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  1. Ah cool ty! Going to not only get used to the changes recently made to the site, but RP'ing once again as it's been several years since the last time I participated in a RPF lol. Now I gotta figure out how I'm going to introduce my character and where in the world I should do so lol. Like is there a thread already established for new arrivals and the sort of is this something I would create as a new thread and others can pop by and say hi?
  2. Not sure how raising is going to go in the new WT group. Please hang tight.

  3. Sure! I'd love to start throwing around ideas for introduction plot and such, as my character was saved by as Aes Sedai and as he feels he owes them a debt (especially said Aes Sedai that healed him from certain death!) hence partially/mostly why he's going to the White Tower in the first place.
  4. Hello! Lately gotten the hankering to get back in RP'ing and the general hubbub of a community of fans as I just started rereading the series for the...I haven't the slightest clue how many times lol, as well as the news that they've started casting actors for the tv series! (PLEASE DON"T SUCK!) This'll be my first time RP'ing WoT but have had significant experience on other RPF's participating in the past. Looking forward to interacting with this community!
  5. lol, thank you. ? And for now till I get back into the swing of things I'll probably stick with a single character, it's been...2014? since I last was part of a RPF o.O Now I gotta get used to how you all do things here and get msyelf started. Aighty, wrote up my bio and emailed it, awaiting a reply!
  6. Hi there, not sure if this is correct place to post but have been having a itch to RP again. Used to RP ALOT, mostly Star Wars (Theforce.net), Bleach (Bleachanime.org) with some Buffy/Angel, LOTR, Warcraft, etc mixed in. Looking to create a character from the Borderlands to become a initiate to be a Warder, at least for my first character. (I think I read we can make more than one RP toons?). Looking forward to it and talking with everyone, now to start working on my bio and such. ?
  7. Please stop changing characters from our favorite books, comics, etc to 'check a box'. The world of WoT has plenty of diversity as is, so what if not alot of that is shown in the first season or w/e, it'll be shown in plenty later. When we see the White Tower not a small amount of diversity will be presented there as Aes Sedai come from all over. On the sexual preference front and the like, please for the love of god do not change the characters... there's plenty of 'pillow friends' and bi relationships and the like as is. Also the Wheel of Time series as a whole mainly focuses on
  8. Male, 25. And I like alot of the characters in WoT. That's one of the reasons I like the series so much. Never has an author got me to actually care and be interested about so many characters in a single series. I love the way he fleshes them all out so as their not just some sideshow. Also... in most series I find when the author switches over to a female character's point of view, I somethimes find myself bored >.> But not WoT, some of the most interesting part of the series have been when it's following the strong female cast. And... I'm somewhat partial to Rand myself :P As well
  9. Lol @ Zshadez, very true :D But.... people in general are afraid of things hey don't understand. Their has been instances of wolfs and other carnivores attacking people, especially in hard times. But these instances are very rare. Many more people die from well... other people than animals. But in "Randland", the days after the Breaking were a very difficult time, it can be compared to the Dark Ages. Knowledge and well civilization was lost in great amounts. Out of this gap in knowledge is where many myths and legends spawn.
  10. Ah, ty :D Just waiting for replies from my apps :P
  11. @Elgee - o.O Snatch me up huh? lol... look forward to it :D @ Lessa - New here, so I'm still trying to figure out how the different divisions/groups are formatted. Where exactly are you pointing me? lol....
  12. Well.... I've always been fascinated by Warder's and their bond with Aes Sedai, so my first character would be a Warder. Also usually rp as a melee character so that would work well lol.
  13. Hello, just signed up. Just finished the latest book and wandered across the site. Spotted the RP (Role Playing) section and was like "Ooooh shiny!". See, I have rp'd ...well... alot lol on other forums and back in the day when I first got into the WoT series couldn't find rp forum. But seeing this... I hope I will be able to contribute to this community.
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