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The Fires of Heaven

A chapter-by-chapter recap of the fifth book of The Wheel of Time.

Chapter Recaps of The Fires of Heaven

Novel written by

Robert Jordan

Chapter recaps by Joan Albright. Edited by Angela Carter.

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The Fires of Heaven: Chapter Summaries

PROLOGUE: The First Sparks Fall (Tammaz 27 N.E. 999)

Elaida, the newly raised Amyrlin in Tar Valon, struggles to assert her will over the Tower and the world in the wake of the Dragon’s rebirth. She is visited by Padan Fain, who poisons her mind against Rand.

Rahvin, Lanfear, Graendal, and Sammael form a wary alliance.

Chapter 1: Fanning the Sparks (Tammaz 28 - Maighdal 1 N.E. 999)

Min, Siuan, and Leane fall afoul of justice in Kore Springs, and are taken before Morgase’s former general, Gareth Bryne. Using assumed names, they swear to work off the debt incurred when the barn they were hiding in burned down, but are freed by Logain before beginning their sentence. Gareth Bryne gathers his meager soldiers and follows them.

Tairen High Lady Alteima arrives in Andor to petition Queen Morgase. Both women are enthralled by Lord Gaebril; he seems to have an unnatural influence over Morgase.

Chapter 2: Rhuidean (Maighdal 9 N.E. 999)

While Moiraine packs Rhuidean’s Power-related treasures into wagons, Rand meets with six of the Aiel clan chiefs. They discuss how to bring the rest of the clans to follow him. Moiraine brings Rand one of the seals of the Dark One’s prison—brittle and ready to break. Rand has begun to remember things from his past life as Lews Therin Telamon.

Chapter 3: Pale Shadows (Maighdal 9 N.E. 999)

Rand confronts and threatens the gleeman Jasin Natael for almost revealing his real identity—the Forsaken Asmodean—in front of Rand’s guests. Rand demands that Asmodean teach him more about the One Power and the Forsaken. Rand’s ta’veren nature exerts itself as an inordinate number of Maidens lay down their spears to make marriage wreaths.

Mat drinks, gambles, and contemplates the new memories placed in his mind since his trip through the second redstone doorway. He shows off his luck and impresses Melindhra—a Shaido who has abandoned her clan and joined the Maidens who follow Rand. Rand warns Mat not to trust the peddler, Kadere.

Chapter 4: Twilight (Maighdal 9 N.E. 999)

Rand retires to his room, where he is doted on to a frustrating degree by the Maidens. Aviendha gives him a belt buckle in the shape of a dragon, which she claims is to cancel her debt to him. The former peddler Isendre enters, clad in nothing but bracelets and a scarf; Aviendha believes Rand is encouraging her. Rand declines to explain that Isendre is a Darkfriend, fearing that Asmodean will be uncovered if he does.

Chapter 5: Among the Wise Ones (Maighdal 9 N.E. 999)

Egwene joins the Wise Ones and Moiraine in the sweat tent; Moiraine attempts to convince the Wise Ones that crossing the Dragonwall with Rand would be disastrous. Egwene is surprised to learn that Aviendha volunteered to be beaten in punishment for lying to Rand. Egwene has begun learning to enter people’s dreams.

Melaine asks the other Wise Ones to help her approach Bael’s first wife, prompting Aviendha to ask Egwene whether Rand might accept a sister-wife as well. Egwene doesn’t have an answer. Both Egwene and Aviendha earn punishments, and are set running around the camp.

Chapter 6: Gateways (Maighdal 9 N.E. 999)

Rand is woken by the sensation of Shadowspawn nearby. He slays several Darkhounds with balefire, including some which went after Mat. Moiraine attempts to Heal Mat, but cannot until Mat removes the foxhead medallion he acquired inside the doorframe ter’angreal.

Rand refuses to listen to Moiraine, prompting her to give an oath that she will not attempt to manipulate him. Rand apologizes. Moiraine explains that the weave he used was forbidden in the Age of Legends because it erases things before the moment of their destruction. Even the Forsaken feared to use it.

Rand makes Moiraine promise not to take the foxhead medallion from Mat. He checks on Asmodean, and is visited by Lanfear. He calls her Mierin, and speaks with Lews Therin’s words. Lanfear claims Rahvin sent the Darkhounds, and that he has taken control of Caemlyn. Rand pretends not to care. The Shaido begin moving, prompting Rand to break camp.

