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The Dragon Reborn

A chapter-by-chapter recap of the thid book of The Wheel of Time.

Chapter Recaps of The Dragon Reborn

Novel written by

Robert Jordan

Chapter recaps by Joan Albright. Edited by Angela Carter.

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The Dragon Reborn: Chapter Summaries

Prologue: Fortress of the Light (Saban 11? N.E. 999)

Whitecloak and Darkfriend Jaichim Carridin is given conflicting orders concerning Rand al’Thor—one to kill him, the other to use him.

Chapter 1: Waiting (Saban 25 N.E. 999)

Perrin guides the Tinker woman Leya to Rand’s camp in the Mountains of Mist.

Chapter 2: Saidin (Saban 25 N.E. 999)

Min predicts Leya’s death. Rand broods about his duty and fate as the Dragon Reborn, and causes an earthquake.

Chapter 3: News from the Plain (Saban 25 N.E. 999)

Perrin tries to convince Min to leave the camp; she declines. Moiraine shares Leya’s news of strange movements by a Whitecloak army on Almoth Plain.

Chapter 4: Shadows Sleeping (Saban 25 N.E. 999)

Perrin is tempted in his dreams by first Ba’alzamon, then Lanfear, though he recognizes neither. He then dreams of the sword Callandor in the Stone of Tear, and is woken by a warning from the wolves.

Chapter 5: Nightmares Walking (Saban 25 N.E. 999)

Perrin wakes the camp, but not in time to save Leya from the attacking Trollocs. He kills his first Myrddraal. Rand laments his uselessness during the fight.

Chapter 6: The Hunt Begins (Saban 26 N.E. 999)

In the morning, Rand is gone. Before leaving for Tar Valon, Min tells Perrin her viewings about an Aielman in a cage, a Tinker with a sword, and a hawk and falcon.

Chapter 7: The Way Out of the Mountains (Saban 26 - Aine 4 N.E. 999)

Perrin, Loial, and Moiraine follow Rand’s trail toward Tear.

Chapter 8: Jarra (Aine 5 N.E. 999)

In Jarra, Perrin meets a man who has gone completely wolf. Perrin wonders whether that will be his own fate.

Chapter 9: Wolf Dreams (Aine 5 N.E. 999)

Moiraine tells Perrin what she knows of wolves and dreams. Perrin meets Hopper in the wolf dream for the first time. Rand kills several Darkhounds with balefire.

Chapter 10: Secrets (Aine 24 N.E. 999)

Egwene, Nynaeve, Elayne, and Verin encounter Whitecloaks while taking Mat to Tar Valon to be Healed. Egwene chases them off with the One Power.

Chapter 11: Tar Valon (Aine 24 N.E. 999)

Egwene and her friends arrive at the White Tower, and are accused of being runaways. Verin instructs them to play along.

Chapter 12: The Amyrlin Seat (Aine 24 N.E. 999)

Verin reports the Dragon’s rebirth, and presents the Horn of Valere to Amyrlin Siuan Sanche.

Chapter 13: Punishments (Aine 24 N.E. 999)

Siuan Sanche informs Elayne and Egwene that they are to be raised Accepted—and that they and Nynaeve will serve penance in the kitchens until further notice.

Chapter 14: The Bite of the Thorns (Aine 24 N.E. 999)

Siuan Sanche sets Egwene and Nynaeve hunting the Black Ajah.

Chapter 15: The Gray Man (Aine 24 N.E. 999)

Egwene and Nynaeve are nearly killed by a Gray Man. Sheriam Sedai swears them to silence.

Chapter 16: Hunters Three (Aine 24 N.E. 999)

Gawyn and Galad attempt to discover where Elayne has been, but Nynaeve chases them off. Elayne informs Egwene that Gawyn is besotted with her. Nynaeve recruits Elayne to hunt the Black Ajah with them.

Chapter 17: The Red Sister (Aine 24 N.E. 999)

Elaida presses Elayne, Egwene, and Nynaeve about their excursion; Egwene claims they left to bring Mat for Healing. Sheriam lectures Nynaeve on obedience.

