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Welcome to the "Wheel of Time - A New Beginning" Roleplay! New Members START HERE!

Jagen Sedai

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Thank you for your patience!


Whether you are new to the world of The Wheel of Time, or a long-time reader, this thread will be full of information to help you get started in our roleplay world!


Dragonmount Code of Conduct


All WoT-NB RP Club members are required to go read the link below in its entirety.

By the time your bio is approved, we will assume you have read this. Being ignorant of the CoC will NOT be acceptable as an excuse should you later break any of its rules.

DM CODE OF CONDUCT (Updated August 2019)


Role-play Club Staff for "WoT - A New Beginning"

  • Club Leader (CL): @Kathleen
  • Assistant Club Leader (ACL): @Jagen Sedai - This is your main point of contact for bio approvals, larger RP questions, issues/concerns, etc.
  • White Tower Lead: @Jagen Sedai
  • Freelanders Lead: @Cass
  • The Shadow Lead: @Arie
  • Other Staff Positions TBD


Our Organizations

We mainly have three organizations for characters as we begin in this RP world. Within the Freelanders, we also have Specific Groups, and their names will be used in your bio titles as per bio guidelines.

  • The White Tower - For Aes Sedai and Warder characters
  • The Freelanders - This is our most diverse group in that it covers all normal folk (townspeople, innkeepers, etc) as well as the following Specific Groups:
    • Children of the Light
    • Seanchan
    • Aiel
    • Tuatha'an (The Traveling People)
    • Atha'an Miere (Sea Folk)
    • Westlander (This is for any character who lives in the Westlands as we know them who does not fall under the other groups).
  • The Shadow - Those freelander members who are Darkfriends will conduct all nefarious planning in the Shadow.


Role-playing Basic Rules

  • To role-play and post on the In-Character boards, you must create a character by making a biography for them and submitting it on the biography board. Only after your character is approved may you begin role-playing.
  • You can ask to play a full rank character (Aes Sedai, Warder) only if you have read the books up to finishing, or past The Great Hunt, and/or have previously RPed full-rank characters at DM. The reason for this is because people who play full rank characters must have a basic understanding of the Wheel of Time universe and its idiosyncrasies, as well as the White Tower (our most popular in-character group), and a fair grasp of both is obtained by the end of book two. Otherwise, you must go through a character apprenticeship period. [This rule may change before RP is opened.]
  • Characters in positions of great power will, at this time, not be allowed; for example, Princes/Princesses/Heirs/Heiresses, Queens/Kings, Panarchs, Sitters in the Hall or Ajah Heads, warrior society leaders (Aiel), Wavemistresses or Windfinders to Wavemistresses and above ranks (Sea Folk); officers or anyone above a file leader of the Children of the Light. Such positions will be taken by NPCs and TTPCs (see below for abbreviations and acronyms).
  • Characters from the books or show are not allowed. All characters must be your own creation.
  • All roleplay is conducted in third-person point-of-view. Please look this up if you do not know the difference between first-person and third-person POV. (WoT, LotR, and Harry Potter are all examples of books written in third person perspective).
  • Weapons Scores have their own system. Information will be posted soon.
  • Scores for abilities such as One Power use and dreamwalking will be randomly assigned to each character you make; you do not get to chose how skillful your character is in anything that can effect OP combat or being pitted against another channeling or dreamwalking PC. That said, minimum OP scores will not go below a certain number for certain ranks (for example, Aes Sedai must have a OP score of at least 45(33) to even be tested for the shawl; thus, no Aes Sedai will be below this number.
    • OP Scores can be increased through certain types of RP; i.e., writing out your Aes Sedai's three-arches test and test for the shawl would each give a boost. If you begin as a novice or Accepted, this still applies. Certain types of RP for male/Aiel/Sea Folk/Seanchan channelers will be accepted as well.
    • Dreamwalking Scores will be based on RP and can be increased through various RP.
  • If you're new to Roleplaying, please read the "How do I Roleplay?" section below.


