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Path of Daggers

The Seanchan have returned, bringing with them a new threat, while the Dark One’s grip on the world tightens.

Summary of Path of Daggers

Novel written by

Robert Jordan

Book summary by Erick Walter. Edited by Joan Albright.

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The Path of Daggers: Summary


Elayne, Nynaeve, Lan, Aviendha, and Birgitte take a large group of Sea Folk Windfinders, Aes Sedai, and Kin outside Ebou Dar to use the Bowl of the Winds. Soon after they finish, the Seanchan attack; Elayne weaves a gateway to aid their escape, then unsuccessfully unweaves it on the other side. It explodes, leaving the Seanchan to think that the Aes Sedai have a powerful new weapon. Adeleas and Black Ajah member Ispan are found murdered, presumably by someone in Elayne’s party. After a trek through sudden snowstorms, Elayne arrives in Caemlyn and declares herself for the Lion Throne. Dyelin is her first supporter.


Rand learns that the Black Tower now has over 400 enrollees, and that the Seanchan are marching toward Illian. He continues to hear Lews Therin in his head but also starts seeing the face of a blurred but familiar man. Rand has begun to experience dizziness when seizing saidin, and sees double when he releases the One Power. Rand stuns the Asha’man by announcing his plan to cleanse saidin of the taint, then is nearly shot by an assassin.

The Asha’man report an oddness to saidin the closer they get to Ebou Dar, where the Bowl of the Winds was used. They engage the Seanchan; Jonan Adley cannot control his channeling, and kills some of Rand’s own army. The damane cannot control saidar either. Rand is hit by a Seanchan arrow, and is Healed.

Rand pushes the Seanchan back toward Ebou Dar despite High Lady Suroth’s knowledge of the exact amount of soldiers and Asha’man in Rand’s army. Rand uses Callandor to fight the Seanchan, but kills many of his own men, including Adley. Both sides disengage, considering it a loss.

Rand returns to Min in the Sun Palace and learns that the Sea Folk have granted him the use of their ships. He asks Cadsuane to be his advisor. She agrees, but she and Sorilea make a water oath to teach Rand laughter and tears. Five of the Tower Aes Sedai who kidnapped Rand swear to obey him, including Beldeine, under Verin’s rudimentary Compulsion. Then four of Taim’s top lieutenants (Gedwyn, Rochaid, Torval, and Kisman) plus Dashiva try to kill Rand. They fail and escape, and are disavowed by Taim. Fedwin Morr succumbs to the taint; Rand is forced to poison him before fleeing the Sun Palace with Min.


Winter has arrived due to the Bowl’s use, and with it cold and snow. An Andoran army led by two powerful heads of Houses approaches Egwene’s camp. Romanda and Lelaine lecture Egwene, but she distracts them by opening the novice book to anyone, regardless of age, then tricks the Hall into declaring war on Elaida. Under martial law, the Hall must obey Egwene’s commands. The rebel contingent, including Bryne’s army and a thousand novices, Travels to the plain outside Tar Valon.


Queen Alliandre of Ghealdan swears fealty to Perrin. They rescue “Maighdin” (really Morgase) from the Prophet’s Dragonsworn marauders. “Maighdin” is angry at Perrin’s apparent rebellion against Andor but her group agrees to serve as Faile’s servants. Perrin argues with the Wise Ones who want the Prophet killed, and receives invaluable marital advice from Elyas Machera. Perrin visits the Prophet Masema to take him to Rand, but the Prophet refuses to Travel. Faile, Alliandre, Bain, Chiad, and Morgase are captured by Sevanna’s Shaido.

The White Tower

Black Ajah Keeper Alviarin reasserts herself to Elaida, reminding her that Elaida will be finished if the Tower learns of her crimes. Alviarin is visited by a disguised Mesaana, but manages to glimpse part of the Forsaken’s dress through her disguise. Seaine and Pevara continue their efforts to root out the Black Ajah and in the process discover a spy from the rebel contingent. Sitters Saerin, Talene, Yukiri, and Doesine come upon them and deduce their mission; Talene is revealed as a Darkfriend.

The Shadow

Moridin (a reincarnation of Ishamael) plots against Rand and is incensed when he learns that Elayne’s group has acquired the Bowl of the Winds. The gholam has been commanded to kill Elayne and Nynaeve, as well as Mat. Moghedien and a woman named Cyndane visit Graendal and order her to follow Moridin, who is Nae’blis. Graendal refuses, but Shaidar Haran cows her into obedience. Aran’gar, posing as Halima, kills two of Egwene’s maids. Daved Hanlon arrives at the house of Lady Shiaine and watches her kill Jaichim Carridin. She asks him if he would like to put his hands on a queen.


The four Borderlands countries’ monarchs reaffirm a blood oath to see their as-yet-unknown plan through as they lead most of their armies on a journey south to find Rand. Sevanna is losing her hold on the Shaido Wise Ones. Galina is forced to swear obedience to Sevanna and Therava on the Oath Rod-like binder in Shaido possession, which Sevanna also wants to use on Rand. Toveine and the rest of the Tower emissaries arrive at the Black Tower and are bonded by Logain and several other Asha’man.

The Wheel of Time

This book is available from the Dragonmount DRM-free ebook store as well as from Amazon.com or your local independent book retailer.

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