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The Lord of Chaos

A chapter-by-chapter recap of the sixth book of The Wheel of Time.

Chapter Recaps of The Lord of Chaos

Novel written by

Robert Jordan

Chapter recaps by Rajiv Mote. Edited by Joan Albright.

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PROLOGUE: The First Message (Choren 22 - Shaldine 12 N.E. 999)

At Shayol Ghul, Demandred is met by an unusual Myrddraal calling itself Shaidar Haran, meaning Hand of the Dark. The Dark One demands Demandred’s report and orders him to unleash Balefire in his service, dangling the promise of promotion to Nae’blis.

In Salidar, Nynaeve al’Meara delves Siuan Sanche and Leane Sharif, trying to figure out a way to Heal them. Since Nynaeve cannot channel unless angry, she wears the bracelet that connects her to the captive Moghedien, channeling through her. Elayne Trakand joins them, furious that the Salidar Aes Sedai are excluding her from the embassy to the Dragon Reborn in Caemlyn. She finds Min and asks her to carry her letter to Rand in her stead.

Faile ni Bashere t’Aybara holds court in place of her husband Perrin. The people worry about the unseasonable heat, which most see as the touch of the Dark One. Perrin is restless, and feels the ta’veren tug of Rand al’Thor. Faile agrees they should go to him.

Gawyn Trakand and his Younglings, who sided with Elaida in the White Tower coup, meet a peddler who claims both Queen Morgase and the daughter-heir Elayne are dead at Rand al’Thor’s hand.

Katerine Alruddin and a group of other Aes Sedai strike a deal with the Wise Ones of the Shaido Aiel, led by Savanna. Sevanna plans to use a ter’angreal given her by Sammael to help the Shaido conquer the wetlands.

Queen Morgase, having fled to Amadicia, is received by King Ailron. Pedron Niall, Lord Captain Commander of the Children of Light, offers to help her retake Caemlyn—at a cost. Pedron Niall orders Jaichim Carridin, Inquisitor of the Hand of Light, to use fear of Dragonsworn to unite Altara and Murandy under the Children of the Light. Morgase is approached by Andoran Paitr Conel, whose uncle wants to help her escape.

Demandred tells Mesaana, Semirhage, and Graendal that the Dark One ordered them to “let the Lord of Chaos rule.” Two newly-resurrected Forsaken, now called Osan’gar and Aran’gar, are given orders by the mysterious Shaidar Haran.

Chapter 1: Lion on the Hill (Nesan 2 N.E. 999)

Rand al’Thor occupies the royal palace in Caemlyn; the Andoran nobles attempt to curry favor. Lord Davram Bashere of Saldaea provides Rand with candor and a reality check: he needs the help of the Aes Sedai. They are interrupted by the announcement that Mazrim Taim, the escaped False Dragon, is at the gates.

Chapter 2: A New Arrival (Nesan 2 N.E. 999)

Facing Mazrim Taim, the voice of Lews Therin in Rand al’Thor’s head begins raving about the Forsaken. Taim submits to Rand’s authority as the Dragon Reborn, and offers to test and train other men to channel the One Power. Taim presents Rand with a token of trust—one of the Seals on the Dark One’s prison.

Chapter 3: A Woman’s Eyes (Nesan 2 N.E. 999)

Rand al’Thor takes Mazrim Taim to a farm outside Caemlyn where men have come in answer to Rand’s amnesty. Taim begins testing the men, and Rand tells him to watch for men who learn too quickly, as the Forsaken may try to slip in among his students.

Chapter 4: A Sense of Humor (Nesan 2 N.E. 999)

Rand Travels to a military camp outside of Tear, where he learns that some of the Tairen High Lords have turned traitor and are hiding in Haddon Mirk. With his Aiel and the remaining Tairen Lords, Rand discusses the plan to march against Illian and Sammael.

