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Hi all, long time creeper, first time poster...


I started reading the series around the time The Path of Daggers came out. I loved it despite what I now realize was very bad ADHD that made me skip over much of the description and therefore the intrigue. So yeah, I had some trouble from about A Crown of Swords on, and missed a lot of details in the previous books as well. I also guess I didn't have faith that every sentence was put in there for a reason... but now I do. I've re-read various books in the series multiple times and am currently re-reading from start to finish. I am on my absolute favourite in the series, The Shadow Rising. In fact, I just finish the best two chapters, "The Way of the Spear" and "The Dedicated." Chills down spine! 


Reading posts on Dragonmount and Leigh Butler's reread over the years has helped me understand just how amazing Robert Jordan was at crafting this series. It also helped me understand what he was trying to do with gender, as I was constantly pissed off reading the series back in the day for many reasons that I probably shouldn't get into on my first post. Nonetheless I loved so many of the characters, and there are so many astoundingly creative parts of the series that I don't think any fantasy series could ever compare.  


Learning that Robert Jordan fought in Vietnam really added a massive amount of understanding to this series. It's odd because Jordan, from what I've read in interviews, always seemed like a very confident and rather unburdened-by-self-doubt kind of person, so I never understood how he wrote about that, and about PTSD, so well.


My favourite characters are, in no particular order, Mat, Nynaeve, Rand, Moiraine, Aviendha, Siuan, and ... Elayne, for some reason? Sorry. I dunno how to explain myself. I liked Loial a lot too before he became super background character. But what I like about the series is how much of a fantastically large and interesting cast it has in general. However, I did find that most people I know in real life are nicer and more trusting than the people in this series. 


I was one of the people that was sorely disappointed by A Memory of Light, but that's for another thread.


Anyway! The series will stick with me forever, so that's why I am hoping to find people who still want to talk about it while I do my re-read. 


Hoping to get to know you all! 





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I love your intro post, Rooish! I hope we'll get to see you around the Social Groups too - I'd love to hear more of your story and thoughts on the books :)


Btw, interesting name - does it have any specific meaning?

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Welcome to the site! Please have a look around and if you want to get to know some of us a little better and have some fun think about joining one of the Social Groups (or many of them).


You can be in more than one and they usually have more than you can see hidden away for those who join them. If tou have any questions about The Band or the Black Tower feel free to ask me, I'm in both of them. If questions on other groups, I'm sure others will be more than happy to answer if you ask.

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