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Path of Daggers

A chapter-by-chapter recap of the eighth book of The Wheel of Time.

Chapter Recaps of Path of Daggers

Novel written by

Robert Jordan

Chapter recaps by Erick Walter. Edited by Joan Albright.

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The Path of Daggers: Chapter Summaries

Prologue: Deceptive Appearances

(Points of View: Ethenielle, Verin, Moridin)

The four Borderlands countries’ monarchs reaffirm a blood oath to see their as-yet-unknown plan through as they lead most of their armies on a journey south to find Rand. Verin uses Compulsion on fellow Aes Sedai Beldeine, apparently ordering her to help Rand. Moridin (a reincarnation of Ishamael) plays a game of stones against himself as he strokes two mindtraps and ponders his painful past with -- and current plots against -- Rand.

Chapter 1: To Keep the Bargain

(POV: Aviendha)

Aviendha opens a gateway so she, Elayne, Birgitte, Nynaeve, Lan, and a large group of Sea Folk Windfinders, Aes Sedai, and Kin can leave Ebou Dar in light of Mat convincing them to flee the gholam. As they leave, Aviendha sees someone watching them from afar.

Chapter 2: Unweaving

(POV: Elayne, Moridin, the gholam)

As they travel, Elayne goes through their angreal and ter’angreal stash. Aviendha stuns everyone by unweaving a gateway to prevent others from following them. Moridin watches Aviendha’s unweaving as a servant tells him about the ter’angreal stash, which includes the Bowl of the Winds. Moridin, furious at the thought that the Aes Sedai might fix the weather, accidentally kills the servant before Traveling away. The gholam arrives, feeds on the body, and plans to follow the women, having been commanded to kill them and Mat.

Chapter 3: A Pleasant Ride

(POV: Elayne)

Elayne’s group continues its journey to the Kin’s farm. The Windfinders, Aes Sedai, and Kin continue to bicker with one another, the latter two groups both insisting to Elayne that the Kin should be allowed to pass custody of their Black Ajah prisoner, Ispan, to the Aes Sedai.

Chapter 4: A Quiet Place

(POV: Elayne)

Elayne’s group arrives at the farm. She and Aviendha continue going through the angreal stash. The time to use the Bowl of the Winds has come.

Chapter 5: The Breaking Storm

(POV: Elayne)

Elayne, Nynaeve, Aviendha, and ten other women link around the Bowl. Windfinder Caire din Gelyn leads the circle and activates the Bowl, using all five Powers. As soon as they finish, they realize that the Seanchan are attacking Ebou Dar, and run back to the farm.

Chapter 6: Threads

(POV: Elayne, Chulein)

Everyone who remained at the farm flee through Elayne’s gateway, but the Seanchan attack as she unweaves it. A damane strike causes Elayne to lose her grip on the weave, resulting in a massive explosion that wipes out the attackers. Elayne asks Aviendha to be her first-sister. Chulein, a raken rider, sees the devastation and believes it the result of a powerful new Aes Sedai weapon.

Chapter 7: A Goatpen

(POV: Perrin)

In Ghealdan in the midst of the Prophet’s territory, Faile, Berelain, and Seonid Sedai all vie to be the one to approach Queen Alliandre for Rand. Perrin chooses Berelain. They rescue “Maighdin” (really Morgase) and her group, including Lini, Balwer, Tallanvor, and Basel Gill, from the Prophet’s Dragonsworn marauders. Perrin recognizes Gill from his inn in Caemlyn.

Chapter 8: A Simple Country Woman

(POV: Perrin, Faile, Morgase)

Perrin brings the small group back to his camp. “Maighdin” is not happy to see the Manetheren banner and angry when Perrin says Rand plans to put Elayne on the throne. Perrin calls out Gill, who provides a false cover story for the group. Faile offers to make them her servants; they accept. Faile meets with Cha Faile (the people that have sworn to her), who have been scouting the town in which Alliandre resides.

