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The Shadow Rising

A chapter-by-chapter recap of the fourth book of The Wheel of Time.

Chapter Recaps of The Shadow Rising

Novel written by

Robert Jordan

Chapter recaps by Joan Albright. Edited by Angela Carter.

Also available:

The Shadow Rising: Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1: Seeds of Shadow (Saven 12? N.E. 999)

Min arrives in Tar Valon, sees visions of an upcoming disaster, and delivers Moiraine’s message to Siuan Sanche. Siuan suggests Min remain in Tar Valon, disguised as Elmindreda; Elaida sees through the ruse. Whitecloak Dain Bornhald and “Ordeith” arrive in the Two Rivers. High Lady Suroth interrogates the former Aes Sedai, Pura.

Chapter 2: Whirlpools in the Pattern (Saven 25 N.E. 999)

Faile tries to convince Perrin to leave Tear; they are attacked by Perrin’s axe. Mat, gambling with several Tairen lordlings, is attacked by a deck of cards. Berelain—ruler of Mayene—sneaks into Rand’s bedchamber, where they are attacked by Rand’s reflection.

Chapter 3: Reflection (Saven 25 N.E. 999)

Perrin goes to confront Rand, but finds him bleeding and sends for Moiraine. Moiraine believes the attacks were a manifestation of the Dark One’s taint slipping through the cracks of his prison.

Chapter 4: Strings (Saven 25 N.E. 999)

Thom is busy forging letters when Mat appears, complaining that he can’t make himself leave the city.

Chapter 5: Questioners (Saven 25 N.E. 999)

Egwene and Nynaeve discuss the leads they have been given by their Black Ajah prisoners.

Chapter 6: Doorways (Saven 25 N.E. 999)

Moiraine returns with Elayne from healing Rand and orders the Black sisters sent to Tar Valon for trial. She discusses Rand’s plans and mentions a ter’angreal inside which one can obtain true answers. Elayne and Egwene decide what to do concerning their feelings for Rand.

Chapter 7: Playing With Fire (Saven 26 N.E. 999)

Egwene and Elayne visit Rand and discuss the differences between saidar and saidin. Egwene tells Rand she is no longer in love with him.

Chapter 8: Hard Heads (Saven 26 N.E. 999)

Elayne asks Rand to kiss her. Mat asks Egwene for advice; she tells him about the redstone ter’angreal Moiraine mentioned.

Chapter 9: Decisions (Saven 26 - 28 N.E. 999)

Rand deals with the Tairen High Lords and thinks about the Prophecies of the Dragon. Selene visits Rand and reveals herself as Lanfear. A Gray Man attacks; Rand kills him but cannot make himself kill Lanfear.

Chapter 10: The Stone Stands (Saven 28 N.E. 999)

Trollocs have penetrated the Stone of Tear. Rand fights them, first with a blade of saidin, then slaughters the rest using Callandor. Moiraine convinces Rand that he cannot Heal death.

Chapter 11: What Lies Hidden (Saven 28 N.E. 999)

Egwene enters Tel’aran’rhiod to explore Tanchico, but finds herself pulled into the Aiel Waste by stray thoughts of finding a teacher. The Wise One Amys tells Egwene to come to Cold Rocks Hold.

Chapter 12: Tanchico or the Tower (Saven 28 N.E. 999)

Egwene questions Aviendha about Amys. They discuss sister-wives, then learn that the Black Ajah prisoners are dead. Moiraine has received a letter for Aviendha, who must journey to Rhuidean. Elayne and Nynaeve will go to Tanchico alone.

Chapter 13: Rumors (Saven 28 N.E. 999)

Mat hears a rumor about Whitecloaks in the Two Rivers. He talks to Perrin, who is packing for home already, but Mat still can’t make himself leave Tear. They say their farewells.

Chapter 14: Customs of Mayene (Saven 28 N.E. 999)

Berelain, giving up on Rand, flirts with Perrin. Perrin tells Faile he is going home to die, and that he will not take her with him. Faile confronts Berelain, threatens her, and only avoids a duel through Rhuarc’s intervention.

Chapter 15: Into the Doorway (Saven 28 N.E. 999)

Mat steps through the doorframe ter’angreal and is told by the Aelfinn that he must go to Rhuidean or die. He is hurried out, and finds that Rand and Moiraine were also inside. They refuse to share their answers.

