went to our SCA Yule event. We brought a very large cheese cake from Smart and Final. We had a great time! First time in about 2 years.


Then my husband’s partner at work got COVID and he got it. So, no holiday baking w/ friends and no one over for Hanukkah. We missed a friend’s party and couldn’t hold ours. But… we had a peaceful Hanukkah. Our youngest son & his girlfriend came over yesterday for pizza and opened all their gifts at once and we opened ours from them. My son also helped my husband pick up our new couch and love seat. 

We are having everybody over after the new year. My oldest son and his fiancé are flying in to visit us in January. My husband is fine and I never got it. I’m walking without the boot and going to PT. 

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11 hours ago, LilyElizabeth said:

Sounds like things are looking up for you. I'm glad. 


Can we see a picture of the new couch and loveseat?


Yeah! I’ll take one when it’s lighter out.

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Hello! Hope everyone is doing well. Things are pretty good here. Been dealing with some critter health issues (two cats, both are fine, but medicating cats is never fun). Otherwise doing well. Middle of Book 11 in my WoT re-read I started LAST January. lol. (Only managing a couple of chapters a day, in the evenings before bed, but it will still take me less time than the books cover to finish.) 

We have mostly finished the pile of forms involved in starting a kid in college for next fall. So now he just needs to finish the semester and graduate. 😺 (Not a concern, he's a good student). 

SCA life is busy (as per usual). I've stepped up as our kingdom's head of Scribes (for the 2nd time. I had this office about 10 years ago). Loving it, but we have a lot going on! This weekend we started drawing on the design for one of our new pavilions. We're doing panels of stained-glass style art so there was a lot of tracing yesterday to get the first side drawn in. We're taking it one side at a time so that the pavilion can still be used in between. 

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  • Club Leader

It sounds like you have a lot of exciting things going on, Lady!


I had a new grandson arrive February 23rd. He had to stay in the hospital for 10 days, but he's home now and doing great. He doesn't handle the noise of two big brothers very well, but he's learning. 

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