Chapter 9: Tangles

(POV: Perrin)

Balwer offers to be Perrin’s secretary and information-gatherer, and warns him about the nearby Whitecloaks. The Wise Ones and Seonid tell Perrin that the Prophet must die, which he opposes.

Chapter 10: Changes

(POV: Perrin, Faile)

Elyas Machera arrives! He gives Perrin marital advice and agrees to stay. Berelain returns with Queen Alliandre, who swears fealty to Perrin—and through him to Rand—and they develop a plan for the Prophet. Perrin has several Dragonsworn who murdered a family hanged.

Chapter 11: Questions and an Oath

(POV: Sevanna, Galina)

Also in Ghealdan, Sevanna, clan chief of the Shaido, tangles with her Wise Ones, Therava in particular. Galina, their Black Ajah captive, is forced to swear obedience on the Oath Rod-like binder in their possession, which Sevanna plans to use on Rand.

Chapter 12: New Alliances

(POV: Graendal, Cadsuane)

Graendal is visited by Moghedien and a woman named Cyndane (whose name means “Last Chance”). They tell her that Moridin is Nae’blis and she must serve him as they do. She doesn’t believe them. Shaidar Haran arrives, forcing her to obey him and ordering her to visit Moridin. Cadsuane meets with Alanna; she considered taking Rand’s bond from her but gave up the idea. Sorilea arrives and teaches Cadsuane the Traveling weave. They vow to teach Rand laughter and tears.

Chapter 13: Floating like Snow

(POV: Rand)

Rand meets with the leader of the remnant of Sammael’s Illianer army, Eagan Padros, and orders him to join Rand or lay down his arms and go home. Lews Therin has not been in Rand’s head for a while, but Rand sees double when he releases the Power.

Chapter 14: Message from the M’Hael

(POV: Rand)

Taim informs Rand via letter that the Black Tower has over 400 enrollees, including some from the Two Rivers. Asha’man Fedwin Morr gives confirmation that the Seanchan are marching to Illian. He also reveals that saidin didn’t always work as expected near Ebou Dar, where the Bowl of the Winds was used. Rand inadvertently reveals his plan to cleanse saidin; all of the Asha’man are stunned. He sends them off on urgent tasks.

Chapter 15: Stronger Than Written Law

(POV: Egwene)

Winter has arrived, and with it cold and snow. Egwene dreams of Rand, Perrin, and Mat. Siuan wakes Egwene despite her attendant Halima (really Aran’gar, formerly Balthamel) trying to prevent her, as Egwene needs her sleep due to her recent headaches. An army led by two powerful heads of Andoran Houses is nearby. Egwene tells Gareth Bryne to set up a meeting, and realizes that Siuan loves Bryne.

Chapter 16: Unexpected Absences

(POV: Egwene, Aran’gar, Sheriam)

Aran’gar buries a body of someone she’s murdered outside the camp. Chesa, one of Egwene’s maids, announces the disappearance of the other two maids. Siuan notes to Egwene the oddness of the Salidar Sitters’ ages -- they’re too young. The Hall learns of the Andoran army’s arrival. Romanda and Lelaine lecture Egwene on how she should handle the meeting. Egwene feigns meekness but is secretly pleased. Someone beats Sheriam after questioning her about Egwene’s plans.

Chapter 17: Out on the Ice

(POV: Egwene)

Egwene meets the Andoran leaders on a frozen lake. Some Murandians, and Talmanes (of the Band of the Red Hand), are present as well. The Andorans don’t want the Aes Sedai to enter Andor, fearing that war will take place on their soil. Egwene announces her plan to remain in Murandy for one month then head directly to Tar Valon to remove Elaida. She adds that the novice book is now open to all women regardless of age.

