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Dragonmount Code of Conduct


All WoT RP Club members are required to go read the link below in its entirety. Should you have any questions about the content, contact your ACL in the first instance or the RCL if necessary.


By the time your bio is CC'd, we will assume you have read this. Being ignorant of the CoC will NOT be acceptable as an excuse should you later break any of its rules.


ACL's please ensure your members are aware of this.

DM CODE OF CONDUCT (Updated August 2019)


That being said, let us continue!





The following are links to the posts below so that you can quickly find the information you require. All posts are correct following the move to the new Clubs format in July 2019.



1. Introduction to the RP and Our Board Structure


2. WoT RP Club Staff List


3. Common Abbreviations & Their Meanings


4. Signature & Avatar Rules


5. Around the RP Universe In 5 Minutes: Current News & Rumours



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Board Structure


We understand that all the boards and abbreviations can seem overwhelming and more than a little confusing when you first arrive. You can find a list of abbreviations used at Dragonmount further down this thread but first, here's a little run down on each RP board and its respective purpose.


We have two types of boards in the Role Play (RP). Out Of Character (OOC) where you're typing as yourself, and In Character (IC) where you actually write as your character and tell their story.


Out of Character (OOC)

-> The Welcome Inn (Everyone should start here)

-> Bios (Active) (All character bios that are current/active. Post ONLY on your own bio threads.)

-> Bios (Inactive) (Historical/inactive bios for reference. Do NOT post here.)

-> Dragon Reborn RP OOC (Information and chat board for signed up RP members)

-> The Training Grounds OOC (Reporting character progress/ranking/point gains)


Official In Character (IC) - (You must have an officially CC'd Bio to post here)

-> Dragon Reborn RP IC - Main

-> Dragon Reborn RP IC - Retro

-> RP Archives


Freeform In Character (IC)

-> Revolution One RP (Bio optional, few rules, topic is up to the RP'er/s)


We also have a limited number of private boards; one for Staff and one for each of the three RP Section's members; The Alliance, Tar Valon & Freelanders. You'll only be invited to these if you belong to the Section in question and have a fully approved and CC'd bio.


If you can't see them and believe you should be able to, please drop Tay a PM to get an invite.


If you're ever unsure which board to post on, your default should be either The Welcome Inn or Dragon Reborn RP OOC. Don't worry if it ends up on the wrong one. Staff will simply move the thread to the correct board and let you know for future reference. :smile:



Reporting Problems


Whilst we hope that everything on the DM forums is running smoothly, very rarely glitches get thrown up by things like forum software updates or issues with the server.

General DM problems can be reported to help[at]dragonmount[dot]com.

Any issues relating to WoT RP specific items (such as broken info links) can be reported to the RP Assistant Club Leaders, (ACL's - Kathleen and Cass), who will either resolve them or pass them along to your friendly neighbourhood WoT RP Club Leader (RCL - that'd be me) to deal with. Alternatively, you can email us direct. Our contact details are on the Staff list which is the next post in this thread.



This Board


The Welcome Inn's name speaks for itself. This is where we welcome people... shocker huh? :laugh: Please use this board if you're a new member posting an introduction, a returning member saying hello,  a non-RP DM member, or if you are posting a welcome to a new member.

The secondary purpose of this board is to provide you with a comprehensive set of pinned information topics. All of the basic details you're likely to need to know to get started are here, whether it's how to submit a bio, where to find the Old Tongue Dictionary or the Histories for each of our RP Groups and Guilds.


In addition, I will post announcements that are RP wide, for example; job vacancies, new Staff appointments, news relating to your use of DM or changes to the workings of the WoT RP Club. 

Any RP Group announcements/news, requests for help, general chat or posts regarding LOA's should be posted on the Dragon Reborn RP OOC board, NOT this one.

