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[Harry Potter Week 2018] Alphabetty Wand Dueling!


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Come in, come in, we're about to begin... the stage is set, please gather 'round now, and listen carefully to my instructions.


Here we will learn to duel - to compete against one another with spells.  We will learn to counter our opponents' spells, and plan attacks of our own. 


We will also test our knowledge and our creativity in spellcasting, as we will do all of this - ALL of it - in alphabetical order.


The first to attack will do so using the letter "A".  The next will counter or neutralize the attack using the letter "B", and begin the next round with the letter "C".  And so it goes. 


As we have not all mastered every spell that exists, please do us the favor to describe effects of your spell for the delight of the viewing audience.   The most creative spells, and the most proficient spellcaster, may be rewarded in the end.


And now we begin - as so.




Tress lifted one eyebrow at her opponent at the far end of the stage and raised her wand before her.  With a deep breath, she spoke in a clear voice that rang out into the room.


Angry alabaster alligators attack!


Suddenly, with a loud POP, two dozen gleaming white reptiles sprang into being, viciously sharp teeth snapping.  They rushed forward, seemingly unstoppable...



And now... who will defend?

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Oh dear!


Tress looks around her at the misshapen creatures charging from every corner, and raises her wand.


Halt! Hellish hooligans hover!


The galloping goblins suddenly freeze in place, and slowly raise from the ground, hanging as if by invisible hooks.


Incendiary implosion initiate!


From the edges of the circle of immobilized goblins, heat began to gather.  Flames suddenly wreathed the creatures, growing by the instant.  As the bodies were consumed, it was as if the air itself was aflame, and rushed inward toward the stage.

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Min is stunned at the expert way her eels were eliminated. Seeing the flames coming toward her she takes her wand and pointing at the flames says:


Jiggly jellyfish jamming jackets


The slimy jellyfish type jackets extinguish the flames with only a few singed curls from her hair.  She twists her wrists and with a flick and a smirk she casts


Kilted knobby knifing ketchup


Ketchup squirts out and like a knife is hurled toward her opponents. 

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