Chapter 18: A Peculiar Calling

(POV: Egwene)

Egwene manages to speak with Talmanes alone, who tells her the Band of the Red Hand have been invited by King Roedran of Murandy to pretend to be an invading foreign army in an attempt to consolidate his rule. Egwene accedes to this plan despite wanting the Band to join the march to Tar Valon.

Chapter 19: The Law

(POV: Egwene)

Egwene calls a formal meeting of the Hall, where she calls the question for declaring war against Elaida. Romanda and Lelaine try to put her off, but a question of war cannot be shelved according to the Law of War. Egwene barely gets a majority to stand. The Law also states that the rest must also stand, and once done so the Amyrlin has the right to prosecute the war by decree and the Hall must carry it out. The stunned Hall is forced to comply. Egwene finally asserts herself by threatening to unchair Lelaine and Romanda and send them to penance.

Chapter 20: Into Andor

(POV: Elayne)

Nynaeve Heals Elayne, Aviendha, and Birgitte of injuries sustained when the gateway exploded. As they head for a Caemlyn estate they hear many true and untrue rumors, including one that Rand killed Elayne! Ispan is questioned but reveals little of use, leading them to believe that she swore an Oath against betraying Black Ajah secrets. The snowfall slows their travel. They receive instructions from Egwene in Tel’aran’rhiod telling them to stay in Caemlyn.

Chapter 21: Answering the Summons

(POV: Rand)

The fifty Asha’man Rand sent for arrive from the Black Tower, led by Taim’s top lieutenants Gedwyn and Rochaid. They leave to gather more forces, but the bad weather slows things down. Narishma arrives with a bundle that Rand sent him to get. Rand moves the camp closer to Ebou Dar despite the dizziness his channeling causes. He has been seeing himself in his dreams lately not only as Lews Therin but also as a third blurred but familiar face.

Chapter 22: Gathering Clouds

(POV: Rand, Assid Bakuun)

Rand and six thousand men prepare to Travel. Rand is nearly shot by Eagan Padros, but the would-be assassin is killed by Asha’man fireballs before he can reveal his motives. Assid Bakuun, a Seanchan commander, receives a report of an army six times their size ten miles away. He feels confident because of the damane with his army.

Chapter 23: Fog of War, Storm of Battle

(POV: Rand, Furyk Karede)

Rand’s army wins its first battle against the Seanchan, at the cost of fifty men. Deathwatch Guardsman Furyk Karede’s 2300-man army is attacked by Asha’man, the ground exploding beneath them. He orders retreat. Five days later, Rand surveys a valley battleground. The Seanchan are being driven west. The Asha’man report an oddness to saidin in the valley. The Seanchan suddenly attack, and Rand takes an arrow in the side. Morr Heals him as the army drives off the enemy. Rand decides to take back Ebou Dar, despite Bashere and Gregorin’s warnings.

Chapter 24: A Time for Iron

(POV: Kennar Miraj, Rand, Bertome Saighan, Varek, Davram Bashere, Abaldar Yulan)

Seanchan High Lady Suroth (a Darkfriend) provides her Captain-General with an eerily accurate count of soldiers and Asha’man in Rand’s army, as their Traveling has made it seem like they have ten times more. Rand gets his men lined up for their major assault. A surprisingly lucid Dashiva notes the oddness of saidin, but Rand belittles him and the issue. The battle begins. Heavy casualties mount on both sides, including by friendly fire when a damane and Asha’man Jonan Adley cannot control their channeling. Bashere sees the Asha’man grow hesitant and urges Rand to withdraw. Rand pulls out the bundle Narishma brought—Callandor—and channels through it. He loses control and the ground explodes everywhere until Bashere tackles him. Many nearby are dead, including Adley, but the Seanchan have been resoundingly defeated.