Chapter 5: A Different Dance (Nesan 2 - 5 N.E. 999)

In the town of Maerone, Matrim Cauthon and the Band of the Red Hand make themselves conspicuous, trying to hold Sammael’s attention with their approaching army. Mat rescues a boy named Olver from an abusive Hunter for the Horn. At first light, Mat leads the Band on a seemingly hurried march toward Illian.

Chapter 6: Threads Woven of Shadow (Nesan 5 N.E. 999)

Sammael visits Graendal in her hidden palace in Arad Doman. Graendal goads him, suggesting that the Dark One might want to turn Rand al’Thor and name him Nae’blis. Graendal wants to manipulate Sammael into killing Rand al’Thor—contrary to the Dark One’s wishes.

Under the supervision of Shaidar Haran, Semirhage tortures the captive Aes Sedai Cabriana Mecandes.

Chapter 7: A Matter of Thought (Nesan 6 N.E. 999)

In Salidar, Elayne, Nynaeve, Siuan, and Leane, along with Sheriam Bayanar and her council of Aes Sedai, use the twisted stone ring ter’angreal and the copies Elayne made to enter Tel’aran’rhiod. They go to the White Tower’s reflection in the World of Dreams, and search for documents detailing Elaida’s plans. A nightmare of Trollocs manifests and draws in the Aes Sedai; Elayne convinces them to disbelieve the nightmare and dispel it.

Before leaving Tel’aran’rhiod, Elayne visits the palace in Caemlyn and sees the Dragon Throne in front of the Lion Throne, angering her. A concealed Demandred watches her.

Chapter 8: The Storm Gathers (Nesan 7 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve’s weather sense tells her that a massive storm is coming, though there is not a cloud in the sky. Logain tells visiting Altaran nobles that the Red Ajah goaded him into declaring himself the Dragon Reborn. Siuan and Leane pretend to be at each other’s throats to conceal from the Aes Sedai that they are working together. Sitter for the Blue Lelaine Akashi interrogates Nynaeve, after which Theodrin, a former Wilder, suggests that she can help Nynaeve break her block. Tarna Feir, an emissary from the White Tower, arrives in Salidar.

Chapter 9: Plans (Nesan 8 N.E. 999)

In Amadicia, Pedron Niall debriefs his fake spymaster, Abdel Omerna, and his real one, Sebban Balwer. Balwer suggests spreading four rumors which will combine to lead the people to believe that Rand is the puppet of the Black Ajah. Niall orders Balwer to bring Elayne and Gawyn to Amadicia.

Morgase, now a “guest” of Pedron Niall, learns that her stepson Galad has joined the Children of the Light. She also learns about Rand’s amnesty, and the Andoran nobles—all of whom supported “Lord Gaebril”—toadying to him.

Chapter 10: A Saying in the Borderlands (Nesan 9 N.E. 999)

Rand learns that Verin and Alanna have brought girls from the Two Rivers to train to become Aes Sedai. Rand informs them of the split in the White Tower, after which Alanna bonds Rand against his will. Furious, Rand forbids them to approach the palace unless specifically summoned.

Chapter 11: Lessons and Teachers (Nesan 9 N.E. 999)

Verin and Alanna comfort the terrified Two Rivers girls and consider what to do about the broken Tower and Rand’s restrictions.

With Lews Therin’s voice chasing him, Rand travels to the farm where Mazrim Taim is training men to channel. Rand informs Taim that Aes Sedai are in Caemlyn, and that he and the trainees are to avoid them. Taim promises to match the White Tower’s numbers in less than a year.

Chapter 12: Questions and Answers (Nesan 10 N.E. 999)

Goaded by Moghedien, Nynaeve asks Birgitte to help them escape Salidar. The Aes Sedai continue to question Nynaeve about Rand. Nynaeve eavesdrops on Tarna’s meeting with Sheriam, Myrelle, and the other leaders of Salidar, but learns little.

