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Dragonmount in our world?


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The only place that makes sense to me is Yellowstone.

while the creation of dragonmount is part of our future, it is also a part of our distant past. Since dragonmount doesn’t exist today, it must have blow up.

yellowstone is also close to the Rocky Mountains, like the dragonmount is close to the dragonwall.

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Except Dragonmount is more like Taranaki in New Zealand. There are no mountain ranges close to it. It is just like it came out of the ground, as opposed to the Maori legends which say otherwise. Dragonmount is closer to the Mountains of Mist, but still quite a distance. The Spine of the World-which is the Dragonwall's true name in the books-is further away from Dragonmount.

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The westlands is Europe, north Africa, and west Asia, which places Dragonmount in eastern Europe/western Asia. Look at the world map. You can see practically all of Asia to the east, and even the worn down Himalayas above the Termool.


My old thoughts on this.



There was another topic I went into my analysis, but I can't find it right now. I always meant to revisit Seanchan. The southern portion is northern South America and then some. I also meant to take a real globe and modify it to Randland, but ah well...



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I think of Dragonmount as distinctly European perhaps north wales...


It's a peninsula surrounded by coastline with rugged mountains in the other direction.


There's small towns and big authorities and powers nearby but a lot of them are indifferent/and/or

consumed with other things.


I think the overall effect is to make Two Rivers incredibly isolated... perhaps even more isolated than

a place like Scotland where it's clear the re is empty space.


In a place lik Wales you feel like you are really really close to everything but fundamentally are not...


Of course oddly enough all you have to do to get them involved in some ways is just to talk them I guess

or something.


It's especially odd considering how many si series channel European things and your like ok

but Game of Thrones or something else is transparently American kidna thing.... so you might start guessing

at American o locations logically....


Then we have series that drive at alternative view points and are quite good at it... maybe hos historical fiction

based on Asian history or smething....


But then we have the obviousl well most obvious one based entirely on europe IMO and people don't neceessarily see it


Not insulting anyw anyone here just my take.

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Around Iceland there are chains of volcanos, much like the Ring of Fire surrounding the Pacific Ocean. But Yellowstone is a stand alone volcano, and perhaps the biggest granite volcano on the planet.

Basalt volcanos like the island of Hawaii are completely different. 

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Come to think of it though it's pretty obviously south wales... if it's Wales in that analogy....


Because the map ce clearly has Tarabon etc everything with the coasts/water to the southwest and west of the land mass or rather the sea plainly spoken is southwest of the land mass....


It's a southwestern thingbasically ... well or a southwestern quadrant of a larger land mass surrounded by sea... there's dozens of way s to phrase it I guess.


Thep oint is it's both at the edge of a world and connected to the larger world...


The most ioslated points though are Emonds Field... as distinguished from Two Rivers....

And then Two Rivers in general I think that's quite explicit in the series.


One of the reasno I've taken to studying maps o a bit...


Perhaps an analogy can be drawn to like the Cambro-Normans of South Wales... during that era where they settled largely in the south adjacent to the water... with the more mountainous regions to the north and west remaining native tribes of various kinds...


But then infused with all this imagination it makes it quite vibrant I htink.


It's even more odd when I think about it because isn't RJ originally from, or was rather...

South Carolina? Which is south and east... kinda ironic I guess maybe....


...well not really but just random interseting note to me I guess.



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Andor is clearly England, but Two Rivers can represent anyone. Wales, Scotland, Ireland, US, Australia, many more.

The locations don’t matter. Arad Doman has Chinese food, but Saldean has Italian personality (but slanted eyes? (East Asia, Calvary, Mongols?)), and Shienar (despite being a biblical name from the Middle East?) is as Japanese as one culture can get in the books.

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