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Pokemon Sword & Shield


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Literally the reason I got a Switch. Mario Oddessy was cool but this is what I was waiting for.


Friend thinks he wants Sword version but I usually wait until the legendaries are revealed before deciding.


Fire and Water starters look cool, grass is weird and lame.

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8 hours ago, Krakalakachkn said:

I literally just received a secondhand 3DS from a friend and I'm waaay behind on the pokemon train.  Last game I played was the OG Ruby so I am starting back with Gen 3 and Alpha Sapphire to get my bearings.  Can't wait to play all the ones I missed!

Gen 3 is pretty meh imo.

Gen 4 is my fav.

Gen 5 is mixed but underwhelming imo.

Gen 6 I played late but was really good even though I rushed through it.

Gen 7 is short but very good.

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I'm not as into Pokemon as some I guess but there's no denying it's popularity and relevance...


It's one of those  franchises that brings in a ton of new people every era which is kinda great...


Personally I have really on some level no problems with it... I just frequently play other games and engage other media

but with more time I could definitely increase the time learning about it.

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