Chapter 7: A Departure (Maighdal 10 N.E. 999)

Egwene observes the preparations to leave Rhuidean. Rand makes the fountains in the city run again. Moiraine contemplates what she saw inside the rings of Rhuidean, and the choices she must still make.

Chapter 8: Over the Border (Maighdal 12 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve and Elayne cross the border into Amadicia, disguised as dye merchants.

Chapter 9: A Signal (Maighdal 12 N.E. 999)

Nervous about the Black Ajah and Moghedien as well as Whitecloaks, Elayne and Nynaeve keep a low profile. Nynaeve berates Elayne for flirting with Thom. They walk into Mardecin and see a Yellow Ajah signal in a seamstress’ window. Nynaeve gives the countersign, and receives a message calling all Aes Sedai back to the White Tower. The Yellow Ajah agent—Ronde Macura—drugs Nynaeve and Elayne.

Chapter 10: Figs and Mice (Maighdal 12 N.E. 999)

Elayne wakes, but is unable to move or channel. Ronde Macura keeps Elayne and Nynaeve sedated with a tea made from forkroot, but Thom and Juilin arrive and turn the tables on her. The seamstress admits she had orders from the Amyrlin to bring Elayne back to the Tower at all costs. Nynaeve and Elayne decide to dye their hair and take up new disguises.

Chapter 11: The Nine Horse Hitch (Maighdal 13 N.E. 999)

Siuan’s party arrives in Lugard; Siuan realizes that being stilled has made her look young again. While Leane practices her flirting on Logain, Siuan seeks out an agent for the Blue Ajah and is given the message, “Sallie Daera.” She interprets it to mean that the Blue Ajah has gone to Salidar.

Chapter 12: An Old Pipe (Maighdal 14 N.E. 999)

Gareth Bryne arrives in Lugard a day after Siuan’s party, and follows them west.

Chapter 13: A Small Room in Sienda (Maighdal 14 N.E. 999)

Elayne and Nynaeve encounter a traveling show on the road through Amadicia. They continue on to Sienda, where they rent a room in an inn.

Chapter 14: Meetings (Maighdal 14 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve meets with Birgitte in Tel’aran’rhiod, then separately with Egwene and one of the Wise Ones. Unable to reveal that Birgitte is the source of her knowledge about the Forsaken, Nynaeve endures a lecture from Melaine.

Chapter 15: What Can Be Learned in Dreams (Maighdal 14 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve and Egwene visit the Amyrlin’s study in Tel’aran’rhiod and learn that Elaida has been raised Amyrlin, and wants Moiraine arrested. They receive a partial clue to the Blues’ whereabouts. Egwene wakes and informs Moiraine about the warrant and the Tower splitting.

Chapter 16: An Unexpected Offer (Maighdal 15 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve and Elayne discuss how to find the Blues, then run into Elayne’s half-brother Galad. Elayne, convinced that Galad will turn them in to the Whitecloaks, suggests they hide among Valan Luca’s traveling show.

Chapter 17: Heading West (Maighdal 15 N.E. 999)

Elayne and Nynaeve sneak out of their inn and approach Valan Luca about being the show’s patrons. They meet a Seanchan s’redit trainer named Cerandin among the performers.

Chapter 18: A Hound of Darkness (Maighdal 17 N.E. 999)

In Amador, Liandrin and the other Black Ajah are visited by Moghedien, who sends some of them away on errands and sets the rest hunting for Nynaeve.

Chapter 19: Memories (Maighdal 19 N.E. 999)

Guardsman Lieutenant Tallanvor informs Morgase of a rebellion in the Two Rivers. Morgase confronts Gaebril over the news, and is sent away. She finds herself visiting Lini—her and Elayne’s old nursemaid—who reveals to a stunned Morgase that all of her allies have been exiled on her own orders. Morgase realizes that Gaebril has replaced all of her loyal soldiers with his own, and sets out to find Gareth Bryne.

Padan Fain retrieves the Shadar Logoth dagger from the White Tower. He is confronted by Alviarin—Keeper of the Chronicles and Black Ajah—and bluffs his way free.

Chapter 20: Jangai Pass (Maighdal 24 N.E. 999)

Rand and his party come upon a village which has been burned by the Shaido. The Shaido have begun taking Wetlanders as gai’shain.