Chapter 13: Under the Dust (Nesan 10 N.E. 999)

After an unsuccessful session with Theodrin trying to break through her block, Nynaeve visits with Elayne. Tarna Feir confronts them, reminding Elayne of Elaida’s special interest in her and Andor, and then invites Nynaeve to return with her to the Tower. Desperate to convince the Hall in Salidar not to return to Elaida, Elayne proposes a visit to Tel’aran’rhiod. Nynaeve and Elayne, using Need, find themselves in a dusty storeroom in Ebou Dar, near a shallow crystal bowl which they think can help fix the weather.

Chapter 14: Dreams and Nightmares (Nesan 10 N.E. 999)

Egwene al’Vere explores the World of Dreams, trying to learn all she can, and is pulled into the dreams of Gawyn Trakand—in which he rescues her from Rand al’Thor and declares his love for her.

In Salidar, Nynaeve rallies women when a bubble of evil causes inanimate objects to attack. Anaiya, thinking it is an attack by the Forsaken, organizes Accepted and novices into linked circles to counter it. Nicola speaks a Foretelling.

Chapter 15: A Pile of Sand (Nesan 11 N.E. 999)

In the Aiel encampment near Cairhien, Egwene looks back on her dreams. After circumspect questioning, the Wise Ones explain that one can be pulled into the dreams of others if there are strong emotions involved.

Tarna Feir leaves Salidar empty-handed. Elayne and Nynaeve speak with Sheriam’s coterie and tell them of the Bowl of the Winds. They insist that only they could find its hiding place in Ebou Dar. Elayne adds that she believes a man would be needed to use the bowl, hoping to tie Salidar to Rand. Nynaeve loses her temper, earning the both of them an evening scrubbing pots.

Chapter 16: Tellings of the Wheel (Nesan 11 N.E. 999)

Rand entertains the Andoran nobles who were loyal to Morgase. He reiterates his support for Elayne, but the nobles do not trust him. Rand notices all the Andoran nobles looking at him oddly. He privately asks the Lady Dyelin why, and learns that he closely resembles Tigraine, a former Daughter-Heir of Andor. Rand realizes that Tigraine was his mother, and Galad is his half-brother. Bashere informs Rand of the arrival of an emissary from “Lord Brend,” whom they know to be Sammael. The emissary, under heavy Compulsion, speaks with Sammael’s voice, proposing a truce until Rand has destroyed the other Forsaken. Rand refuses, and the emissary dies messily in reaction to his words.

Chapter 17: The Wheel of a Life (Nesan 11 N.E. 999)

Rand Travels to the Sun Palace in Cairhien to visit Berelain and Rhuarc. He sees women practicing the sword, and learns they are learning to fight in imitation of the Aiel. Rhuarc sees it as offensive to Aiel custom. Rhuarc and Berelain tell Rand that Caraline Damodred and Toram Riatin, joined by Andoran soldiers, are plotting for Cairhien’s throne. The Shaido Aiel do not intend to return to the Waste. An Aiel named Mangin comes to speak with Rand, confessing to killing a Cairhienin for getting a dragon tattoo like an Aiel clan chief. Reluctantly, Rand reminds him of the penalty for murder, and Mangin agrees to his own hanging.

Chapter 18: A Taste of Solitude (Nesan 11 N.E. 999)

Rand visits the school in Cairhien. He meets with historian and philosopher Herid Fel, asking if the Warder bond can be broken, which Fel doubts. Fel believes the Last Battle can’t truly be the last, since time is cyclic, though somehow the Dark One’s prison must be made whole for the Age to come again when it is breached. Lews Therin wants Rand to break the Seals.

Egwene waits for Rand in his chambers, and asks him to help her convince the Wise Ones that she has recovered enough from Lanfear’s attack to resume her dreamwalking studies. Rand asks Egwene to tell him where Elayne is in exchange for his help, but Egwene refuses.

Chapter 19: Matters of Toh (Nesan 12 N.E. 999)

Rand dreams of the Age of Legends, with vehicles crashing and buildings shattering, and Ilyena—Lews Therin’s wife—about to die at his hands. He wakes and travels to Caemlyn. Aviendha tells him of prophetic dreams the Wise Ones had of him: Rand on a boat with three women, a man he did not see with a knife at his throat, Rand cutting the wetlands in two with a sword, and rain from a bowl.

