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New to this forum but a long, long time fan of the books.


Got into it in my late teens and was just a part of my life for so long, reading and re-reading everything each time a new book came out and being part of another community of like-minded people for a couple years (Sadly it kind of went away long before the last book came out) and when it did, when I actually had the holy grail last book on my hands and got about halfway through, I went a bit loopy and figured if I didn’t actually finish the book it wouldn’t have to end right? So, I just closed the book and went on with my life figuring that would be it.


Only to hear rumors about a TV show a few years later but really? WoT on the screen no way, right? Everyone knows there is just no way they could adapt such a story! Right? No way they could pull it off!


And now… Now having watched the trailer too many times (just to make sure) and finding it “not bad, maybe good? Very interesting at least? Better love story than Twilight? Better than the complete 8th GoT season?” I figured it might be time to put on my big girl pants and finally fish out my copy of A Memory of Light out of its very homey deep dark pit of despair – I mean denial and join the world again and share my totally normal – not obsessive at all feelings about WoT with others.


And here we are, I shall be lurking carefully until I finish the book, about halfway through it again. Hopefully when I am done, I can start being a normal member of society again and not get asked very politely to leave this website.


I´m fine. We are all fine right?


Happy to meet you all!

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Heh, welcome welcome. No need to lurk. Engage, converse, enjoy. We love talking all things Wheel here at DM. 


Noone is gonna ask you to leave lmao. If they do and its not in jest let me know and I’ll drag them by their ear. 


Talk about the books in that forum, maybe about the show in its. Better yet come check out some of the social groups. 


The White Tower has punch and pie. 

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I am still not through the whole series, even if I have reread the first 4 books more than any other series. I kinda read books 9 and 10 and then ... I just didn't.


... You know, i might just wait with finishing the last books until after the tv series has been done. That way I may be surprised. Or ... maybe I will be so inspired by the first season I have to read the last books.


I did read New Spring, actually. But I don't really remember much of it... Hmm.


Welcome! And it would be great to join in discussions ?

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