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  1. Yea Barm left that out just noticed when I re read this let me fix it Wrong, its noob. Newb is a New person hence the NEWb
  2. I hate being a troll but..... Stop speaking as third person..
  3. Its noob. Newb means noob. lolkkthxbailrn2noob.
  4. *hack* ran... from.... Illian... to here.... was... on... *hack* forget it im here
  5. Awsome..... .. . ....... . .. . . .. . . .. . .. .. I need a new pair of pants brb
  6. Yea I remember something in the BwB saying "The Seanchan think they killed all the shadowspawn in the seanchan blight. or something like that
  7. Honestly, I don't understand why people hate Rand from this "Whining". If you were mentally instable, had to save people and unite them before Tarmon Gai'don (and most of them oppose you,) and you have to kill the second strongest thing in the world... universe (Dark One. Creator being the strongest,) and basically have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Would you whine? I'm sure I would. (And possibly death, and leaving three of your lovers, and family.) Anyway on to the characters I hate! :D First of all... Drum roll please... Egwene! For the simple fact of an arrogant li
  8. Well like everyone is saying ya there are prolly some bad individual beasties. The Blight(I think so anyway) extends from Randland all the way across the Aryth ocean over to Seanchen. Or atleast Seanchen has their own blight.
  9. Well I got the name of the actualy char... Gaul! :D Oh I e-mailed you too. If you didn't get it i wanna be a novice!!!11!!11 :D
  10. I think she was just implying Egwene and Elayne were confused.
  11. Violent...... Keep reading to KoD look at perrin. Rand can't kill women. Rhurac can and will order them. So will mat. And perrin. They hate doing it but its nesicarry. And If you had so many injuries, 3 naggy girlfriends, and super bad stress because of the "Damn, I'm going to have to fight the overlord of the shadow," and like RAW said, he's facing mental instabilbility(spelled wrong lol)
  12. Forgot about moggy. But Rahvin is dead. Like Lanfear and supposedly to asmo Moiraine. And if he knows Rahvin is dead and you see him in a pantry ready to kill you, you would be surprised. Sammael probably has the second best case to Graendal, but he seems genuinely unsure about it in subsequent books, whereas Graendal seems very sure Asmodean is dead. What I was implying was that it can be anyone.
  13. actually guys disregard this post. Mods delete it if you want. Got my question answered !
  14. Yep I bought it for $10 canadian lol. Only reason I bought it was because I needed a new series to start and hold me off till RJ can finish AmoL
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