Chapter 20: From the Stedding (Nesan 12 N.E. 999)

In Caemlyn, Rand is visited by the Ogier Hama, Covril, and Erith. Covril has come to demand the return of her son, Loial, so he can be properly married to Erith. Rand tells them that Loial is in the Two Rivers, and asks the Ogier to help him map the Waygates. Finally, he asks Elder Haman to accompany him to Shadar Logoth to show him the Waygate there.

Chapter 21: To Shadar Logoth (Nesan 12 N.E. 999)

Rand opens a gateway to Shadar Logoth. Elder Haman quickly finds the Waygate, and Rand weaves a nasty warding around it against Shadowspawn. One of Rand’s bodyguards, Liah, disappears from the group, and Rand sends out everyone in pairs to search for her, without success. With darkness closing in, Rand calls off the search, and creates a gateway for the Ogier—straight to the Two Rivers—and then one back to Caemlyn for himself and his remaining Aiel.

Chapter 22: Heading South (Nesan 16 N.E. 999)

Mat Cauthon leads the Band of the Red Hand south, toward Tear. Mat’s best scout, Chel Vanin, shows him the site of a massacred Tinker caravan. One of the dead Tinkers had written a message in blood, “Tell the Dragon Reborn,” but Mat doesn’t know what he is to tell. That night, Mat cannot sleep, and he sees Aiel sneaking through his camp, trying to find and kill him. He wakes the camp and they kill the attackers. Mat finds signs that gateways were used to transport the Aiel. He also finds that Olver, the boy he rescued, came with the Band instead of staying in Maerone. He takes Olver into his employ as a messenger.

Chapter 23: To Understand a Message (Nesan 17 N.E. 999)

Graendal visits Sammael in the Grand Hall of the Council in Illian, which he has decorated with art and technology from the Age of Legends found in a stasis box. Graendal wonders what else he may have retrieved from the box. Sammael tells her he is about to lay his hands on a cache of angreal, which he will share after he has first pick. He claims that his negotiation with Rand al’Thor was favorable, and they have declared a truce until all the other Forsaken are dead. Graendal does not detect the lie, and is unnerved by his calm. Sammael tries to pry the locations of the other Forsaken out of Graendal; she tells him that Mesaana is in the White Tower, and Asmodean and Lanfear are dead—probably Moghedien as well.

After Graendal leaves, Sammael drops his smile and gloats about how he manipulated her. He intends to be Nae’blis, and remove all the Forsaken he can discover, including Graendal.

Chapter 24: An Embassy (Nesan 18 N.E. 999)

In Cairhien, Egwene walks to exercise and regain her strength after Lanfear’s attack. The Wise Ones have agreed to resume their dreamwalking instruction. She sees the Aes Sedai embassy from Elaida riding toward the Royal Palace and hurries back to warn the Wise Ones. Egwene suggests that Berelain not tell them about Egwene’s presence in the Aiel camp.

Chapter 25: Like Lightning and Rain (Nesan 19 N.E. 999)

Walking by the manor house where the embassy is staying, Egwene detects constant channeling, and tries to use the Power to eavesdrop. She runs into Gawyn, who is there with the Younglings. They talk in private, and Egwene tells him she loves him and intends to bond him as a Warder. Gawyn agrees to keep Egwene secret from the embassy, and not to raise a hand against Rand until Egwene can prove he didn’t kill Morgase.

Katerine Alruddin and others of the Tower embassy inform various nobles that they intend to escort the Dragon Reborn to Tar Valon, and there will be a power vacuum in Cairhien when they do. Erian Sedai is worried about a rumor that a Green sister was in Tear with Rand, and is now here in Cairhien. Galina believes it is Moiraine, and that the tales of her death were untrue. There are other Aes Sedai arriving secretly in Cairhien if their negotiations with Rand fail, and as part of their failsafe, Sarene retires to her chambers upstairs and practices Novice exercises, using as much of the Power as she can hold.

