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Nynaeve's power level


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I have seen several lists that rank channeler power levels and I wanted ask the opinions of the other members of this site.  At her full potential, who is considered to be as strong as Nynaeve Al'Meara?  


Ishmael and Rand/Lews are stated to be the strongest, and Lanfear is stated to be second only to Ishmael.  


So what about the other Forsaken as well as the most powerful channelers of the current Age?


Is Nynaeve just one level below Lanfear?


What do you think?



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Strength Level
(Old Strength Level) Saidar Channelers Life Expectancy (Years)  
1 (+12) Lanfear, Alivia, Semirhage 799.48  
2 (+11) Cyndane, Mesaana, Graendal,
Sharina Melloy, Talaan din Gelyn (potential)
3 (+10) Nynaeve (potential), Caraighan
4 (+9) Nynaeve (initial), Talaan din
Gelyn (initial), Moghedien
5 (+8) Cadsuane 735.47  
6 (+7)   720.66  
7 (+6)   706.31  
8 (+5) Elayne (potential), Egwene 692.39  
9 (+4) Nicola (potential) 678.91  
10 (+3)   665.84  
11 (+2) Aviendha 653.18  
12 (+1) Therava 640.90  
13 (1) Moiraine (pre-Finn), Siuan
(Amyrlin), Romanda, Lelaine, Elaida


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Lanfear is not second to Ishamael and Rand/Lews Therin. She is their equal, since Lanfear is the most powerful you can get as a woman chaneller, while ishamael and Rand/Lews Therin are the most powerful you can get as a man chaneller. They seem stronger, because saidin works differently to saidar. They both effect the world in similar ways, they require completely different weave construction to do the effects.

Plus, we see magic traditionally being extremely powerful when fire is shown, like with Gandalf, or stories of Merlin's feats, and equaled with water and wind, such as with Galadriel and stories of Morgana's feats. Women can do weaves that men struggle with (as in takes more strength to do the male equivalent weave) and vice versa.

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Lanfear is second to Rand and Ishy, since in the power they are stronger.  But strength in the power doesn't always mean the best channeler or  that they would win in a fight.  Knowledge of the power, how quickly you can form a weave, and how agile you are with using the weave all come into play.   Unless you were so powerful you could overwhelm them such as having callador or a statue.  It even was said in the series that men were stronger, but women had other advantages such as when it came time linking and forming a circle, which men couldn't do by themselves.  But in terms of channeling strength, Rand and Ishy were the two most powerful channelers in Randland.




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Again from https://www.tor.com/2015/10/27/the-wheel-of-time-companion-strength-chart-of-major-channelers/

Here’s the relevant saidin One Power strength chart, with accompanying life expectancies:

(Saidar Strength Level Equivalent) Saidin Channelers Life Expectancy (Years)  
 ++1   Rand, Moridin, Rahvin 800.00  
 ++2   Aginor/Osan’gar, Demandred,
Sammael, Logain, Taim (possible)
 ++3   Balthamel/Aran’gar, Asmodean,
Taim (possible)
 ++4   Be’lal 757.69  
 ++5     743.97  
 ++6     730.43  
7 1(+12)   717.08  
8 2(+11)   703.91




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