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Hey, look over here, im new!!!


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Hi, all! I sorta know about DM from my big bro, Toy and Minion! Yeah, he's a day less than a year older than me. We dont like our birthdays being side by side :(


But yeah, i am a little bit further behind than him on CoT (a chapter or two)


I hear everyones nice and good for laughs. He didnt tell me about Fiddlesticks though, he said i have to sign up to find out!


I bet your wondering about my name, well, i chose it because it means "foot" in the Old Tongue. And im a big fan of the Wolfbrother/Sisters thing like Perrin!


I wonder if DM can handle siblings...hmmm....*ponders as he awaits replys*

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Hey Maud,


You should come join an org!


I'll summarize a couple...


Seanchean - The entertainment org. TV, movies, etc.


Illuminators - Art org. Whether it be computer gfx, drawing, painting, woodwork. This is the coolest one Shocked


I don't know the others, but I'm sure someone will be around to tell you about them. Best bet would be to go to their subforum and read a little bit about what they do.


PS. Fiddlesticks is evil, but if you like to spam that's the forum for you!

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Guest Egwene

:shock: Oh nooooooooooo.... now there is two of them!! ..... uhmmmm... Maud... just how much are you and your brother alike??


Welcome to DM!!! And whatever T&M said... it's better! Apart from Fiddles... it is even more evil *g* We do have a few siblings here. You'll soon stumble about Boyd (all over the place) and his brother (on the book discussion boards). Though watch out... if you venture onto the WoT discussion boards, you'll likely find spoilers for CoT and KoD. Might be worth waiting until you have finished those before going there.


Hope we'll see as much of you as of your brother :D

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There is a thread at the top of this board that highlights everything that goes on here at the forum boards of DM.


However, if you love music and travel, and want glory and honour, then the Band of the Red Hand is for you. 8)

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Guest Stefania Sedai

Welcome to DM, Maud. And just so you know, I'm going to picture Bea Arthur eveytime I see your name.

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Guest Barmacral



Now, Fiddles is the wonderful world of spam





It is not evil, it is the place with the greatest joys on RJ's green earth.


The Seanchan are the Entertainment Org, we talk about console games, movies, and television. Currently we have a Battle Royale going between movies, be sure to stop in and vote for the latest movie, which gets updated by Emperor (LOA until monday) every few days.

We also have the Want to Make a Movie thread, right now we are voting on which movie to make, be sure to check that out too.


The Illuminators are the creativity Org, we have a whole bunch of chapterhouses for different sorts of creativity, I have no doubt that you'll find what you want there. Two threads of note are the Ask the Author thread where up and coming author Pat Rothfuss is taking our questions. He recently came out with his first book The Name of the Wind. The other thread I'm gonna mention is the World building thread, where we are creating our own world to write in.


T&M is currently one of our top fiddles spammers, I don't need to say much more about that.


Siblings are ok, we have at least one other sibling team here on DM, and several husband/wife teams. If you are as crazy as your brother, then I'll never keep up to fiddles. My browser just won't let me.


Oh btw, I like both of your avatar's Foot and T&M.



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Essy is quite right. Fiddles is filled with evil.... but who isn't evil on some level.... therefore scientifically deducing that fiddles is for everyone!


I'm a genius.... BTW.... Welcome!

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