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New to WoT and Dragonmount

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I would always grab for my WoT books to rescue from a sinking ship in preference.


I'd hate to have to make the choice' date=' but LotR isn't as heavy! :)


I just hope that oneday someone will produce as good a film adoptation of WoT as has been done for tLotR.


I'm not sure that I, devoted as I am to epics, could sit through that, but it would be amazing.

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*looks confused*


brad brad now where have i heard that name before


*light comes on*


oh yeah thats my rl name lol


Funny, that's my rl name as well! It just seemed right to use it, RJ seems to like simple names for guys, and sometimes nearly unpronouncable ones for the ladies.

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Toy ish gonna be a regular. goddess said so. kait said so. eggy said so.


idon'tthinkhehasanychoicenow. but if i'm wrong, correct me (girls!)

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hmmm... I just noticed that I'm already in the top third of all posters with 5 now!


* begins to understand spamming popularity...* :)

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:P actually... no... i see the letters that are supposed to represent them that no one really understands and those whose names ARE in there aren't Newbies AND a too long siggy! :lol:

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Guest Egwene

Brad, I hate to dissapoint you but... you need to sort the list in descending order. You'll find that the top posters are up there with posts in the thousands. Yeah, I know, sad, isn't it. That's what happens when this place grabs you... you spend your life on here :wink:

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I did, it's a somewhat misleading stat though, since there are pages and pages (31) of registered members who have no posts whatsoever. So my current (descending) ranking is around 1173 while there are 3817 total members.


* Warning---Imminent Nerdism! *


Thus 3817/100=38.17, 1173/38.17=30.73 putting me in the top third of posters.


The first member with a post is found ranked at 2178 however, so if we consider 1 post an "active" member, (a stretch I know) I would still be in the top half.

I've no delusions of ever making the top ten though, so MsDanya, et. al., can rest easy on my account.


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