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Hello there! 


So, I'm a new member of this forum community. I've been reading stuff for a while now, but haven't actually posted anything before today. 


I'm a 37yo guy from Finland. I got back to Wheel of time through Nae'blis and Daniel Greene youtube videos which somehow got to my youtube feed. 


I first started reading Wheel of time back in my teenage years, it must have been around 1998 or somewhere around that time. I started reading in Finnish but I quickly caught up with the translated series and jumped straight to the english ones. They were the first books I ever read in english but I got used to it pretty quick. The first english novel I read was Path of Daggers and by that time also Winter's heart was available. After that it was the waiting between books that seemed to take ages. 


As a rather grim side notion, we did joke (it really was just joking at that time) that R.J. took such a long time to explain things and had that manner of slow storytelling that we laughed he'd die of old age before finishing the series. Soon after it wasn't that funny, obviously. 


I remember vividly reading the Memory of Light. I had waited for it so long, like literally 15-16 years. I just couldn't stop hogging it in. I read it in just about 30 hours with just some hours to sleep in between. I was so immersed, I laughed and cried, got angry, emotional, sad. All the colors of the rainbow. 


My favorite characters in the books are probably Elayne, Lan and Egwene. I can't say I'd dislike any of them, though. I always thought the aiel humor was sort of clumsy so I may not have enjoyed that aspect that much. 


My favourite moment (and quote) from the series was from the last book SO SPOILER AHEAD .... 






When Lan beats Demandred in sword fight and says something like: "You didn't listen to me. I did not come here to win. I came here to kill you. Death is lighter than a feather. " 


I remember the goose bumps that gave me. I had to stop reading for a while and take a break. What a hero. 


Anyways. I started a re-read, or rather a re-listen of the series and I just finished EotW. So much I've forgotten during the years. It's like meeting new friends who are just like you remembered them. Just didn't remember everything you went through back in the day. 


I'm also (too) hyped about the oncoming TV-Series. Everything I've read and heard about it have given me a positive feel about it. 


So, this is me. Hi all! 

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Hi there, Polskija! Welcome to DM ?


I'm all the way from Cape Town in South Africa, but my favourite F1 GP driver is Kimi Räikkönen so I have a soft spot for Finland ?

Plus your language is intriguing and sounds beautiful.


Have you had a chance to look around DM yet? Any areas that interest you or that you would like to know more about?

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