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  1. VictorMark

    Mazerin Tain

    I was wondering what everyone thought of Mazerim Taim. I know he's a darkfriend, and he clearly becomes on of the Chosen, but I have a feeling he wasn't always evil. Rand was always horrible to Taim, and not just because of LLT. I don't remember the exact line, but Rand said that even without LLT raving about killing Taim in his head, he didn't trust or like him. So my question is this: was Taim a darkfriend before, or did Rand mistreat him to the point that he defected to the Shadow, recruited dreadlords and became M'hael of the Chosen? Edit: just realized I posted in the wrong topic, sorry
  2. How likely does it seem to anybody that the TV series will hire a conlanger to flesh out the old tongue, just like HBO did for GoT. It doesn't seem unlikely, given that the Old Tongue has a lot more source material than High Valyrian and Dothraki did. Thoughts?