Thanks for complying and helping us to keep things organised. :smile:



Additional Points To Consider


i) Anyone inactive for 6 months or more is no longer considered as having membership. If you find you don't have access to certain boards, this may be why. You'll need to contact an ACL and/or re-sign up for your RP Group.


ii) All DM Members can read the WoT RP boards in this Club but you shouldn't be posting anywhere other than The Welcome Inn if you don't have an active bio, particularly on the IC (In Character) boards. In order to role play there you must be a member of at least one RP Group and have a bio that has been both approved and cross checked.


iii) If you'd like to RP without the rules and the need for an officially approved bio, all members are free to use the Revolution One RP board. Your only limitation is your own imagination. Want to be an alien on a remote planet battling invaders? Knock yourself out. Feel like being an explorer discovering a new solar system? Not a problem. Anything goes on this board within reason. Do keep in mind it's PG-13. Otherwise, have fun.


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You can contact a Staff member to help you with any enquiries you may have. It is really very easy to get started and if you have any questions, Staff will be keen to assist. Please try to contact the most relevant Staff member e.g. a bio query should be directed to the Bio email.

WoT RCL: Taymist

Role Play Assistant Club Leaders (RP ACL's): Kathleen (Tar Valon) and Cass (The Alliance) Vacant (Freelanders)

Role Play Internal Staff: _Kynwric_ (Warders)

Specialist Staff: Jagen Sedai (PSW Librarian) & Arie (PSW Wiki Mistress)


Revolution One RP Moderator: Taymist
Contact Email: TurningsRP@dragonmount.com



Role Play Group Emails


The Alliance - Band of the Red Hand, Black Tower & Wolfkin
Contact Email: BotrHDiv@dragonmount.com

Freelanders - Freebooters, Children of the Light, Congress of the Shadow, Aiel, Sea Folk, Seanchan, Ogier, The Kin & Tuatha'an
Contact Email: CotLDiv@dragonmount.com

Tar Valon - White Tower & Warders
Contact Email: WTDiv@dragonmount.com

Bio Submission

(Bio emails should be clearly marked in the Subject field with the RP Group name and the character name e.g. Wolfkin Bio for *insert character name*)

All bios should now be sent to Bios@dragonmount.com.

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Please note: This list is not exhaustive. It is simply a general guide to some of the most commonly used abbreviations on Dragonmount and within the PSW.

- Administrator. 
ACL - Assistant Role Play Club Leader
AoL - Age of Legends
AS - Aes Sedai and/or Amyrlin Seat
Bio - Biography (history/background of any character)
BotRH - Band of the Red Hand
BT - Black Tower
CC'd - Cross Checked. This happens when a Bio Checker from a RP Group other than your own double checks your bio and confirms the approval of your own RP Group's Bio Checker. It's a safety net to ensure as few inconsistencies as possible fall through the net.
CotL - Children of the Light
CotS - Congress of the Shadow
DM - Dragonmount
DRPSW - Dragon Reborn Portal Stone World
DS - Dream Score
ES - Experience Score
FL - Freelanders (all the people with no specific home, such as merchants or nobles along with the smaller Guilds like The Kin, Ogier or Sea Folk)
IC - In Character
MAA - Master At Arms
Mod - Moderator. Usually has responsibility for a specific board or set of boards such as the Book Discussion Mods or the ToW Mod.
MoN - Mistress of Novices
NPC's (Non Player Character) - This refers to characters that do not require a bio and are only used to pad out an RP. By padding out I mean something along the lines of innkeepers/stable boys/merchants.... incidental people. There is no growth of these characters, they simply fulfill a purpose. Example, Bob (a PC) goes into an inn in Tar Valon and talks to the innkeeper, asking how to get an audience with the Amyrlin. The innkeeper replies and once the PC has the info he wants, the innkeeper's part is over.
NSW (Non Specific Writer) - This refers to those characters/positions where continuity is required, and as such are owned by the RP Groups (not the bio author). As an example I would use the Ajah Heads in the WT and the Master at Arms of the Warders. Such positions will require a bio that is approved by the RCL and there is no time limit on how long this character can be RP'd. They can also be played by anyone the ACL stipulates, although often they can be played by the same person for long periods. NSW and TTPC characters should always be filled by members of that RP Group and not by members of another RP Group. 
OOC - Out of Character, i.e. posting as yourself
PC (Player Character) - This refers to the players' own personal characters. The players have full authority, within their RP Group's rules, over these characters. These bios need a bio approval by their RP Group's Bio Checker, and a CC from another RP Group (sometimes a specific RP Group when it heavily involves another RP Group's customs or history).
PotD - People of the Dragon
RCL - Role Play Club Leader
RJ - Robert Jordan
RP - Role Play (other variations: RP'd, RP'ing, RP'er)
SC - Seanchan
SG - Social Group
SGL - Social Group Leader
ToW - Turnings of the Wheel. DM's open RP board which is not restricted to WoT topics.
TTPC (Temporary Third Party Character) - This refers to characters that are created for specific RP's only but still require a bio. It will be the responsibility of the Bio Checker/ACL to monitor the people playing these characters, and to make sure they abide by the time limits (start and end date) that they have advised the Staff of in the bio for this character. Any deviation from the finish date, that is not authorised by Staff, should result in the player no longer being allowed to play a character.
TV - Tar Valon
WK - Wolfkin
WoT - Wheel of Time
WS - Weapon Score
WT - White Tower
WY - Warders' Yard


