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What happened to the FAQ?

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Been years since I read the WOT books and with the announcement of the TV show I decided to consider re-reading them. Once I did I remembered the wotfaq and thought it would be a good “catch up”. 


Cant seem to fond it anywhere, can someone point me in the right direction?


Much appreciated. 

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If what you're asking for is what I think you're asking for, I think that site has been gone for about 3-5 years.  

But the encyclopaedia-wot.org is still up.  It provides chapter by chapter summaries, and also has a comprehensive character list with descriptions.  It was updated thoroughly until A Memory of Light.   For AMoL, it was only updated for a few chapters.  I always use that and Leigh Butler's Tor reread when I decide to reread.  

For more involved questions, Theoryland interview DB is still up, as Theroyland forums are still active, (about as active Dragonmount maybe).  

The most community involvement these days seems to be on social media, especially FB.

Of course, we'd prefer you'd ask questions here first ? 

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Hello, is there any update on getting the FAQ back online?


I’m sure demand will continue to grow as the TV show gets closer, starts, and spreads interest. 

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For those interested, the mirror linked above seems to be a version from 2002.  I found one on the Way Back Machine from 2015:




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