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Festival of Light and Dark: round 1b fight 1 - Lord Soth vs Moridin

Illian Tear

Lord Soth vs Moridin   

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  1. 1. Who would win?

    • Lord Soth
    • Moridin

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Moridin was walking on the trail under the shadows of the trees around him,to the arena where he would be fighting his opponent. He could've just traveled there, but didn't want to give any information to his foes.

        Suddenly the air around him became freezing and he wrapped himself in the void of Saidin. A voice spoke from behind him. "So you are the one named 'death'?" Moridin spun around and was greeted with the image of a knight with blackened armor with a rose on it, and orange glowing eyes. Moridin didn't bother answering the question and instead the knight was engulfed in a gout of flames, but the knight seemed unharmed. The knight then pointed at Moridin and uttered a single word: "Die." Moridin’s body falls to the ground with no marks on it. “If my opponents are this weak,” mused Soth, “This should be over very quickly.” Then he stepped into a nearby shadow and disappeared.


Expected winner: Lord Soth, the Knight of the Black Rose

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