Main Storyline Characters and Events

You might be asking, well, who's the Dragon Reborn? Doesn't the story kickoff with finding out who it is? Indeed, as our RP progresses news of the DR will spread, as well major events that take place. But our Dragon will be named something else entirely, and may be an entirely different person. Our version of "Moiraine" will likely be an NPC Aes Sedai, as the DR will also be an NPC--and other certain major characters you find in the books; we will have our own versions as needed. But events might happen a bit differently, and some might not happen at all. As the RP progresses, we'll be keeping an Official Timeline in place so you always know what's going on (though your character might not necessarily know).


Similarities and Differences Between the RP Clubs

This club is brand new. Our older club, the Legacy RP Club, has an on-going story that has been RPed for over 20 years. Relevant information will be copied over into this club--namely about DM rules, how to get started, etc -- but with essential differences. Please do make sure that if you're part of this RP club, to contact mods here and keep in mind our organization is going to be different than the Legacy RP.

Our roleplay begins on the same day as the books do and the show does -- Winternight, in the year 998 NE.


DM Signature & Avatar Rules

Board Organization

Board Acronyms, Abbreviations & Terms

Biography Guidelines - This link takes you to the Bio Guidelines on the Biography Board.



Geography, Map & Cultures

WoT Setting Calendar



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Board Organization

We have two types of boards in the Roleplay (RP) Club. Out Of Character (OOC) where you're typing as yourself, and In Character (IC) where you actually write as your character and tell their story.


Information Board

In time all the information you need to begin role-playing in this Club will be here, in various topics (threads). You'll find information related to the world as well as practical RP information.


Out of Character (OOC) Boards


The OOC Boards are split up into 4 general groups:

  • General is for welcoming role-players, social talk, planning major RP plot-lines that will effect more than one group, as well as any RPs that involve more than one group.
  • Tar Valon is for anything that happens on the island of Tar Valon where the White Tower is, where Aes Sedai, Warders and Tower Guards make their home.
  • Freelanders is for RP planning that might expand all over the Westlands, the Aiel Waste (Three-Fold Land), Sea Folk Isles, and Seanchan. The Westlands are the term used for the 14 countries/kingdoms where the Wheel of Time takes place, and the land in between those places. Children of the Light (Whitecloaks), Aiel, Seanchan, Sea Folk (Atha'an Miere), Tuatha'an (the Traveling People), and Ogier will fall under this category.
  • Shadow is for Darkfriends who are up to nefarious planning.


In-Character (IC) Boards


  • In Character - World of the Wheel of Time is for all In-Character posts, that is, where you actually flesh out the story in RP. It runs in what we call the current timeline.
  • In Character - Retro World is for any roleplays that take place before the current timeline that begins on Winternight, 998 NE. For example, if you want your character to be 30 years old, but you want to also do RPs of them younger (perhaps to flesh out your character), you'd use this board. This is the same with full rank characters (Aes Sedai, Warders, etc) who want to RP some of their apprenticeships.


Biographies Board


This board is for posting character biographies. People who wish to create a character will copy a pre-set format and fill it out, sort of like filling out a character sheet for table-top roleplay, but with only one number involved (your character's age).

Once you get approval for your character's biography, you can begin posting. As of the moment of this writing, Jagen Sedai is your default bio approver.

(Desired biography format will be posted soon)

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Acronyms, Abbreviations & Terms

[Copied from an original post by Taymist, edited slightly to fit our new RP Club]


Please note: This list is not exhaustive. It is simply a general guide to some of the most commonly used abbreviations on Dragonmount and within the PSW.