You may also see or hear references to Orgs (Organisations) and OL's or to Divs (Divisions) and DL's. These were the old names for the Social Groups, RP Groups and their Leaders respectively. We have now changed again as of 2019 and the latest names are Clubs and CL's.

The Books

EotW - The Eye of the World
TGH - The Great Hunt
TDR - The Dragon Reborn
TSR - The Shadow Rising
FH - The Fires of Heaven
LoC - Lord of Chaos
aCoS - A Crown of Swords
PoD - The Path of Daggers
WH - Winter's Heart
CoT - Crossroads of Twilight
KoD - Knife of Dreams
TGS - The Gathering Storm

ToM - Towers of Midnight

AMoL - A Memory of Light

NS - New Spring

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Signature and Avatar Requests

Check out the Sig Requests and Sig Auctions boards. You can either post a request for someone to make you one to order, or enter the free auctions to win a design which will then be customised with your words.


Signature Rules

1. The board software now automatically ensures rules are complied with.
2. No links may be included. This is a spam prevention measure.
3. Signature Pictures may be of the following dimentions: 600x150.
4. Signature Pictures should contain no copyrighted material with out express permission from the artist.
5. If you use a Signature Picture and Text, you may have no more than 2 lines of text in addition to your picture.


Avatar Rules

1. You can choose from our many avatars in our gallery with impunity.
2. If you choose to link your avatar from your own site they must be no larger than 100x100.
3. Avatars should contain no copyrighted material with out express permission from the artist.

Avatar Gallery available

1. If you would like to use a pre-made avatar for these forums, please click on the link to edit your profile, and then click "Show Gallery" (near the bottom of the page)

2. You can select from several categories of avatars.

Please read pinned announcement threads before posting on any board.

If you see someone whose signature or avatar breaks these guidelines, please GENTLY remind them of the rules. If they don't change it, contact Staff.


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The purpose of this post is to pull together any snippets of happenings around our world as well as to describe the general state of play in the various nations and to provide an overview of our Main Characters' activities. We're currently on Book 11 in the year 1001NE.


An example from Book 3 might look something like this:



1. General rumours of Aiel spotted in Tear.


2. Ajah Eyes-and-Ears send reports to the Tower that the Stone of Tear has fallen to Aiel.



While a farmer in Andor might not hear the Stone has fallen, we as writers will all know that it has happened, and in character certain Groups, like the WT, will hear about it faster than others.



