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How do I earn points? Why do I want to?

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Hi minions


You earn points by activity. Create threads, impress the leaders, stuff like that. We leaders have been lax on giving out points but I'm going to change. How about you @Cross@Verbal32 and @Dar'Jen Ab Owain? Shall we work toward bringing Shayol Ghul back to its former glory? 


Who wants to start a game? Shayol Ghul's traditional games can be found here under Occasional Activities. http://shayolghulsg.wikidot.com/start 

Although any game will do. 


Why do you want to earn points?


Because it's fun.

Because that's how you advance ranks in Shayol Ghul.

Because the higher rank you are the more you can lord it over the lower ranks. 



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