Chapter 16: Leavetakings (Amadaine 1 N.E. 999)

Perrin approaches Loial about taking him home via the Ways, but finds Faile there before him. Faile has made Loial promise to take her through the Ways before anyone else. Lan confronts Nynaeve about her plans to travel to Tanchico, then offers to leave Moiraine and come with her. Nynaeve sends him away.

Chapter 17: Deceptions (Amadaine 1 N.E. 999)

Moiraine approaches Thom about accompanying Elayne to Tanchico, and offers to tell him which Red Ajah sisters gentled his nephew. Gawyn tries to get Min to talk Galad out of joining the Whitecloaks; she chews him out for nearly blowing her cover. Siuan Sanche learns that Rand has taken Callandor.

Chapter 18: Into the Ways (Amadaine 1 N.E. 999)

Perrin’s party sets out, split in two; Loial, Faile, Bain, and Chiad in one group, with Perrin and Gaul following. They enter the Waygate.

Chapter 19: The Wavedancer (Amadaine 1 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve and Elayne board a Sea Folk ship and negotiate passage to Tanchico.

Chapter 20: Winds Rising (Amadaine 1 N.E. 999)

Thom and Juilin join Nynaeve and Elayne on the Sea Folk ship; Nynaeve makes the men promise to obey her orders. Elayne catches the ship’s Windfinder channeling.

Chapter 21: Into the Heart (Amadaine 1 N.E. 999)

Rand announces that he will send Tairen armies to Cairhien escorting grain, and places Callandor back in the Stone, warded. He announces that he is going to Rhuidean.

Chapter 22: Out of the Stone (Amadaine 1 N.E. 999)

Rand leads Egwene, Moiraine, Lan, and the Aiel to a Portal Stone outside Tear. Rhuarc points out the symbol for Rhuidean; Rand activates it.

Chapter 23: Beyond the Stone (Amadaine 1 N.E. 999)

Rand and the others arrive above Rhuidean, where they meet four Aiel Wise Ones waiting for them. Rand asks and is granted permission to enter Rhuidean; Mat goes with him. Aviendha and Moiraine also go down. Egwene begins her training as a Dreamer.

Chapter 24: Rhuidean (Amadaine 1 N.E. 999)

Rand and Mat enter Rhuidean, and discover an abandoned city. Rand makes a dry fountain start running, then enters the columns at the heart. Mat finds another redstone doorway and steps through it. He attempts to ask more questions, but accidentally makes a bargain with the Eelfinn instead.

Chapter 25: The Road to the Spear (Amadaine 1 N.E. 999)

Inside the columns, Rand sees through the eyes of the Aiel sept chief Mandein as he enters Rhuidean for the first time, then the youth Rhodric just before the Aiel crossed the Dragonwall, then Rhodric’s grandfather Jeordam at the initiation of the first Maiden of the Spear. He sees through the eyes of Jeordam’s father Lewin, who kills for the first time and abandons the Way of the Leaf.

Chapter 26: The Dedicated (Amadaine 1 - 7 N.E. 999)

Rand continues watching history through the eyes of Lewin’s ancestors, stepping further back in time with each perspective. He sees the splitting off of the Tuatha’an, the beginning of the Ogier’s Longing, the entrusting of ter’angreal to the Da’shain Aiel, and the end of the War of Shadow. Finally, Rand sees the opening of the Bore itself.

Rand leaves the columns and finds Mat hanging by his neck from the tree Avendesora. Rand revives him. A bubble of evil attacks, and they flee Rhuidean.

Chapter 27: Within the Ways (Amadaine 2 N.E. 999)

Perrin and Gaul follow Faile’s party through the Ways. They reach the Manethern Waygate at the same time as a Myrddraal and a fist of Trollocs. They fight their way through the gate, which Loial locks by placing both leaves on the outside. Perrin is unnerved by the lack of wolves in the area.

Chapter 28: To the Tower of Ghenjei (Amadaine 2 N.E. 999)

Perrin enters the wolf dream and finds a man called Slayer there, in the flesh and murdering wolves. Perrin chases Slayer to the Tower of Ghenjei, which the long-dead hero Birgitte warns him not to enter.