Chapter 26: Connecting Lines (Nesan 20 N.E. 999)

Rand al’Thor watches Davram Bashere’s cavalry practice formations. A man in a white cloak tries to assassinate Rand, who stops the bolt with the Power and kills the assassin. Desora, a Maiden of the Spear, dies taking another crossbow bolt. The Maidens take four of the assassins alive; Rand orders three of them hanged and leaves one to deliver the news to Pedron Niall. He returns to Caemlyn to find that the Wavemistress of the Sea Folk Clan Catelar seeks an audience with him, as does the Lady Elenia Sarand. He puts off the Wavemistress, and asks Lady Elenia to tell him of the House lineages of Andor, trying to ascertain if he and Elayne are close relatives. He is relieved they are not. He returns to Cairhien.

Chapter 27: Gifts (Nesan 21 N.E. 999)

After spending time with Gawyn and learning that the White Tower Aes Sedai are looking for a rogue Aes Sedai, Egwene returns to the Aiel camp. Rand has returned to Cairhien, and will meet with the Tower’s embassy. Egwene runs to the Sun Palace, where Rand puts Egwene in a corner and makes her invisible. Three Aes Sedai enter with servants bearing chests of treasure. They announce that the White Tower recognizes him as the Dragon Reborn, and invite him in full honor to Tar Valon, with the protection, authority, and influence of the White Tower behind him. Rand tells them he will come, in his own time, but in the meanwhile they must stay at least a mile from the Sun Palace.

On her way back to Arilyn’s manor, Nesune notes that she sensed another woman who could channel in the room.

Chapter 28: Letters (Nesan 22 N.E. 999)

Rand realizes that Lews Therin’s voice in his head is a real presence, not just madness, and takes out his temper on his allies in the Sun Palace. Aviendha scolds Rand for leaving her behind, declaring that he has toh to her. A number of Andoran nobles who opposed “Lord Gaebril” have arrived in Caemlyn, but not paid their respects at the palace. He also learns that the Sea Folk Wavemistress was not pleased at Rand not appearing for her audience. A letter arrives from Queen Alliandre of Ghealdan, who is besieged by the Prophet’s Dragonsworn and Amadicia’s Whitecloaks. A Gray Man attacks, and Rand wraps it in Air, but Mazrim Taim arrives and kills it. Taim informs Rand that he has found a boy with the spark—Jahar Narishma.

Padan Fain flies into a rage when a Darkfriend boy informs him that a Gray Man tried to kill Rand, and takes it out on the messenger.

Chapter 29: Fire and Spirit (Nesan 22 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve and Elayne scrub pots as Nynaeve’s weather sense tells her a storm should be right atop them. Thom Merrilin and Juilin Sandar return with a rumor that Morgase is going to lead an army of Whitecloaks back to Andor. Elayne doesn’t believe the rumors. Nynaeve decides to continue her study of Logain, and accidentally Heals his ability to channel.

Chapter 30: To Heal Again (Nesan 22 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve holds a shield on Logain while Aes Sedai berate her for lying about Logain. They bustle her into a room with Siuan and Leane, and Nynaeve realizes they were trying to keep her angry enough to demonstrate her new weave. Nynaeve Heals Siuan, and Leane. The Aes Sedai argue about the ethics of gentling Logain again while supposedly supporting the Dragon Reborn.

Siuan is welcomed back into the fold by the Aes Sedai. She tells Gareth Bryne of her Healing, and he maintains that it doesn’t cancel her debt to him. She realizes she is weaker than she used to be, and that the restoration of the Power has allowed her to feel the death of her Warder, Alric. Siuan steels herself to argue for reinstatement as Amyrlin Seat. Siuan and Leane complain about their loss of strength, and ask Nynaeve to try Healing them again. But it’s no use: what was already Healed could not be Healed again. Leane decides to join the Green Ajah instead of the Blue.