Chapter 18: Healing (Aine 24 N.E. 999)

A circle of Aes Sedai led by Siuan Sanche uses a sa’angreal to break Mat’s link to the Shadar Logoth dagger. Mat speaks the Old Tongue during the Healing.

Chapter 19: Awakening (Aine 25 N.E. 999)

Mat wakes from a dream of leading men in Manetheren, then eats a meal fit for four men.

Chapter 20: Visitations (Aine 25 N.E. 999)

Mat is visited by Selene, who tries to tempt him with promises of glory. Siuan Sanche informs Mat that he is linked to the Horn of Valere.

Chapter 21: A World of Dreams (Aine 25 N.E. 999)

Verin tells Egwene of Tel’aran’rhiod and gives her the Dream ter’angreal, as well as a list of the Black Ajah sisters who left with Liandrin.

Chapter 22: The Price of the Ring (Aine 25 N.E. 999)

Egwene is summoned for her Accepted test. Inside the first arch, Egwene finds herself married to Rand, who is suffering the effects of uncontrolled channeling. Through the second arch, Rand asks Egwene to kill him before he is turned to the Shadow. Sheriam admits that 13 Dreadlords using 13 Myrddraal can turn a person who channels. Through the third arch, Egwene as Amyrlin refuses to gentle Rand, but is unable to save him.

Chapter 23: Sealed (Aine 25 N.E. 999)

Egwene is raised to Accepted, amid a fuss over the arch ter’angreal misbehaving. Alanna blames herself, and asks for a penance. Egwene asks Alanna what it means to be Green Ajah, and is sent to bed.

Chapter 24: Scouting and Discoveries (Aine 26 N.E. 999)

Mat, feeling improved, explores the Tower grounds and learns that the Amyrlin has forbidden him from leaving Tar Valon. He spots Else Grinwell⁠—who avoids him⁠—then stumbles upon the Warders’ training grounds, where he defeats Gawyn and Galad with a quarterstaff against their practice swords.

Chapter 25: Questions (Aine 26 N.E. 999)

Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve discuss Verin’s list and determine there must still be Black Ajah in the Tower. Else Grinwell appears and tells them the Black Sisters’ belongings are in a storeroom in the basement, but when Egwene tries to follow Else, she finds only Selene.

Chapter 26: Behind a Lock (Aine 26 N.E. 999)

Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve find the storeroom locked; Egwene weakens the chain and gains them entry. Among the supposed belongings, they find a mountain of evidence pointing to Tear, and determine it to be a trap.

Chapter 27: Tel’aran’rhiod (Aine 26 N.E. 999)

Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve spend their day scrubbing pots, then Egwene decides to use the dream ter’angreal. In the dream, Egwene spots Perrin—guarded by a wolf—then Rand, who mistakes her for an enemy and tries to kill her. Finally, Egwene finds herself in the Stone of Tear and meets Silvie, a supposed servant who calls Ba’alzamon a fool and tells her of Callandor. Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve decide to journey to Tear to spring the Black Ajah trap.

Chapter 28: A Way Out (Aine 27 N.E. 999)

Mat is given a letter to Morgase from Elayne, along with a letter of permission from the Amyrlin. He determines to leave.

Chapter 29: A Trap to Spring (Aine 27 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve informs the Amyrlin of what they found in the storeroom, then learns that the real Else Grinwell left the Tower ten days ago. The Amyrlin approves the expedition to Tear and provides gold for the journey.

Chapter 30: The First Toss (Aine 27 N.E. 999)

Mat explores Tar Valon, gambling to fatten his purse, and wins every toss. Unnerved, he determines to find a ship and leave, but is distracted by a band of Darkfriends and a Gray Man, all of whom he escapes by sheer luck.

Chapter 31: The Woman of Tanchico (Aine 27 N.E. 999)

Mat enters one last tavern to catch his breath, and discovers a drunken Thom Merrilin playing the harp. Mat convinces Thom to go to Caemlyn with him.