Chapter 21: The Gift of a Blade (Maighdal 24 N.E. 999)

Aviendha attempts once again to settle her debt to Rand by giving him the sword of King Laman; he spoils it by giving back the hilt and sheath, but keeps the heron-marked blade.

Chapter 22: Birdcalls by Night (Maighdal 24 N.E. 999)

Trollocs serving Sammael attack Rand’s camp. Mat kills a Myrddraal; Rand and Aviendha each kill a Draghkar. Rand remembers Sammael’s face.

Chapter 23: “The Fifth, I Give You” (Maighdal 28 N.E. 999)

Rand’s party exits Jangai Pass and enters Cairhien proper. Rand tells the Aiel they may take the Fifth from the land they conquer, but that none of that is to be food. He forbids them from killing anyone who does not attack them first, under penalty of hanging. The Wise One Sorilea asks Egwene whether Rand means what he says, and tries to play matchmaker with Aviendha.

Chapter 24: A Message Sent (Maighdal 28 N.E. 999)

Egwene spots Elayne talking to Birgitte in Tel’aran’rhiod. Elayne, Egwene, and the Wise Ones discuss the Seanchan; the s’redit trainer Cerandin took an a’dam with her when she left Falme.

Chapter 25: Dreams of Galad (Maighdal 28 N.E. 999)

Egwene meets Elayne in private and asks about Birgitte, but Elayne has promised not to reveal her secrets. Egwene searches through papers in the Amyrlin’s study, and is nearly trapped in an illusion of Moghedien’s creation.

Chapter 26: Sallie Daera (Choren 1 N.E. 999)

Siuan’s party arrive in Salidar, where Sheriam and her circle interrogate Siuan and Leane to prove their identities.

Chapter 27: The Practice of Diffidence (Choren 1 N.E. 999)

Siuan attempts to take charge of the Salidar Aes Sedai and is slapped down. She offers her knowledge of the Blue Ajah’s eyes and ears, and claims that the Red Ajah set up Logain as a false Dragon. Siuan and Leane convince Sheriam’s group they need their own Amyrlin, and that they should send a messenger to search for Rand in the Aiel Waste.

Chapter 28: Trapped (Choren 1 N.E. 999)

Gareth Bryne, having tracked Siuan all the way to Salidar, is talked into gathering an army for the Salidar Aes Sedai. He confronts Siuan about her oath; Siuan will continue to work off her debt for as long as Bryne stays with the Aes Sedai. Min has a viewing that Siuan will have to stay close to Gareth Bryne if she wants to live.

Chapter 29: Memories of Saldaea (Choren 1 N.E. 999)

Darkfriend and peddler Hadnan Kadere receives a note from a fellow Darkfriend; he believes the author to be a Maiden of the Spear. Kadere is visited by Isendre, who refuses to try sneaking up to Rand’s bed anymore since the Maidens shaved her. Deciding Isendre is of no further use to him, Kadere murders Isendre and disposes of the body.

Chapter 30: A Wager (Choren 1 N.E. 999)

A party of Tairens, led by Estean, has fought their way out of besieged Cairhien to ask Rand for help against the Shaido, who have burned the Foregate but not yet taken the city. The Cairhienin lords with Estean swear fealty to Rand in gratitude for his aid. Rand learns that a fiftieth of the wealth of Tear belongs to him, by right of conquest.

Chapter 31: The Far Snows (Choren 1 N.E. 999)

Rand returns to his rooms and finds Aviendha naked, bathing herself. Startled, she flees through a Gateway into a blizzard. Rand follows with blankets, blocking Aviendha’s gateway open. He drags Aviendha out of a frozen lake and builds a shelter out of the snow using saidin. Aviendha wakes to find Rand warming her with his own body, and consummates her unspoken love for him. Afterward, Rand insists that they must be married, but Aviendha takes a more cavalier attitude, claiming that the event will not be repeated.

Chapter 32: A Short Spear (Choren 1 N.E. 999)

Rand and Aviendha head back to the Gateway, but are confronted by a Seanchan patrol. Aviendha attempts to free the patrol’s damane, but cannot unto the a’dam. They flee back to Cairhien, where Asmodea has been covering for their disappearance. Rand keeps the shortened spear the patrol threw at them to remind himself that the Seanchan will return eventually.