All events/rumours/news mentioned below can be RP'd out at any time but for global RP purposes we'll be moving on to Book 12 on January 1st 2020.





To Be Confirmed




- A wind has risen at the peak of Dragonmount. It carries a sulfurous smell and makes its way across the entire continent, bringing damage to various spots.

- The weather is changeable, unpredictable. Seems to be a lot of rain and mist/fog about.

- Food spoiling, flies swarming and landing en masse on corpses left lying, ghosts seen by the living, walking the streets, people vomiting beetles until only their skin is left, entire villages sinking into the ground leaving no sign they ever existed, general ripples in the fabric of the world - all seems to point to The Last Battle being imminent.


The Dragon Reborn

- Barin (Perrin), Serenla (Min), Nana (Nynaeve) and Logan (Lan) are with Jarron (Rand). 

- Jarron has freed Tear, Illian, Cairhien and Andor.

- Jarron (and therefore the Black Tower) learns the use of Deathgates during a battle against the forces sent through the Ways (see Cots section below)

- A meeting is arranged between Jarron and Ruan in order to bring about a peace/truce with the Seanchan prior to The Last Battle. It's not Ruan he meets, however, but one of the Forsaken (Graendal).

- Malkieri & Borderlanders roused by Nana to follow Logan to Tarwin's Gap and The Last Battle (Unlikely, there's no relationship between these two in our world and Logan is a deactivated character. Do we need to get these forces moving at this precise point or can we attack it from a different angle?)


White Tower

- Helped to free Kandor from the Shadow

- The White Tower's wards are failing and rats are invading the grounds.

- Workers, scared by the ghosts, are not doing their work so the streets of Tar Valon are dirty.

- The White Tower is whole (no Salidar).

- Sisters have bonded Asha'man and been bonded by them. Initially a secret agreement with the Red Ajah, this bonding is now allowed for all Aes Sedai of any Ajah.

- The White Tower has publicly acknowledged the Black Tower exists and has equal standing.

- The current Amyrlin Seat is Shevara Edosien, Raised from the Red. Her Keeper of the Chronicles is Raslyn Altearin.


Congress of the Shadow

- The Council is ostensibly at peace under the rule and co-ordination of Nae'blis V'alduri (the name Mistress of the Dark is beginning to circulate amongst the forces of the Light. They have no real idea who is in control of the Shadow's minions).

- The Council consists of V'alduri, Sammael, Osan'gar, Cyndane, Semirhage, Graendal, Asmodean, Be'lal, Moghedien, and Slayer. The other Chosen are dead.

- Sammael and Semirhage are known to be in Shienar and Arafel which are under control of the Shadow.

- Slayer, Be'lal and Moghedien are tasked with sowing discord amongst the mainland forces and the Seanchan.

- Graendal and Asmodean are tasked with working within the Seanchan, focusing on the coastline from Bandar Eban to Saldaea. Their aim is to get another battlefront going, as happened with Shienar/Arafel.

- There are myrddraal and trollocs in the Ways. There is uncertainty amongst the Council as to whom ordered this, and also as to what the creatures' orders are. The order is actually to kill Jarron, the Dragon.

- The Council themselves have been ordered not to kill Jarron, but Calder and Barin may be killed. They're shown a picture of both men.



- Hold Tarabon. Gradually expanding their territory/influence.

- The Seanchan are setting up checkpoints, dosing people with forkroot and clapping a'dam on anyone who seems wobbly.

- Tinkers are rumoured to be moving in large groups towards Seanchan held territory because of the offer of safety.

- Seanchan plot to find and kill Ruan. Ruan thinks her siblings are behind it. The Seanchan forces have set about a rumour that they're seeking a Ruan "imposter".

- Ruan takes control of the entire Seanchan force after marrying Calder and following the death of the Empress.