Chapter 32: The First Ship (Aine 28 N.E. 999)

Mat and Thom leave on the first ship, buying the captain’s cabin. The first night, familiar Darkfriends attack in the night, but Mat’s luck saves him again. Rand plays the flute at his campfire, afraid to dream.

Chapter 33: Within the Weave (Adar 7 N.E. 999)

Perrin, still chasing Rand with Moiraine, Lan, and Loial, arrive in Remen. They see an Aielman in a cage and meet Lord Orban, the Hunter for the Horn who caught him. Perrin notices a girl (Faile) watching him.

Chapter 34: A Different Dance (Adar 7 N.E. 999)

Moiraine learns that Masema is “proclaiming the Dragon” in Ghealdan, and is displeased. Perrin frees the Aielman⁠—Gaul⁠—and the two of them kill several Whitecloaks (in self-defense). Faile sees them.

Chapter 35: The Falcon⁠ (Adar 7 N.E. 999)

Lan and Perrin roust Loial and Moiraine and flee downriver on a ship. Faile joins them; she is hunting the Horn of Valere, and believes Perrin will lead her to it. She tells Perrin her name means “falcon.”

Chapter 36: Daughter of the Night (Adar 7 N.E. 999)

Perrin enters the wolf dream, where Hopper appears and guides him to a meeting between Ba’alzamon and Lanfear. Perrin then meets Rand, who almost kills him. He wakes and tells Moiraine of the dream. Elsewhere, Rand wakes and finds himself surrounded by Darkfriends, who he kills.

Chapter 37: Fires in Cairhien (Adar 14 N.E. 999)

Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve travel downriver, posing as Aes Sedai. Egwene has many prophetic dreams, most of which she doesn’t understand. Their ship runs aground, and Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve decide to walk to the next riverport.

Chapter 38: Maidens of the Spear (Adar 14 N.E. 999)

Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve meet Aviendha, an Aiel Maiden of the Spear who asks them to Heal her cousin Dailin. Maidens Bain and Chiad jibe Aviendha about her refusal to go to Rhuidean. Nynaeve works up a temper so she can Heal Dailin.

Chapter 39: Threads in the Pattern (Adar 14 N.E. 999)

Aviendha explains to Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve that they are searching for He Who Comes With the Dawn, who they believe is the child of a Maiden of the Spear. After taking their leave, Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve are kidnapped by bandits, who attempt to sell them to Myrddraal. Aiel—summoned by Aviendha and led by Rhuarc, a clan chief—deal with the bandits, and Nynaeve balefires the Myrddraal. Dailin dies in the conflict.

Chapter 40: A Hero in the Night (Adar 15 N.E. 999)

Mat and Thom arrive at the refugee-packed town of Aringill, where they rescue former Illuminator Aludra from the Guild’s hunters. Aludra gives Mat a roll of fireworks in gratitude.

Chapter 41: A Hunter’s Oath (Adar 20 N.E. 999)

Perrin and company arrive in Illian. Faile swears on her Hunter’s oath to obey Moiraine, and is allowed to accompany them.

Chapter 42: Easing the Badger (Adar 20 N.E. 999)

Perrin’s party finds an inn; Loial feels that something is wrong with the city. They are attacked by Gray Men, after which Moiraine goes out into the city alone.

Chapter 43: Shadowbrothers (Adar 20 N.E. 999)

Perrin finds Darkhound pawprints outside the inn. He seeks out Hopper in the wolf dream, and is told to wake and flee. Moiraine returns with news that one of the Forsaken rules Illian.

Chapter 44: Hunted (Adar 20 N.E. 999)

Lan has killed one Darkhound, but more chase Perrin’s group as they flee Illian on horseback. Moiraine balefires the rest of the hounds. Mat experiments with fireworks and dispatches another band of Darkfriends.