Delana Mosalaine, an old friend of Siuan from their Novice days, will help Siuan gain access to Tel’aran’rhiod to meet with the Wise Ones. After Siuan leaves, a Novice announces a visitor, Halima Saranov, who claims to know Delana. The woman, despite being unable to channel as far as Delana can tell, makes the sign of the Black Ajah. Halima says she will masquerade as a secretary or companion, to guide the Hall of Salidar’s Little Tower. Halima also uses the name Aran’gar—a name spoken to Delana in her dreams.

Chapter 31: Red Wax (Nesan 27 N.E. 999)

Eamon Valda returns to Amador, upset at being recalled, and that Morgase is being kept in comfort. Rhadam Asunawa, High Inquisitor of the Hand of the Light, summons Valda to the Dome of Truth, and suggests that Pedron Niall should not be allowed to destroy the Children of the Light. Valda says he is prepared to listen.

Pedron Niall receives a confused message from Tanchico about leashed Aes Sedai and monsters.

Morgase is taken to observe the execution of Paitr Conel and his uncle. Not realizing that the pair were actual Darkfriends, Morgase believes the execution to be a threat, and signs Niall’s treaty. Niall says it will take some time before they can march to Andor.

Chapter 32: Summoned in Haste (Nesan 28 N.E. 999)

Egwene continues to meet Gawyn at The Long Man. She tries to meet with the Sea Folk anchored in the river, but is refused passage and dumped into the river. Egwene shields the Windfinder and returns the favor. Egwene officially returns to Tel’aran’rhiod and is summoned before the Hall of the Tower in Salidar. Siuan suggests entering Tel’aran’rhiod physically to speed the journey, but Bair and Amys refuse to teach Egwene such a thing. Egwene admits that she may have already puzzled out how to do it.

After Egwene disappears from the Heart of the Stone in Tel’aran’rhiod, Rand steps out from his hiding place behind a column. He watched Siuan draw a map for Egwene to Salidar, where he knows Elayne is.

Chapter 33: Courage to Strengthen (Nesan 28 N.E. 999)

Egwene prepares to travel to Salidar. She leaves a letter for Gawyn, then admits lying to the Wise Ones. She says that she has toh, and asks their help to meet it.

Mat Cauthon plays the game of Snakes and Foxes with Olver—a child’s game that reminds him of the creatures inside the redstone doorways. Rand visits the camp and asks Mat to take Elayne from Salidar and see her safely to Caemlyn to be crowned.

Egwene submits to a flogging from the Wise Ones and their apprentices to meet her toh. Once it is over, the Wise Ones show nothing but fondness towards Egwene, respecting her for living by ji’e’toh. Strengthened, Egwene sets off to face the Aes Sedai.

Chapter 34: Journey to Salidar (Nesan 28 N.E. 999)

Egwene tries out her new weave and enters the World of Dreams in the flesh. She finds her ability to manipulate reality the same as when she dreams herself here, so she creates the mare Bela to ride, speeds to Salidar, and steps back into the real world. The Aes Sedai of Salidar’s Hall are astonished to see Egwene so soon, but Egwene is even more astonished when Sheriam tells her that they summoned her to be the next Amyrlin Seat.

Chapter 35: In the Hall of the Sitters (Nesan 28 N.E. 999)

Sheriam’s coterie of Aes Sedai explain to Egwene that the law does not explicitly call for the Amyrlin Seat to be full Aes Sedai, and help her rehearse the ceremony. In the Hall of the Tower, a formal vote is called, with the various factions and allegiances manifesting in who stands or sits in which round of voting, until at last, all stand, with Lelaine and Romanda, two rivals for the title, standing last. Egwene’s experience with the Aiel gives her the courage to face the proceedings with calm dignity.

Chapter 36: The Amyrlin Is Raised (Danu 1 N.E. 999)

Egwene al’Vere, the new Amyrlin Seat in Salidar, addresses the Aes Sedai. She names Sheriam Bayanar as her Keeper, and raises Theodrin, Faolain, Nynaeve, and Elayne to full Aes Sedai by decree. Egwene catches up with Nynaeve and Elayne, and acknowledges that she was selected for her ties to Rand, and because the factions think they can use her as a puppet. Learning of the weather ter’angreal in Ebou Dar, Egwene tells Nynaeve and Elayne that traveling there will not take as long as they think.

