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RCL Approved Warder Bio for Jaden Loramar - CC'd by the Warders


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@_Kynwric_ could you CC this since it's a Warder bio? See if I missed anything. Given it takes place amongst Borderlanders and taking into account the stage we're now at in the Books as well as the bio being reasonably well written, I've allowed the trollocs. However, I explained it's not something we'd usually allow and that despite the character's fighting training, we still limit starting WS. I've left it to you to award that. 



DM Handle: Warder117

Character Name: Jaden Loramar

Age (must be 16 - 21): 21

Place of Origin: Saldaea

Physical Appearance: Dark blond hair with blue eyes. 6 ft 1, 205lbs.


WS: 3


Character History 


Jaden was born the eldest son of a minor noble house. His father, Farthan Loramar, was the Captain of a cavalry cohort as well as having newly earned the title of Blademaster. His mother, Andrea, was where Jaden got his non typical Saldaean features as she was of Andoran birth. His father had met her during his travels at the time of the Aiel War. He was the oldest of three children, his younger siblings being Alanda, five years his junior, and Warthan,  seven years his junior.


As a child of eight name days his horse spooked and threw him while out riding, causing him to strike his head and fall into a deep sleep from which it was feared he wouldn't wake. But he did awaken after eight days and seemed to be a changed child. He became strangely quiet and seemed to find things not having to do with combat lessons, riding, woodsmanship, and such of little interest in the extreme. With this change of mood also came severe headaches, sometimes leaving him bedridden with pain and nausea.


Being the eldest son of not only a Captain but a Blademaster, Jaden was groomed to be a fighter from the age he could first hold a wooden practice sword. He was instructed in the Sword Forms, how to fight from horseback, to use a bow, and in the use of a lance. His father and the soldiers around him were surprised by how quickly he picked up the ways of the sword. Seeing this, his father also began to instruct him in every trick he knew about unarmed combat and Jaden practically inhaled the lessons in his eagerness to grow more proficient. 


Growing up in such an environment instilled Jaden with an old fashioned set of ethics, and self discipline. Although he had been, at one time, plagued by temper issues, he learned to control them and only struggles with it now and again. Being the oldest child, he was extremely protective of his siblings as well as his mother. As a result, his temper problems caused him to become involved in not a few scuffles over insults, both real and perceived, directed at his family and their honor. Having spent so much time among soldiers and being raised in such a traditional household, he was inexperienced with women and non soldiers and to this day finds himself uncomfortable around them.


He began serving actively under his father's command at 18 and started to hone his fighting skills further.




It was a quiet night in the small town where his father and a small guard of twenty cavalry had decided to rest for the night. Jaden, his father and the men had rented rooms in the only inn in town and had settled down for a relaxing meal in the common room. Their evening was rudely interrupted, however, by sudden yells and horns sounding, along with the sharp noise of battle coming from further along the street. His father ordered the men to arms and they all rushed outside to be met by a wave of bestial trollocs.


Jaden was so shocked he nearly missed parrying a shadow forged blade held by a trolloc. As he engaged the bear faced biped, he glanced quickly at the main gate of the small, walled town to find it partially opened and blocked by more trollocs. He could see the last of the town's guards, who had been on the walls, holding their ground staunchly, but gradually being pushed back nevertheless. His father began shouting orders, instructing the remaining guards to get all the women, children, and those too young, old, sick and/or wounded to fight, into the inn. Its walls were made of stone and the building sturdy, the doors made of heavy oak.


The cohort and the town's guard were joined by local men, all armed and trained to fight as was the case in most of the Borderlands. These men formed a wall of steel around the inn, fighting a desperate battle. Trollocs fell by the dozens, and yet there were still so many. Men...good men... fell one by one. As the defenders began to dwindle in number, Jaden found himself fighting side by side with his father. He was once again in awe of his father's blade work and aura of command. His mere presence seeming to bolster his men's prowess and to give the trolloc's pause.


