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Ur uglies back!!

Kepen heal

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Ya i know i have yet again come to haunt you all!!!


So what have i missed since my terrible..um..missleading time!! lol


I missed you all, thats why i brought you some preasants!!


For chae*pulls out of his dark bag* A new type of posion with no antidote!!!


For Demi*pulls out of his dark bag* A new set of naked close!! Those were the most expensive thing i could find!!


For Val, A raging black bull, its trained to be ridden, but its also trained to give its rider a...fun time on its back!! lol


For mim, a new set of spears. These spears by the way when they even scratch someone, they will make that person fall madly inlove with you, and they will do your ultimate biding!! *not that everyone dosnt do that already, ...but*


For Mclean....i didnt know what to get you so i didnt get you anything!!! lol

Jk Jk *raches deep into the black bag* I got you a little black whole, youll need these gloves to handle it though, i just thought it the cutest thing so i got it!! haha!! *hands over the gloves and shuts up*


May the Ugly bring nightmares to your bed!!

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*snuggles Min*

Yay how is you?

I hope so cause well i have this awful thing that happend, when i was coming over, one of the spears kinda pokes throught the bag and well....*kisses Min*

I wuv you!! hehehe


*flashes glowing blue eyes at Tay*

*gets out the croock and pulls him back*

Get back here tay i got you somthing too!!

*pulls out a crazy little furry crazy thing, that when every anyone is stupid it attacks*

I would never forget about u tay!

*gives him a Kepen hug* hahaha


A Demi still in your glorified nudeness as always i hope the clothes fit you!!! Other wise im sure youll be just fine in the ones you got, since they are quite....Muscular!! lol


Dont brush him to hard there Val, that one was raised proffesionally by the Spanish to be a torro de bravo, but i payed to get it specailly made for ya, hope u like!!!....Just keep it away from me, and you may want to give it a bath!!!

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*is being choked to death by chea**

Um...i...Think....i ....was....fine

*squeezes out with a little bit of butter*



Im not dead yet Chae i still got alittle bit of strenght in these old bones of mine!!! *turns 17 tommolly!! woooottt*



But otherwise im okay, was super uber busy before but i came back here and all my troubles kinda melted away!!! hahaha


Glad you guys enjoy the presents!!

And i could see my self as a general for you me lord Demi!!

*bows holding up his dark dark blue cape*


*takes both Min and Chae's hands and kisses them*

It is an honor to still be bonded to you my ladys of destruction!!!

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