Chapter 29: Homecoming (Amadaine 5 - 6 N.E. 999)

Perrin finds the al’Thor farm burned to the ground. He tries to leave Faile behind, but she catches up to him at the Winespring Inn in Emond’s Field. Perrin learns that his family have all been murdered—supposedly by Trollocs—and that Padan Fain is with the Whitecloaks who kidnapped Mat’s family and the blacksmith.

Chapter 30: Beyond the Oak (Amadaine 6 N.E. 999)

Faile convinces Perrin not to give himself up to the Whitecloaks. Mistress al’Vere takes Perrin’s group to the place Tam al’Thor and Abell Cauthon are hiding; they meet a pair of Warders on the way.

Chapter 31: Assurances (Amadaine 6 N.E. 999)

Hiding with Tam and Abell are Verin and Alanna Sedai, who came to the Two Rivers looking for girls who could channel. Perrin discusses how to rescue the prisoners from the Whitecloaks.

Dain Bornhald castigates “Ordeith” (Padan Fain) for getting his men killed. It was Ordeith, not Trollocs, who killed Perrin’s family. Ordeith is keeping a Myrddraal prisoner.

Chapter 32: Questions to be Asked (Amadaine 7 N.E. 999)

Perrin’s party stops the al’Seen farm on their way north; Perrin explains why the Whitecloaks want him.

Chapter 33: A New Weave in the Pattern (Amadaine 7 N.E. 999)

Lord Luc, a supposed Hunter for the Horn, joins Perrin’s party at the farmhouse; Luc has been giving the farmers bogus advice. Perrin convinces the al’Seen family and others to abandon their farm and take refuge in Emond’s Field. Some of the young men follow him north.

Perrin sneaks into the Whitecloak camp and frees the Emond’s Fielders. Verin makes it rain to cover their escape, and they set off hunting Trollocs.

Chapter 34: He Who Comes With the Dawn (Amadaine 8 N.E. 999)

Rand and Mat are challenged by Couladin on their return from Rhuidean. Rand has been marked with Dragons on his forearms, marking him the Aiel chief of chiefs. He is told of his birth parents, Shaiel and Janduin. Moiraine and Aviendha also return.

Chapter 35: Sharp Lessons (Amadaine 8 N.E. 999)

Egwene meets Elayne in Tel’aran’rhiod. Egwene is caught by Amys, who makes her promise never to enter the dream without a Wise One present. Aviendha is assigned to instruct Rand on Aiel ways—much to her dismay.

Chapter 36: Misdirections (Amadaine 9 N.E. 999)

On the way to Alcair Dal to introduce Rand to the clan chiefs, the Aiel discover a peddler’s train approaching Rhuidean. Mat buys a wide-brimmed hat. Rand is suspicious of the peddlers.

Chapter 37: Imre Stand (Amadaine 9 - 10 N.E. 999)

Rand and the Aiel reach Imre stand, where the inhabitants have been slaughtered by Trollocs. Rand puts off the peddlers’ attempt at small talk and endures Aviendha’s harangue about his belonging to Elayne. Lan and Rhuarc train Rand to fight.

Mat struggles with the dead men’s memories the Eelfinn placed in his mind, then speaks with the gleeman Jasin Natael about Rhuidean. Trollocs attack, but are defeated.

Chapter 38: Hidden Faces (Amadaine 11 N.E. 999)

The Seanchan sea captain Egeanin, charged with finding runaway sul’dam in Tanchico, dodges her former captive, Bayle Domon. She is visited by a Seeker for Truth, who suggests the runaways be eliminated rather than returned.

Liandrin orders Darkfriend and Whitecloak Inquisitor Jaichin Carridin to occupy the Panarch’s Palace so she and the other Black Ajah can search it.

Chapter 39: A Cup of Wine (Amadaine 11 - 12 N.E. 999)

Elayne, Nynaeve, Thom, and Juilin arrive in Tanchico and run into Bayle Domon. Domon admits to becoming a smuggler, and helps them find rooms in the city. After drinking too much wine, Elayne remembers Thom dandling her on his knee.

Nynaeve looks for Egwene in Tel’aran’rhiod, and sees Asmodean trying to enter Rhuidean. Birgitte warns her off, and Nynaeve flees to the Two Rivers, where she is nearly killed by Slayer.