Chapter 25: An Unwelcome Return

(POV: Elaida, Alviarin)

Black Ajah Keeper Alviarin goes through Elaida’s recent decrees, keeping some and destroying others. She slaps Elaida, makes her sign a decree granting Rand the protection of the Tower, and forces her to reiterate that she will always do as Alviarin says by threatening to reveal Elaida’s role in Rand’s kidnapping. After sending Elaida to penance, Alviarin is visited by a disguised Mesaana, who wants her to find out why the Ajah heads are secretly meeting. She manages to glimpse part of the Forsaken’s dress through her disguise.

Chapter 26: The Extra Bit

(POV: Seaine, Toveine)

In a secret White Tower room, Seaine and Pevara force Zerah to swear on the Oath Rod to obey them, then swear she’s not a Darkfriend. Zerah admits that she’s a Salidar spy and gives up the other nine. Seaine and Pevara are interrupted by four other Sitters: Saerin, Talene, Yukiri, and Doesine. They quickly suss out the Black Ajah-hunting mission and swear on the Oath Rod that they are not Darkfriends - except for Talene, who tries to leave without swearing. Red Sister Toveine and the rest of the White Tower emissaries arrive at the Black Tower and are shielded and bonded by Logain and several other Asha’man.

Chapter 27: The Bargain

(POV: Min, Rand)

Rand rejoins Min in the Sun Palace. Dobraine and Aes Sedai give reports, the latter informing Rand of their Bargain with the Sea Folk on his behalf, granting him their ships. Min reminds Rand that he must learn something from Cadsuane, but she refuses his summons, so he visits her with a loud Asha’man demonstration, which does not impress her. He asks her to be his advisor, and she agrees after setting some ground rules. She informs him that Callandor has a dangerous flaw: It lacks the normal sa’angreal buffer to protect him from drawing too much of saidin unless he is linked with two women, with one of them guiding the flows.

Chapter 28: Crimsonthorn

(POV: Elayne, Daved Hanlon)

Adeleas and Ispan are found murdered—probably by a Darkfriend in Elayne’s party. Elayne and her party finally arrive in Caemlyn, where she declares herself for the Lion Throne. Dyelin, one of Morgase’s earliest supporters, states her support for Elayne and provides information on potential allies and enemies. Daved Hanlon arrives at the house of Lady Shiaine (formerly Mili Skane, a Darkfriend). He finds Jaichim Carridin and Falion tied to a table. Carridin is drowned in brandy and Falion swears to obey Shiaine, who asks Hanlon if he would like to put his hands on a queen.

Chapter 29: A Cup of Sleep

(POV: Min, Rand)

Sorilea brings five of the Tower Aes Sedai who kidnapped Rand—Elza, Nesune, Sarene, Erian, and Beldeine (who were Compelled by Verin)—and they swear to obey Rand. Min says they will each serve him in their own fashion. There’s a massive explosion. Rand leaves Min with Morr and hunts his would-be assassins—Gedwyn, Rochaid, and Dashiva—who hurls a fireball at him but misses. The assassins Travel away. Hours later, Taim reports that Gedwyn, Rochaid, Torval, and Kisman (all loyal to Taim in the past) have deserted the Black Tower. Rand orders Dashiva added to the deserters list. Morr has succumbed to madness, his mind becoming like that of a child, so Rand poisons him. He tells Min that they’re leaving.

Chapter 30: Beginnings

(POV: Perrin, Faile, Egwene)

Perrin visits the Prophet and says he will take him to Rand. The clearly insane Masema will go, but refuses to Travel via Aes Sedai channeling. Faile goes hunting with Alliandre, Berelain, Bain, Chiad, and “Maighdin”; they are attacked and captured by Sevanna’s Shaido. Only Berelain escapes. Egwene and the rest of the rebel contingent, including Bryne’s army and a thousand novices, Travels to the plain outside Tar Valon.

Chapter 31:

(POV: Omniscient)

Rumors true and false spread about the Aes Sedai conflict, the Black Tower, the Seanchan, and the Dragon Reborn. The Pattern weaves “toward the future foretold.”

The Wheel of Time

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