- The Tinkers had all gathered on the Plains of Maredo for a great meeting not only to celebrate their culture, but to discuss what was happening in the world and what it might mean for them. Now, they are rumoured to be moving in large groups towards Seanchan held territory because of the offer of safety from that quarter.


Band of the Red Hand

- Calder and Ruan are with the Band at The Citadel in the Two Rivers, as is her "bard" Janos Nameros (aka Asmodean).

- Calder quietly has select members of the Band gathering equipment and materials for experimenting with fireworks to make weapons. (dragons/tubes and dragons' eggs/charges) This is being kept very, very secret.

- Ruan tells Calder that Jarron must kneel to the Crystal Throne before Tarmon Gai'don. She doesn't know who blew the Horn at Bandar Eban or where it is now. Mariana (Moiraine) sent it to the White Tower.

- Calder discovers that Ruan can see weaves of the One Power and that she knows things about the Aelfinn and Eelfinn, but she considers it all children's rhymes and superstition.

- Skirmishes with the Seanchan which the Band win.

- Calder marries Ruan becoming Prince of the Ravens.



- The Great Stump has convened and rumours abound that the Book of Translation  may be opened. Qulias (Loial) plans to address The Great Stump to persuade them to stay and fight at Tarmon Gai'don.

- Ogier do not see the ghosts that humans see.

- Jarron asks that Qulias locate and seal any remaining open Waygates.


The Kin

- The Kin are known to the White Tower.

- They helped use the Bowl of Winds. Sisters have been given permission to retire to The Kin and The Kin, in turn, have been given the chance to return to the White Tower to train as Aes Sedai.


Random Snippets

- Ongoing attacks on Caemlyn, caused by a split amongst the High Seats over an unknown Sister, Adine Sedai, being placed on the throne for political reasons which did not come to fruition (re-establishing Manetheren). Our Daughter-Heir wasn't allowed to take the throne, her family being considered shamed. She's an Aes Sedai and Jarron's love interest.

- Corridors in the palace at Caemlyn move and shift unexpectedly.

- Despite rumours that the Horn has been found and sounded, Hunters still wander the lands in search of adventure even as they attempt to find the Horn, or the truth of the rumour.





- Almoth Plain:  After the Seanchan were driven from Falme and thrown back in the sea, Falme and Katar have both started negotiating together to form new defensive pacts as well as to strengthen themselves in case the Seanchan return.  Not since Almoth was a nation has there been such co-operation.


- Altara: Altara is currently divided between four factions, including the Queen's.  While the Queen holds most of the power, she must also deal with these other factions.  The Kin's existence is now known.


- Amadicia:  Held by the Children of the Light with no challenges to their authority.  For now. There has been an increase in troubles with bandits on their border with Tarabon, and the usual raids by Altaran marauders continue.


- Andor:  Thanks to the Dragon Reborn and the Aiel, Rahvin was killed and Andor freed from his influence.  The Dragon refused to take the throne, acting as Regent, in the hopes the Daughter Heir would return home to take up rule. Her family was considered to be shamed, however, and so Adine Sedai was able to take up reign as part of a plot to resurrect Manetheren. Despite the plot's eventual abandonment, Adine was seen to be a strong and stabilising influence on the region and she remains in power. There are still some ongoing skirmishes with nobles of Houses who didn't agree with this outcome. 


- Arad Doman:  Ravaged by the brief Seanchan occupation due to the Forerunners, they are rebuilding and the merchant families are investing heavily in developing their own forces to help repel a second attack while tightening their relations with Saldaea, who helped liberate them from the Seanchan.


- Arafel:  Kandor, having fallen to the Shadow, was retaken with the help of the White Tower. Subsequently, the Shadow's forces in Kandor were relocated to the border of Arafel. Between those forces and Sammael's grip on the Sheinaran throne, Arafel has fallen to the Shadow along with Shienar.