- Administrator

ACL - Assistant Club Leader
AoL - Age of Legends
AS - Aes Sedai and/or Amyrlin Seat
Bio - Biography (history/background of any character)
BotRH - Band of the Red Hand
BT - Black Tower
CotL - Children of the Light
DM - Dragonmount
DS - Dreamwalking Score
ES - Experience Score
FL - Freelanders (all the people with no specific home, such as merchants or nobles along with the smaller groups like The Kin, Ogier or Sea Folk)
IC - In Character
MAA - Master At Arms (for Warders, Tower Guard)
Mod - Moderator. Usually has responsibility for a specific board or set of boards such as the Book Discussion Mods or the ToW Mod.
MoN - Mistress of Novices
NPC's (Non Player Character) - This refers to characters that do not require a bio and are only used to pad out an RP. By padding out I mean something along the lines of innkeepers/stable boys/merchants.... incidental people. There is no growth of these characters, they simply fulfill a purpose. Example, Bob (a PC) goes into an inn in Tar Valon and talks to the innkeeper, asking how to get an audience with the Amyrlin. The innkeeper replies and once the PC has the info he wants, the innkeeper's part is over.
NSW (Non Specific Writer) - This refers to those characters/positions where continuity is required, and as such are owned by the RP Groups (not the bio author). As an example I would use the Ajah Heads in the WT and the Master at Arms of the Warders. Such positions will require a bio that is approved by the RCL and there is no time limit on how long this character can be RPed. They can also be played by anyone the ACL stipulates, although often they can be played by the same person for long periods. NSW and TTPC characters should always be filled by members of that RP Group and not by members of another RP Group. 
OOC - Out of Character, i.e. posting as yourself
PC (Player Character) - This refers to the players' own personal characters. The players have full authority, within their RP Group's rules, over these characters. Biographies for these characters need a bio approval by their RP Group's Bio Checker.

RJ - Robert Jordan
RP - Role-play (other variations: RPed/RP'd, RPing, RPer)
SC - Seanchan
ToW - Turnings of the Wheel. DM's open RP board which is not restricted to WoT topics.
TTPC (Temporary Third Party Character) - This refers to characters that are created for specific RP's only but still require a bio. It will be the responsibility of the Bio Checker/ACL to monitor the people playing these characters, and to make sure they abide by the time limits (start and end date) that they have advised the Staff of in the bio for this character. Any deviation from the finish date, that is not authorized by Staff, should result in the player no longer being allowed to play a character.
TV - Tar Valon
WK - Wolfkin
WoT - Wheel of Time
WS - Weapon Score
WT - White Tower
WY - Warders' Yard


You may also see or hear references to Orgs (Organisations) and OL's or to Divs (Divisions) and DL's. These were the old names for the Social Groups, RP Groups and their Leaders respectively. We have now changed again as of 2019 and the latest names are Clubs and CLs (Club Leaders).

The Books

EotW - The Eye of the World
TGH - The Great Hunt
TDR - The Dragon Reborn
TSR - The Shadow Rising
FH - The Fires of Heaven
LoC - Lord of Chaos
aCoS - A Crown of Swords
PoD - The Path of Daggers
WH - Winter's Heart
CoT - Crossroads of Twilight
KoD - Knife of Dreams
TGS - The Gathering Storm

ToM - Towers of Midnight

AMoL - A Memory of Light

NS - New Spring

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[This text has been copied from a post by Taymist in our Legacy RP group.]


How do I Role Play?

Our role play takes place on message boards located here in the forum. You will write a piece from your character's point of view, (third person, past tense being customary), and post it as a new thread or as a reply to an existing thread. Other players will then respond in turn, each posting pieces from their character's point of view. However, there are three key points of etiquette to be aware of before you start posting.

1. PERMISSION. All characters must have a biography, or bio, which must be approved and cross checked before role play begins. You must, within reason, have specific permission for any special or remarkable skills, gifts or possessions. Your character must not, for example, wake up one morning and have a dramatic Foretelling unless you have been awarded the Foretelling Talent by an appropriate member of Staff. There are limits to this; if your character was raised as the literate son of a High Lord it would be reasonable for you to assume that he can read the Old Tongue; that same character is unlikely to have woodcraft or tracking skills which a common born character might have.