Chapter 40: Hunter of Trollocs (Amadaine 13 N.E. 999)

Faile reports that most of the farms have been emptied, the inhabitants going to Emond’s Field. Gaul reports Trollocs approaching Perrin’s position, and suggests an ambush. Not long after Lord Luc takes his leave, the ambush is turned against Perrin’s party. Perrin and Faile gather the survivors.

Chapter 41: Among the Tuatha’an (Amadaine 13 N.E. 999)

Perrin’s party limps into the Tinker’s camp, where they are welcomed by Raen and Ila and have their wounds treated. Perrin gets Faile to admit that she is cousin to the queen of Saldaea, then tells her about the wolves.

Chapter 42: A Missing Leaf (Amadaine 13 - 14 N.E. 999)

Perrins visits the Waygate in Tel’aran’rhiod and finds it open. He plays cat and mouse with Slayer, who reminds him of Lan. Perrin’s party returns to Emond’s Field and finds it fortified, with a red wolf’s head banner flying over it.

Chapter 43: Care for the Living (Amadaine 14 N.E. 999)

Perrin has become a local hero and doesn’t much care for it. He succumbs to delirium caused by his injuries, but is Healed by Alanna.

Chapter 44: The Breaking Storm (Sunday N.E. 999)

Loial and Gaul have gone to reseal the Waygate. Perrin gets out of bed despite Faile’s protest. A party of five hundred Trollocs attacks the village; they are repelled by archers, led by Tam, and exploding catapult stones courtesy of the Aes Sedai.

Chapter 45: The Tinker’s Sword (Sunday N.E. 999)

After a devastating Trolloc attack, Raen and the surviving Tuatha’an take refuge in Emond’s Field. The villagers begin deferring to Perrin’s judgment. The Tinker Aram takes up the sword, fulfilling another of Min’s viewings. Whitecloaks appear and demand Perrin give himself up. Despite the mayor’s protests, Perrin invites the Whitecloaks inside the pickets for their protection.

Chapter 46: Veils (Sunday - Amadaine 15 N.E. 999)

Egeanin, realizing Floran Gelb is about to kidnap the wrong woman again, intervenes. In thanks, Nynaeve and Elayne invite her to their inn for a chat. Juilin and Thom bring back interesting tidbits. Elayne and Nynaeve are Compelled and interrogated by a strange woman, who causes them to forget the interview.

Chapter 47: The Truth of a Viewing (Amadaine 16 - 17 N.E. 999)

Siuan Sanche is deposed in a barely legal meeting of the Sitters, then stilled and put to the question by Elaida. Min frees Siuan and Leane with some help from Laras, the head cook. Despite his better judgment, Gawyn lets the trio out of the city. They meet Logain on the way out; Siuan promises him a chance for revenge.

Chapter 48: An Offer Refused (Amadaine 20 N.E. 999)

Rand endures Aviendha’s lectures on Aiel customs. The gleeman Natael tries to wheedle information out of Rand, while the peddler Kadere hints that he has information to sell. They arrive at Cold Rocks Hold.

Chapter 49: Cold Rocks Hold (Amadaine 20 N.E. 999)

Rand is welcomed by the roofmistress of Cold Rocks Hold. Couladin attempts to find welcome, but oversteps and is humiliated. Rand accidentally gets Aviendha in trouble.

Chapter 50: Traps (Amadaine 20 N.E. 999)

Rand attempts to find a gift to give Aviendha as an apology; the Maidens misunderstand and believe he is trying to attract her interest. Lanfear invades Rand’s dreams; the Wise Ones have also been spying on them.

A Draghkar and Trollocs attack the hold, after which Rand acquires a bodyguard of Far Dareis Mai. The Shaido break camp and head to Alcair Dal early; Rand orders Rhuarc to follow them.

Chapter 51: Revelations in Tanchico (Amadaine 21 N.E. 999)

Egeanin visits Elayne and Nynaeve again, and is outed as Seanchan by Bayle Domon and taken prisoner. Domon, Juilin, and Thom all confirm that the Black Ajah are hiding in the Panarch’s palace, but none of them could discover whether the Panarch herself is a Darkfriend.