Chapter 33: A Question of Crimson (Choren 8 N.E. 999)

Valan Luca tries to convince Nynaeve to wear a revealing dress while Thom throws knives at her for the audience. Aludra—the former Illuminator—gives Nynaeve some of her experimental “firesticks.” Nynaeve has been fighting with various circus women, partly over Luca’s infatuation with her. Elayne has been studying the Seanchan a’dam, hoping she can learn to make ter’angreal.

Chapter 34: A Silver Arrow (Choren 8 N.E. 999)

Luca flirts with Nynaeve, to her purported frustration. Nynaeve enters Tel’aran’rhiod, where Birgitte takes her to watch Moghedien spy on the other Forsaken. Moghedien follows them back to the reflection of the circus wagons and attacks, but is shot by Birgitte.

Moghedien ejects Birgitte from Tel’aran’rhiod, then wakes and seeks Healing from her Black Ajah pets. Liandrin strikes during this moment of weakness, but Moghedien brushes off her efforts with ease. She punishes Liandrin by shielding her with a weave so complex that it will never unravel, and Compelling her to live on no matter what future horrors beset her.

Chapter 35: Ripped Away (Choren 8 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve wakes, sobbing about Birgitte’s disappearance, but Thom and Juilin arrive with the unconscious archer in their arms. Thrust into the real world in this untimely fashion, Birgitte is on the verge of death despite Nynaeve’s attempts at Healing, until Elayne tries bonding her as a Warder.

Chapter 36: A New Name (Choren 8 N.E. 999)

Thom and Juilin give Elayne a silver arrow they found on the ground beside Birgitte. Elayne decides to tell them about Moghedien. Birgitte wakes, grieves for her absent Gaidal—recently spun out by the Pattern—and chooses the name Maerion for her disguise. She shows Valan Luca her archery skills and becomes part of Nynaeve’s act.

Chapter 37: Performances in Samara (Choren 9 N.E. 999)

Birgitte taunts Nynaeve, trying to break her out of her guilty funk. Nynaeve spots a familiar face watching Elayne on the highwire, and decides to follow him.

Chapter 38: An Old Acquaintance (Choren 9 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve catches up to Uno, a one-eyed Shienaran who informs her that his countryman Masema is the Prophet who leads an army of Dragonsworn in Ghealdan. Uno thinks Masema can find Nynaeve a boat to Tear.

Chapter 39: Encounters in Samara (Choren 9 N.E. 999)

Uno takes Nynaeve to see the Prophet. She lets her temper get the better of her and nearly earns the half-mad Masema’s ire, but manages to obtain a promise to help her find a ship. Nynaeve witnesses Alliandre—the latest and longest-lived of many recent Ghealdanin monarchs—paying Masema tribute. Uno spots Galad following them back to the circus.

Chapter 40: The Wheel Weaves (Choren 9 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve tries to evade Galad and fails. Galad offers to find Nynaeve and Elayne a ship as well, and Uno offers to leave Ghealdan with them when they go. Nynaeve makes him promise to obey her, then returns to Luca’s show and reports to an incredulous Elayne.

Chapter 41: The Craft of Kin Tovere (Choren 9 N.E. 999)

Rand prepares to confront the Shaido, observing them from a telescope on a watchtower. Egwene will fight from there, where she can see to weave lightning at the enemy.

Chapter 42: Before the Arrow (Choren 9 N.E. 999)

Mat tries to talk himself into leaving before the battle starts. He goes to tell Rand he’s leaving and ends up studying the battle maps laid out in the command tent. Lan solicits Mat’s thoughts on the coming battle, and Mat reflexively draws on the other men’s memories inside his head while studying the problem. Rand bids Mat a safe journey, and feels ashamed for using him.

Chapter 43: This Place, This Day (Choren 10 N.E. 999)

Lan accuses Rand of wearing a sword because he plans to fight Couladin himself. Rand has appointed the Maidens to guard Egwene at the watchtower, to keep them out of the main fighting. They turn the tables by surrounding Rand and forcing him to join Egwene. Aviendha will also join them.

Mat rides south, dodging Shaido in an attempt to escape the battlefield, but circumstances conspire to keep him in the thick of things. He spots a contingent of Tairen and Cairhienin soldiers about to get bushwhacked, and helps them turn the tables.