Chapter 37: When Battle Begins (Danu 1 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve confesses to Egwene that she captured Moghedien, and is holding her captive with a leashless a’dam. Egwene tells Elaine her plans to create associations among the Aes Sedai, Aiel Wise Ones, Sea Folk Windfinders—all women who can channel, weak and strong. Egwene questions Moghedien about how to Travel with the One Power, and warns the Forsaken never to lie to her. Siuan arrives to instruct Egwene on etiquette, and Egwene dismisses the others. Egwene insists on Siuan’s help to become a strong Amyrlin in truth, not the puppet most of Salidar believes. Siuan agrees.

Romanda and Lelaine each meet with their supporters about how they stood for Egwene to keep the Amyrlin’s stole from the other. Both wonder why Delana is late.

Delana complains to Halima that she cannot continue to support every faction in Salidar, but Halima is firm on that, and on re-gentling or killing Logain. Delana considers killing Halima, but somehow knows that she would be the one to die instead.

Under Egwene’s instruction, Siuan, Nynaeve, and Elayne begin working to convince the Salidar Aes Sedai to march for Tar Valon.

Chapter 38: A Sudden Chill (Danu 4 N.E. 999)

Mat Cauthon leads the Band of the Red Hand to Salidar. Vanin claims there are nearly three hundred Aes Sedai in Salidar, and an army twice the size of the Band. Mat and Aviendha beg an audience with Egwene. Several Aes Sedai accost Aviendha, remarking at her strength in the Power and wanting her to become a Novice. Mat sees Egwene wearing the Amyrlin’s stole and tries to drag her bodily away before the “real” Amyrlin finds out. A novice enters, curtsies, and addresses Egwene by the Amyrlin’s honorific, leaving Mat gaping.

Chapter 39: Possibilities (Danu 4 N.E. 999)

Egwene considers that Mat’s arrival in Salidar with the Band of the Red Hand may be an advantage for her. She argues Mat to a stalemate, and he stalks off to find Thom Merrilin. With Nynaeve and Elayne, Egwene plots to join the Band to Gareth Bryne’s army. She suspects Mat promised to bring Elayne to Caemlyn, and Mat never goes back on his word. Elayne will use Mat’s oath to bring him with her to Ebou Dar, and hopefully to study Mat’s foxhead ter’angreal as they travel. Egwene carefully brings Sheriam around to the idea that the Salidar Aes Sedai and their army must move north.

Chapter 40: Unexpected Laughter (Danu 4 N.E. 999)

Mat delivers a sealed letter to Thom Merrilin. Thom advises Mat not to interfere with Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve’s plans. He suggests Mat come to Ebou Dar. Mat thinks it over.

Birgitte tells Elayne that Adeleas and Vandene will be accompanying them to Ebou Dar. Elayne asks if she may share the secret of Birgitte’s identity with Egwene, but Birgitte refuses. Elayne finds Aviendha, and they discuss Rand. Aviendha claims she has toh towards Elayne, but Elayne says they will have to share him with Min. They laugh, relieved that at least they don’t have to share him with Berelain.

Chapter 41: A Threat (Danu 4 N.E. 999)

Min, with the Salidar embassy, arrives in Caemlyn, and she heads straight to the Royal Palace to see Rand. Viewing him, she sees an aura of yellow, brown, and purple that warns her that Aes Sedai—or women who can channel—are going to hurt him.

Rand welcomes Min warmly and invites her to his apartments. Min hands him Elayne’s letter, and flirts with him mercilessly. She tells Rand about the embassy from Salidar, and that her aura viewings don’t reveal any plot to harm him. Melaine comes to report that Egwene has gone to Salidar, and Min reveals that Melaine will have twin daughters. This earns her an elevated status with the Wise Ones, who see Min’s ability as reading the Dream without Dreaming.

