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Is there any effort to create a statue for Robert Jordan's memory?

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Er, where to start?


Few months ago Bud Spencer got a statue in Budapest. (Video1, video2 - eng sub.) It does not look  like him at all, but maybe the fact that his effect on people was acknowledged in a way is more important than its realness. (We have a Columbo/Peter Falk statue too, which is also terrible... )


I cannot size up Robert Jordan's popularity in the USA, but I think he deserves something similar.


What are your thoughts?


1. Unnecessary.

2. Bad timing, 'we' should wait a few years. (Right now confederate monuments are coming down and he was from Charleston, South Carolina...) 

3. I'd love to see it!

4. I have a different opinion

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The Citadel would be a fitting place as he attended college there, or the college where his notes and such were donated to would also be a good location.  We can't talk statue until WOT hits TV's with the impact like GOT.  Once it does, everything will be milked from the WOT, outriggers, merchandise, movies possibly, etc.

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There are actually a few public memorials in Charleston already. There is a display about his life in the library at the Citadel, the College of Charleston has his papers and the hospital where he was treated (can't recall the name right now) has a tree named "Avendesora" in it's memorial garden. 

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