Chapter 52: Need (Amadaine 21 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve meets Egwene and the Wise Ones in Tel’aran’rhiod and presents her problem. The Wise Ones suggest Nynaeve use need to search for answers, but she will have to step blindly.

Nynaeve’s first step takes her to a palace, where the Panarch Amathera is being held in Tel’aran’rhiod against her will by Temaile Kinderode. The second step takes her to a museum, where she spots the woman who compelled her. Nynaeve prepares to retaliate, but is distracted by Birgitte and informed that the woman is Moghedien—one of the Forsaken.

Finally, Nynaeve finds the black metal collar and bracelets the Black Ajah have been searching for; she and Elayne believe it to be an a’dam made for a man. They are interrupted briefly when the Seanchan Seeker—looking for Egeanin—tries to enter and is dispatched by Juilin and Domon.

Chapter 53: The Price of a Departure (Amadaine 21 N.E. 999)

Emond’s Field has endured seven days of constant attacks, and its defenders are growing weary. A messenger from the south lives long enough to tell Perrin “we are coming”. Loial returns with a wounded Gaul; they have sealed the Waygate, but counted thousands of Trollocs on their way back.

After Faile convinces Perrin to sleep, he scouts the wolf dream looking for signs of the Trollocs. Perrin shoots Slayer—then wakes to learn that a mysteriously wounded Luc has left the village. Perrin asks Faile to take a message to Queen Morgase as a pretext for sending her away before the Two Rivers is destroyed. Faile will go, but only if Perrin agrees to marry her.

Chapter 54: Into the Palace (Amadaine 22 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve, Elayne, and a surprisingly willing Egeanin sneak into the Panarch’s palace under cover of a manufactured riot. Elayne and Egeanin rescue Amathera. Nynaeve acquires the male a’dam and one of the seals of the Dark One’s prison. She duels Moghedien—winning by a hair—but the Black Ajah senses them. Moghedien escapes in the confusion.

Chapter 55: Into the Deep (Amadaine 22 N.E. 999)

Elayne, Nynaeve, Egeanin, and Amathera escape the palace and return to the inn. Bayle Domon agrees to drop the male a’dam in the deepest part of the sea he can find.

Chapter 56: Goldeneyes (Amadaine 22 N.E. 999)

The Two Rivers prepares for the biggest onslaught yet, with women and Tinkers planning to escape with the children if the men fall. The Whitecloaks intend to leave, but Perrin goads them into staying.

The Trollocs attack, but the Whitecloaks refuse to fight. The women leave the children with the Tinkers and join the fighting. Then Faile returns leading a force from Watch Hill, while men from Deven Ride attack the Trollocs from a third side. The Trollocs break and run.

Perrin chews out the Whitecloaks for refusing to help; Bornhald and his men are ousted from the Two Rivers. Ordeith decides Rand hasn’t taken his bait, and determines to make mischief elsewhere.

Chapter 57: A Breaking in the Three-fold Land (Amadaine 23 N.E. 999)

The Maidens basically adopt Rand—the son of a Maiden—into their society. Rand and Rhuarc’s Taardad arrive at Alcair Dal to find the Shaido there in numbers. Sevanna, widow of the most recent Shaido to enter Rhuidean, allows Couldain to speak at the meeting of Chiefs; Couladin’s arms now bear dragons like Rand’s.

Rand shows his dragons and reveals the secret of Rhuidean. Couladin tries to kill Rand, sparking a battle; Rand makes it rain to stop the Aiel from killing each other. Lanfear appears and reveals that Asmodean is looking for something in Rhuidean. Rand goes after him, Skimming for the first time.

Chapter 58: The Traps of Rhuidean (Amadaine 23 N.E. 999)

Rand finds himself traveling on a platform through endless blackness, and sees Asmodean (aka Jasin Natael) ahead of him. They fight, arrive at Rhuidean, and fight some more. They both try to claim the access ter’angreal which links to the great sa’angreal in Cairhien; Rhuidean’s veil is broken, as is much of the city. Rand cuts Asmodean’s protection from the taint on saidin and defeats him. Lanfear shields Asmodean in such a way that he can teach Rand to channel, but not escape.

Rand returns to Alcair Dal to find that some of each Aiel clan except the Taardad have rejected him as He Who Comes With the Dawn, and left with the Shaido.

The Wheel of Time

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