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Watched It! (SPOILERS)


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this thread is here for all those who are UP TO DATE on watching the Wheel of Time tv show. so there will be SPOILERS, if you haven't watched all current episodes, you may want to keep clear until you do. 


here's the place to talk about the show! your favorite parts, what parts do you not like? which changes do you think are for the better or not? etc etc!

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haha he's still last on my list. so that's keeping true to the books for me lol. 


gotta admit i was kinda mad with perrin as he's my all time favorite, but i soon saw exactly where they were going with him and it makes TOTAL sense and i'm cool with it now

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Yeah, I was having a hard time with what they did to Perrin but his acting has brought it together so well.  I love how disorienting they made that scene in the woods with the wolves seem and then his panic dies down and he realized they weren't trying to harm him at all. That and his other scenes, the dream especially, love 'em!


Josha is nailing Rand too!  Mat i remember not liking very much in the books as well at first and I think this portrayal is lining up nicely and I look forward to seeing his redeeming qualities coming more to the forefront as we move forward.


How about those leading ladies though!  Oh my goodness they are giving killer performances!  Loving it!


Only qualms are some of my favorite moments in the Emmons Field didn't make the show.  Tam breaking out the sword and killing trollocs not getting taken out by just one, Rand getting Tam to the Emmons Field, and the Weep Menetharen speech to the Emmons Fielders.  I also want RJ version of swearing!  I want blood and bloody ashes and mother's milk in a cup!


I am enjoying it though, especially after episode 2 and 3.  Episode 1 seemed so rushed and I felt like what they took out would have served better than what they took out.

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