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Let’s make a Sunday


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1 hour ago, Arie said:

I do! I like most fruits, though I can't recall which I don't care for. XD 


My favorites are Raspberry, Lychee, Pineapple and Cherry. Blueberries are my next go to.

Mangoes are my favorite but I’ve never seen them on a Sunday.

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I have a rule with Mango's, if they are the super ripe and soft side? they really mix well with ice cream, mainly vanilla. If they are still hard-ish, they are easier to cook with and can be made in all sorts of things. 


Also, a Mango salsa on Ice cream? YUM

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Braum's makes a Spicy Mango Raspberry Sherbet that's fantastic! (I think they use just a hint of red sweet pepper to give it a hint of 'zip' and it's amazing) 


My favorite Sundae toppings/ice creams involve cookie dough (everything should have cookie dough), raspberries, chocolate, fresh whipped cream (homemade always best!). Butterscotch sauce for sure. 

I'm totally up for blueberries and cherries too. Nuts! - Pecans being a favorite texture-wise and flavor with ice cream, but hazelnuts are good on pretty much anything, or almonds. I love nuts. 


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10 hours ago, LadyWordsmith said:

Mmmm that looks delicious!

Not a Sundae, per say, but I tried the Pecan Pie blizzard at Dairy Queen the other day after our family walk in the woods. It was awesome! They managed to make little soft caramel-chew type things out of pecan pie filling so it really tasted right. ?


I so wish we had a Dairy Queen here. A walk in the woods sounds awesome too.

I just really require nuts on a Sunday.


I really like malts too but a lot of people don’t.



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I like malts. ? Though not a lot of places seem to make them anymore. I think the cute 50s Soda Shoppe themed ice cream place near our library may have them. We've only just discovered them, but all of their goods are made from scratch in house and what we have had so far is very tasty! 

This is the first time in decades I've lived near a Dairy Queen (and it's still about 20 minutes away with no traffic, but that's better than none). We don't go there often, but I really wanted something thick and creamy and the local frozen custard places don't make their custard thick  enough. 

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We still have 8 Drive-in Theatres in the state, I think? There's one here in the city, and a very famous old one up in Tulsa that was refurbished. We used it for our Graduation ceremony last May for the school I work for, so that our students would get a chance to 'have' one. ? Everyone loved it. Since we were outside, we got to have Confetti Canons! 

It would be nice if they put in MORE of them. 

The ice cream place near our house was featured on Food Network. ? (I actually heard about it because a friend in ILLINOIS saw it on TV. lol). It's also in their '50 States, 50 Scoops' article on the best ice cream places in each state.


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