Jaden began to gain hope as their lines started to firm, but as he cut down one ugly creature of shadow, he found himself surrounded by several and Jaden was scared as he had never been before. They moved quickly enough but thankfully not in concert. There seemed to be no cohesive attack, each one stabbing and slashing at him with no thought to the others. Still Jaden found himself pressed and tested as never before. 


Jaden distantly heard his father yell at him to break away from the fight but it was too late for that. He was partially aware of men falling around him to the trollocs' onslaught and glimpsed several turn suddenly, attacking his distracted father from behind. But his father wasn't defenseless, spinning and removing the first one's head, becoming a whirlwind of steel.


Jaden had no more time to observe his father as the trolloc to his left grazed him on the arm, the wound joining countless other such wounds on his body. Suddenly there seemed to be a hesitancy to the trollocs, and Jaden heard renewed sounds of battle from the overrun gate. Then he saw fireballs. This seemed to cause the trollocs to become desperate, attacking with renewed vigor. Jaden watched in horror as his father was overwhelmed by a wave of trollocs all rushing away from the fireballs. In a lucky hit, one of their blades entered his father's back. The last look he got at his father was of him reversing his blade and slashing it across the suprised trolloc's throat, decapitating it as he fell.


The horde was disoriented now, some fleeing outright, others running aimlessly looking for an escape but Jaden was still engaged with two trollocs and he could feel himself tiring quickly. Seemingly out of nowhere, a fireball landed in the midst of the horde, killing a good dozen and opening a hole. Through it stepped a man in a odd cape, surrounded in a wall of steel. Following after him was a determined looking woman, flinging fire from her hand. An Aes Sedai! And that meant the whirlwind of death posing as a man was her Warder.


The woman glanced at him in his struggle and briefly pointed at him. The duo started killing, working in his direction. Jaden couldn't see his father through the press of bodies and in the midst of his desperation, he found himself calm. He raised himself into an odd stance known as Sheathing the Blade. Upon seeing this, the Warder's eyes narrowed on him and called for him to stop. One trolloc saw an opening and thrust its blade into Jaden's gut. Jaden's mouth opened in a scream of pain and determination as he thrust his blade at its throat in return, the things eyes widening in surprise just as Jaden collapsed. The trolloc brought its left hand up to the side of its throat, feeling its foul blood cover the hand as it seeped from the gash Jaden had made. Too shallow a cut though. As the trolloc roared and sneered, bringing its dark blade overhead to finish Jaden, something blasted into it, snapping it into the side of a house with a sickening thud. It lay still. As Jaden felt darkness fall over him, he blearily saw the woman kneel beside him.


"Foolish boy!"


He heard her speak as she laid hands on him and he felt an odd shock through his body. Then darkness overcame him. 


Upon awakening he found himself bandaged and lying in a bed. He started to rise but stopped as a strong female voice spoke.


"Boy.....if you break open that wound because of your foolishness, I will refuse to heal you."


Jaden blinked then glanced to the woman's side, finding what had to be her Warder looking at him thoughtfully. The man stood and approached him, a sheathed sword in his hand. He held out the scabbard, which was achingly familiar.


"This belongs to you now. Maybe one day you'll earn the right to wield it rather than just own it. Your father was a great man, he fought well."


Jaden felt his eyes tearing up as he accepted the heron mark blade.


"That was a risky, foolhardy thing you did back there boy. Reckless... but brave."


Jaden looked at the Warder and nodded sheepishly and frowned. "I failed to land a killing stroke though..."


"You could learn to do better next time if you wished to train at the White Tower," the man commented.


So began Jaden's journey on the path to becoming a Warder.

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Ah cool ty! Going to not only get used to the changes recently made to the site, but RP'ing once again as it's been several years since the last time I participated in a RPF lol. Now I gotta figure out how I'm going to introduce my character and where in the world I should do so lol. Like is there a thread already established for new arrivals and the sort of is this something I would create as a new thread and others can pop by and say hi?

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