Chapter 44: The Lesser Sadness (Choren 10 N.E. 999)

Rand, Egwene, and Aviendha have just about worn themselves out channeling lightning and fire at the Shaido. Rand feels saidin being woven just before lightning topples the watchtower with them on it, crushing several of the Maidens. Rand realizes Sammael is responsible.

Mat continues to look for a way out, and continues to end up in the thick of things. He learns that Couladin is marching in his direction unawares, and sets the bait for a crushing pincer attack.

Rand, too exhausted to think straight, muses on his past life dealings with Sammael. He learns that the battle is over, and the last of the Aiel clans are coming to him. Bleeding from the old wound in his side, he collapses.

Chapter 45: After the Storm (Choren 11 N.E. 999)

Mat nurses his own wounds while his new friends celebrate and sing “Dance with Jak o’ the Shadows.” He recalls his duel with Couladin, which he won. Nalesean and Talmanes proclaim Mat their general.

Rand wakes, having been Healed by Moiraine, and receives lectures from Aviendha and Asmodean both. The Tairens and Cairhienin have already begun scheming to gain his favor.

Chapter 46: Other Battles, Other Weapons (Choren 11 N.E. 999)

Despite Aviendha’s bullying, Rand gets out of bed and heads into the city. Twenty thousand Shaido have been taken prisoner. Some of the Aiel have begun wearing a red headband with the flame and fang, declaring themselves the spear of the Dragon. Rand uses Moiraine’s lessons about Daes Dae’mar to unsettle the Tairen lords who greet him at the palace gates, then refuses the throne of Cairhien. He invites the Cairhienin lords and ladies to array themselves with the Tairens in order of precedence, winning their favor. They swear oaths of fealty to him.

Chapter 47: The Price of a Ship (Choren 12 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve and Elayne wake from dreams about Egwene telling them of Rand and Cairhien. Thom and Juilin report rioting in Samara, apparently started when the Whitecloaks and the Dragonsworn began fighting over a boat at the docks. Nynaeve realizes the incident is her fault. Valan Luca proposes to Nynaeve, and is turned down. Elayne attempts to convince Cerandin to come with them, and is also turned down.

Chapter 48: Leavetakings (Choren 12 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve and Elayne pack and say their goodbyes, then hurry to the boat, guarded by Galad, Uno, and the other Shienarans. Elayne insists that the captain take aboard refugees from the city as well as their own party.

Chapter 49: To Boannda (Choren 13 - 17 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve and Elayne, tempers wound tight as harp strings after waiting for a boat, put their differences aside to care for the refugees. They bond with three women in particular—Nicola, Areina, and Marigan—who stay with them after the others debark. Nynaeve and Elayne enter Tel’aran’rhiod together using ter’angreal recovered from the Black Ajah. They meet with Egwene and Amys and learn that Rand has sent half the Aiel south to Tear.

Chapter 50: To Teach, and Learn (Choren 17 N.E. 999)

After a long walk from the riverbank, Elayne and Nynaeve arrive in Salidar and are questioned thoroughly. The Aes Sedai are less than pleased at their report, and Nynaeve and Elayne find it difficult to return to being Accepted after their long independence. The seal on the Dark One’s prison which they brought from Tarabon has been broken.

Seeing Nynaeve’ and Elayne’s distress, Thom, Juilin, and Uno offer to help them leave Salidar, but Nynaeve’s thirst to learn keeps her from accepting. Gareth Bryne recruits the men to help him. Siuan demands that Nynaeve teach her how to use the dream ter’angreal, since it doesn’t require channeling. Nynaeve agrees, but only if Siuan and Leane will let her study them and Logain, to learn whether stilling can be Healed.

Min warns Elayne that the three women who came with them are going to make trouble. Min comes clean about her viewing, and her feelings for Rand.

Chapter 51: News Comes to Cairhien (Choren 20 N.E. 999)

Rand scares off the young noble Selande by pretending to be mad. He realizes Lady Colavaere is responsible for sending Selande and others to seduce him, and invites her to visit him later, intending to make an end of it. Moiraine delivers letters from Elaida and Alviarin. Mat arrives; the soldiers and young lordlings Mat saved during the battle of Cairhien have begun calling themselves the Band of the Red Hand—a name used by the last defenders of Manetheren. Mat has been fighting Andorans in south Cairhien, and brings Rand the news that Gaebril has named himself king of Andor. All believe Morgase is dead.

