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Mazerin Tain

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I was wondering what everyone thought of Mazerim Taim. I know he's a darkfriend, and he clearly becomes on of the Chosen, but I have a feeling he wasn't always evil.


Rand was always horrible to Taim, and not just because of LLT. I don't remember the exact line, but Rand said that even without LLT raving about killing Taim in his head, he didn't trust or like him.


So my question is this: was Taim a darkfriend before, or did Rand mistreat him to the point that he defected to the Shadow, recruited dreadlords and became M'hael of the Chosen?


Edit: just realized I posted in the wrong topic, sorry

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No he wasn't always a DF.  Basicly Dem gave him a choice when he was captured to join the DO or stay captured.  With Taim's personality and the thought of being gentled the choice was an easy one for him.  He was a DF when he went to Rand but he wasn't one until Dem freed him.  Rand wasn't horrible to Taim, Rude yes but for the most part he left Taim to do his own thing.  Even Rand didn't understand why he disliked Taim so much, but part of that was also the madness.  You also have to remember he kept disobeying Rand's orders.  He fired the guy Rand hired to teach the men the sword,  he never tried recruiting for the legion of the dragon, and he was way to obey about his recruiting which Rand sort of wanted kept low key.  

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    •   I don't think the indestructibility of cuendillar implies the absolute rigidity of its molecular structure. We know that the True Power can destroy cuendillar, and we are told that it absorbs any force attempting to break it.   To me, this implies that cuendillar's atomic or molecular structure is more like memory foam instead of a rock. You can apply force in an attempt to change or break its bonds, but it will just return to its normal state. Of course, the threshold of force necessary to even change those bonds is probably very high to begin with.
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    • If cuendillar truly cannot bend or break...  Then pushing on one end will move the other end exactly simultaneously.   If it had any give at all then a large enough force could bend or break it.  If it had any give at all, it would behave like regular matter, and pushing on one end of a cuendillar stick would move the atoms that make it up infinitesimally closer until the pressure wave reached the end of the rod and restored it to its original size.   But if nothing breaks or bends it, then the atoms don't move closer when you push it.  There's not a pressure wave going down its length.  Every atom along its entire length moves in sync, staying exactly the same distance from the others.   You've got yourself a faster-than-light communication stick.   There's not a lot that could be used for that would impress people in the Third Age, but faster than light communication, even over short distances, could do some neat things for us.   Assuming we take everybody at their word on cuendillar's properties, anyway.