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Character Development Threads

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Character Development Threads


These threads should be done for every character you have. Posted on this board, they will serve two purposes: First, each should include a small but detailed "Local Bio" at the top that tells us about your character and what others around them would know or perceive about them (for example, personality, general views, past actions, etc.). This is applicable to characters who have spent months or years or even decades in basically the same locale or have a reputation with a certain organization. Since biographies of characters will not include their time in the roleplay and how they have developed since their biography was approved, this fixes that problem.


Second, the threads will help keep track of RPs any one particular character was involved with; ideally, all the RPs you've done should be linked on this thread. Why? Because it's fun to read other people's stories and learn about their character! More practically speaking, though, they help you to keep track of what you have done over a long period of time, and fellow club members may desire to know what's been going on both in term of RP activcity and ICly (even if thy can't use some of that information ICly) We also can learn better about your character this way.

Each character should have their own thread, though there need only be one post per thread. The post can be edited to add in new RPs as they are completed.


The desired format is below:




Character as an [Position/Rank/Title Here]:

[Blurb here; what other people would know about your character].

Role-play History

Arranged from oldest on bottom to newest at the top (in terms of IC timeline).



  • RP Title/Link Here
  • RP Title/Link Here


  • RP Title/Link Here




If you have any questions on CDTs, please do post below!

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