Rand reveals that Gaebril is Rahvin, and makes plans to kill him. Moiraine convinces Rand to put his deadly errand off until tomorrow. Rand sets Mat over the army headed south to Tear, and plans to send him and the Band to join them.

Mat lets slip Rand’s plans in front of Melindhra, who tries to kill him with a dagger marked with Sammael’s sigil. Mat reacts reflexively and kills her instead.

Chapter 52: Choices (Choren 21 N.E. 999)

Rand realizes he forgot his appointment with Colavaere; Aviendha caught her in his chambers and had a long “chat” with her. Asmodean offers to go with Rand to Caemlyn. Rand finds his usual guard of Maidens absent. Moiraine gives Rand two letters—one for him to read later, the other for Thom Merrilin—and claims he needs to see something down at the docks.

Lanfear visits Hadnan Kadere in the guise of Kielle, then reveals her true self. She demands a report of Rand’s activities, and clearly doesn’t like the answer. She skins him alive and demolishes his wagon just as Rand passes by.

Aviendha and Egwene are caught in Lanfear’s weaves and incapacitated. Lanfear collects an angreal that Moiraine left as bait in front of the redstone doorway, and overpowers Rand. At the opportune moment, Moiraine does what the rings of Rhuidean told her she must, and takes Lanfear through the doorway.

Chapter 53: Fading Words (Choren 21 N.E. 999)

The doorway melts; Lan feels his bond to Moiraine break. Egwene, held longer than Aviendha in Lanfear’s weaves, is too injured to stand but will recover.

Lan feels the pull from Myrelle, to whom Moiraine arranged for his bond to be transferred upon her death. Rand bids him farewell, then reads Moiraine’s letter. She reveals that she knew how events would play out at the docks, and that she knows who “Natael” really is.

The Maidens reappear, angry that he has not chosen any of them to go with him to Caemlyn. Sulin threatens to break her spears if Rand will not let her fight. He relents.

Chapter 54: To Caemlyn (Choren 21 N.E. 999)

Rand makes a Skimming platform to take as many Aiel as possible with him to Caemlyn. Rahvin strikes at Rand while the Aiel face Trollocs and Myrddraal on the palace grounds, killing Mat, Asmodean, and Aviendha. In a fury, Rand channels to slay the Trollocs and opens a true Gateway to Rahvin’s location.

Meanwhile, Nynaeve teaches Siuan in the Tel’aran’rhiod of Salidar. They argue, then make up, and Nynaeve spots someone watching them and sends Siuan out of the Dream, but Moghedien catches her and holds her there. Birgitte intervenes, having grown suspicious that she did not wake with Siuan and used the ring to enter herself, but is transformed into a child. Nynaeve pretends to beg, getting closer to Moghedien until she can picture an a’dam around the Forsaken’s neck. Under coercion, Moghedien reveals that Rand is about to walk into Rahvin’s trap in Caemlyn. Though Nynaeve knows she cannot affect the waking world from there, she decides to see what she can learn.

Chapter 55: The Threads Burn (Choren 21 N.E. 999)

Rand chases Rahvin through the palace and into its reflection in Tel’aran’rhiod. He quickly learns its basic rules, and nearly kills Nynaeve and Moghedien. Terrified, Moghedien begs Nynaeve to flee. Together, Nynaeve and Rand corner Rahvin, and Rand balefires him. Nynaeve, afraid that Rand will kill Moghedien if he learns her identity, banishes the connecting part of the a’dam but retains the rest. Moghedien assumes she will be free once Nynaeve leaves the Dream, but Nynaeve has already worked out that Moghedien followed them to Salidar. She forces Moghedien to drink forkroot and promises to find her before she wakes.

Rand exits the Dream and is astonished to find Mat, Aviendha, and Asmodean alive again.

Chapter 56: Glowing Embers (Choren 21 N.E. 999)

Davram Bashere arrives in Caemlyn, hunting the escaped Mazrim Taim. Seeing no better time to do so, Rand pronounces his amnesty—for all men who can channel, or who want to learn, to fight with Rand in the Last Battle. Bashere offers Rand his services, and those of his Saldaean cavalry.

Asmodean, exploring the palace in search of wine, finds more than he bargained for. He recognizes his killer before he dies.

Queen Morgase, unable to find Gareth Bryne, heads instead to Amadicia.

The Wheel of Time

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