- Cairhien:  Currently held by the Dragon.  Some noble families collaborated with the Aiel, but most supported and participated in the resistance which exploded in the Laman’s Legacy RP.  After that RP, the Aiel were removed from the city proper but remain in the vicinity. The Dragon formed the Legion of the Dragon from the remnants of the Cairhienin forces to keep order in the city.


- Far Madding:  After Illian and Andor both acquiesced to the Dragon, the Council followed suit for Far Madding, (as all their major trade routes had sided with the Dragon), rather than risk confrontation or a loss of trade status.


- Ghealdan:  Things are currently quiet, no one has done anything with the country and since we never developed Dragonsworn with a Masema like prophet, there is no disruption there.  


- Illian:  Ja’varan, posing as Queen Sofia Stepaneos after Mattin Stepaneos was found dead in his bed of unknown causes, was ruling Illian.  The real Princess, who had taken refuge with the Stavros and their militia, now sits on the throne. When the Laurel Crown RP finished, Illian aligned itself with the Dragon.  Some of their Companions joined the Dragon’s Legion. 


- Kandor:  After the fall of Chachin to the Shadow, Kandor was a complete disaster area. The remnants of the Kandori army had been scattered and disorganised, focused simply on trying to save people and get them to the neighbouring lands as quickly as they could. The Kandor RP saw the White Tower come to the aid of the nation, restoring Kandor to the Light.


- Mayene:  Despite their First not being present, they are managing remarkably well and there is no trouble in her waters or her home thanks to the peace that has been enforced on Tear by the Dragon.  No longer having to fear Tairen designs, they had little trouble contributing some of their soldiers (including some of the Winged Guard) to form the Legion of the Dragon.


- Murandy:  As always, the nation is a divided eyesore that is only united in its complete suspicion of outsiders.  The King currently holds limited power, but when the Dragon holds the allegiance of Andor, Illian and Far Madding, it shall either help unite Murandy under the King's rule or require him to enforce his rule so he is better able to deal with the changes in the outside world.


- Saldaea:  Saldaea is currently faced with two problems.  To the west is Arad Doman which they liberated from Seanchan occupation, to the north is their Blightborder and to the east is Kandor which is a mess of refugees from the earlier fall of that nation.  Having to guard against the Seanchan, the Blight and try to help Kandor is beginning to strain its resources yet it still holds strongly.


- Seafolk:  The Seafolk are currently in Ebou Dar where they've been since the White Tower approached them, discovered the Windfinders' secret, and gained their aid in using the Bowl of Winds. The whereabouts of those few Sea Folk vessels who escaped from the harbour at Illian, during the Dragon's defeat of Ja'varan, is still unknown.


- Seanchan:  After the Forerunners were repulsed, the forces of the Return have took care to consolidate their holdings amongst the different island chains on the Aryth Ocean, driving the Sea Folk away who are currently trying to avoid rather than engage the Seanchan.  They planned a two prong attack against the mainland to take both Tarabon and Altara and thereby allow them to crush Amadicia between them.  Absorbing these lands would put the Seanchan in a favourable position against any remaining forces in the land. The taking of Tarabon was successful and they're expanding their territory outwards at an alarming rate.

- Shienar:  Following a plot driven by Sammael and Semirhage, Shienar has fallen to the Shadow.


- Tarabon:  Tensions have increased with Amadicia due to bandits along the trade route. Tarabon had been unable to fully contain the problem, but did not want the Children to move onto their territory in force to do so.  At the same time, while the Panarch and King held sway in the city, a third force had risen on the Calpene Peninsula, the Four Winds Trading Company.  Managed by Darian and Liara Tiandar, they had not only steadily brought order to the Calpene Peninsula but had begun to assist with the suppression of the bandits along the Tarabon/Amadician border. All of this became moot as soon as the Seanchan took Tarabon and imposed their peace.


- Tear:  Having been under the Dragon’s control for months, a brief attempt by some of the nobles to revolt was quickly put down and since then Tear has remained steadily loyal.  Some of their Defenders joined the Legion of the Dragon.

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