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Warder Req's - Grey Drinalt


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Grey DrinaltBio


WS 5


(Here is my intro thread to bring my WS to 3)


Grey's Beginning - 7 posts -  HERE


(I have been in the following RP's but they each died out. Is it possible to get any credit for them?)
Staving in the point bluntly, Open to all WY characters - 3 posts - HERE


Learning the Blade (Attention Reki) - 3 posts - HERE
Itchy (attn anyone in the mood for a fight) - 3 posts - HERE


Current RP


The Weakening Wards of Tar Valon - 4 posts - ongoing - HERE

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I'd counted the mandatory intro thread as the WS3. As the other 3 RP's were all unfinished, I'd treated them as one complete RP and awarded an overall WS5.


A post count of 4 is standard for a lot of requirement RP's so 2 points seemed reasonable for 9 posts, but I'll leave it in Kyn's hands.  He may feel the work involved is worth a further increase. 

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