2. MODERATION. A perfect character is considered flat and there is generally little interest in interacting with them. Nobody wants to play the less interesting henchman to your stunningly gorgeous, fabulously intelligent, super-powered legendary princess heroine. Your character will not be perfect! Just like an ordinary person, they will have strengths and weaknesses, good points, bad points, flaws and complexities. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. Sometimes they fail utterly at everything they turn their hand to. That's where the interest is in role play. Think hard about your character's flaws and play them.


i) Ensure you have approval from your RCL, ACL, or other Staff member (e.g. MoN) where necessary, especially for "requirement" RP's such as classes or for inter-Group RP's.

ii) Talk to other players before you start a plot involving them and make certain everyone is happy.

iii) If an existing role play thread is marked in the title as "Open To All" or something similar, then you are welcome to join in. Most role plays are specific to certain characters, however, and you should not post on these unless invited to do so.

iv) Never, ever kill another player's character without their permission. This is considered a huge breach of etiquette.

v) Do not do something which would have a significant effect on other players' characters (such as describing an accident where they would be disabled or having them trapped in any way) without gaining their permission. Most players will be open to new possibilities. If you are having difficulty getting players to agree to your plot, and you feel they are being unreasonable, you can always turn to the Staff for help.

vi) Your character may make observations or have reactions to what someone else does. However, you are not usually privy to the thoughts, feelings, dreams etc. of another player's character so do not try to write from their point of view without express permission.

vii) If another player writes anything regarding your character that you feel is seriously flawed, contact them privately to discuss it, explain your reasons and request that they change it. Should they refuse to comply or you're unhappy with their response, approach a member of Staff for your RP Group and ask them to handle it.

Grey's Rule / God Mode

A very specific Role Play rule, and one that is named after a very old member of Dragonmount from around 2001-2. He used to play a giant of a character and wielded a massive sword which he used to simply cleave his way through combat. He fought frequently and was quite the berserker, getting himself into all sorts of situations where he would fight against a wide variety of odds. Sometimes he would win.


At other times, including the moment where his character was killed, he would be clobbered or left just short of dead for his trouble. He threw his characters into all sorts of situations expecting to win, yet if he was ever alerted to the fact that he couldn’t do so, he would be willing to take the realistic consequences of having taken that course of action. So, in his honour, (because its a rare person who is willing to take it on the chin), we name this rule after him.

If a character is doing something wildly improbable, such as attacking twenty armed soldiers, then unless there are very good reasons for why they should win, (the twenty soldiers are wounded and ill or a wall has been collapsed on them first, etc.), Admins reserve the right to enforce the realistic consequences of your actions. In this case, your character would be stabbed repeatedly, or perhaps if you’re very lucky the character will just be beaten to within an inch of their life and have to spend months healing. They may or may not regain full use of their limbs. As a player you’re trusted to do the right thing. If you do not, then the right thing can and will be enforced.

So if you do something unrealistic, either do it incredibly well or be prepared for your character to face the consequences.

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[This text has been copied from a post by Taymist in our Legacy RP group.]


Signature and Avatar Requests

Check out the Sig Requests and Sig Auctions boards. You can either post a request for someone to make you one to order, or enter the free auctions to win a design which will then be customised with your words.


Signature Rules

1. The board software now automatically ensures rules are complied with.
2. No links may be included. This is a spam prevention measure.
3. Signature Pictures may be of the following dimentions: 600x150.
4. Signature Pictures should contain no copyrighted material with out express permission from the artist.
5. If you use a Signature Picture and Text, you may have no more than 2 lines of text in addition to your picture.


Avatar Rules

1. You can choose from our many avatars in our gallery with impunity.
2. If you choose to link your avatar from your own site they must be no larger than 100x100.
3. Avatars should contain no copyrighted material with out express permission from the artist.

Avatar Gallery available

1. If you would like to use a pre-made avatar for these forums, please click on the link to edit your profile, and then click "Show Gallery" (near the bottom of the page)

2. You can select from several categories of avatars.

Please read pinned announcement threads before posting on any board.

If you see someone whose signature or avatar breaks these guidelines, please GENTLY remind them of the rules. If they don't change it, contact Staff.

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