Chapter 45: Caemlyn (Adar 21 N.E. 999)

Mat and Thom arrive in Caemlyn; Mat attempts to deliver Elayne’s letter to the palace and is rebuffed. He rejoins Thom at the Queen’s Blessing, and learns of Lord Gaebril.

Chapter 46: A Message Out of the Shadow (Adar 21 N.E. 999)

Mat climbs the same garden wall Rand once did and enters the palace, and overhears Gaebril ordering Lord Comar to murder Elayne, along with Egwene and Nynaeve. Guardsman Tallanvor takes him to Morgase, but Mat is unable to alert the queen to Gaebril’s treachery.

Chapter 47: To Race the Shadow (Adar 21 N.E. 999)

Mat informs Thom and innkeeper Basel Gill of what he learned in the palace.

Chapter 48: Following the Craft (Saven 4 N.E. 999)

Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve arrive in Tear. They board with a Wise Woman named Mother Guenna.

Chapter 49: A Storm in Tear (Saven 4-7 N.E. 999)

Mother Guenna brings Juilin Sandar, a thief-catcher. Nynaeve describes the Black Ajah sisters and sets him to search for them. Mat and Thom arrive in Tear during a thunderstorm, and search inns until they find Comar dicing. Mat confronts him; Comar attacks and ends with his back broken, but lets slip that there are more people hunting for Elayne and the others.

Chapter 50: The Hammer (Saven 8 N.E. 999)

Perrin’s group arrives in Tear. Loial notices the same sense of wrongness as in Illian. Perrin lends a hand at a blacksmith’s shop beside their inn, and is given a hammer. Moiraine announces that the Forsaken Be’lal is in the city, disguised as a high lord. Lan has also spotted Aiel in the city.

Chapter 51: Bait for the Net (Saven 9 N.E. 999)

Juilin Sandar tells Nynaeve he has found the Black Ajah sisters, but leads her into a trap. Liandrin shields her, then beats her for fighting back. Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve are captured, and learn they are to be used as bait.

Chapter 52: In Search of a Remedy (Saven 9 N.E. 999)

Mat takes Thom—sick since their frantic search in the rain—to see Mother Guenna. She recognizes Mat’s accent and tells him Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve have been taken to the Stone of Tear.

Chapter 53: A Flow of the Spirit (Saven 9 N.E. 999)

Moiraine believes Rand is in Tear; Perrin and Faile have both dreamed of him holding Callandor. Faile walks into a trap set for Moiraine—a trap involving a dream ter’angreal. Perrin intentionally walks into the trap, trying to save her.

Chapter 54: Into the Stone (Saven 9 N.E. 999)

Mat studies the Stone of Tear from the rooftops, where he encounters several Aiel, as well as Juilin Sandar—who agrees to help him free Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve. Mat detonates a load of fireworks in an arrowslit, intending to cause a distraction, and blows a hole open instead. Egwene wakes in the cells, then enters Tel’aran’rhiod to search for a way out. She finds one of the Black Ajah and shields her. Perrin, as a wolf, fights his way through the Stone of Tear in the wolf dream. Rand is inside the Stone.

Chapter 55: What Is Written in Prophecy (Saven 9 N.E. 999)

Rand reaches the Heart of the Stone and faces Be’lal, who tries to goad him into taking Callandor. Moiraine arrives in the middle of their duel and balefires Be’lal, but then Ba’alzamon appears. Rand takes Callandor and chases Ba’alzamon into Tel’aran’rhiod. Egwene finds another Black Ajah sister half-Dreaming outside their cell, and accidentally stills her, but cannot open the cell. Mat and Juilin let them out and are given a tongue-lashing. After several false starts, Perrin frees Faile; they wake. Rand defeats Ba’alzamon and returns to the Heart of the Stone.

Chapter 56: People of the Dragon (Saven 10 N.E. 999)

Rand is proclaimed as the Dragon in the streets of Tear. Rhuarc reveals that the Aiel are called the People of the Dragon, and Berelain delivers a letter from Lanfear, claiming Rand as hers.

The Wheel of Time

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