Chapter 42: The Black Tower (Danu 4 N.E. 999)

Min returns to the embassy while Rand Travels to the farm, leaving his Aiel guards behind. There are now more than a hundred students, being trained in the sword and unarmed fighting in addition to channeling. The students have named the farm the Black Tower. Rand addresses the students, introducing new ranks—Soldier, Dedicated, and Asha’man (which in the Old Tongue refers to a guardian of justice and right). A Dedicated receives a silver sword pin, followed by a golden dragon for Asha’man. Rand pins one of each on Taim, which almost sends Taim into a rage, but he recovers quickly. In Rand’s head, Lews Therin goes into a frenzy, and Rand shouts him down. Taim thinks Rand is going mad.

Chapter 43: The Crown of Roses (Danu 4 N.E. 999)

Merana Ambrey, Seonid Traighan, and Masuri Sokawa return from their audience with the Dragon Reborn. Merana tells Alanna that bonding Rand against his will does not appear to have adversely affected their negotiations. Verin warns against frightening Rand too far. Rand has imposed the additional restriction that the Aes Sedai stay away from the men of the Black Tower. Merana reveals that they are approaching Andoran nobles to help make Rand more biddable.

Chapter 44: The Color of Trust (Danu 4 - 7 N.E. 999)

In Salidar, Mat sets up headquarters in the stables. In the evening, he is caught up in a party where he dances with Halima and feels his foxhead medallion go cold, leaving her with a shocked expression when nothing happens to him. Myrelle offers to bond Mat as her Warder; he declines. After alarming encounters with Siuan and Leane on the dance floor, Mat decides to retire.

On the third day, Egwene summons Mat to the Little Tower and orders him to either accompany Elayne and Nynaeve to Ebou Dar, or leave. Mat orders the Band of the Red Hand to follow Gareth Bryne’s army at a distance, and to rescue Egwene should she choose to escape. As they prepare to leave by gateway, Mat notices Egwene standing alone—ignored by the other Aes Sedai. He makes a public show of fealty to her, in defiance of any who would treat a Two Rivers woman with disrespect. Egwene opens a gateway near the city of Ebou Dar, and the group searching for the Bowl ter’angreal goes through.

With Mat gone, Egwene enacts the second part of her plan—to use the presence of the Band of the Red Hand to goad the Salidar Aes Sedai into marching on Tar Valon.

Chapter 45: A Bitter Thought (Danu 7 N.E. 999)

Perrin leads his band to Caemlyn’s gate, where he is stopped by Saldaean soldiers. Aram, the former Tinker, is eager to cut through them, but Perrin agrees to leave the Two Rivers army outside the gates. Rand greets Perrin and Faile with enthusiasm, and congratulates them on their wedding. He explains that the Two Rivers girls training to be Aes Sedai are in the city. Faile and Min leave to have their own conversation. Rand asks Perrin to go to Tear for him, and Perrin tells Rand of all the changes in the Two Rivers. Rand will not visit the Two Rivers folk, to keep them safer.

Chapter 46: Beyond the Gate (Danu 7 N.E. 999)

Perrin meets with Faile’s parents, Lord Davram and Lady Deira Bashere, who test his mettle and resolve before accepting him as Faile’s husband.

Min’s viewing shows that the Light has a fighting chance against the Shadow when he and Perrin are together, and that twice Perrin will have to be there or something bad will happen to Rand. Min also warns Rand that Merana’s Aes Sedai are plotting with the Andoran nobles.

Demira Eriff, an Aes Sedai, walks into an alley where men dressed as Aiel stab her.

Perrin and Faile go to the rooms Rand provided for them, and Perrin asks Faile what the “broken crown” that her father mentioned is. Faile dodges the question, and tells Perrin that Rand has left the palace. Faile has learned some Maiden handtalk, and offers to spy on Rand. Perrin makes her promise not to.

Demira Eriff awakens in the Crown of Roses and remembers that one of the men who attacked her said, “Tell the witches to stay away from the Dragon Reborn.” Verin takes charge of Merana’s embassy, and says that Demira has the right of first suggestion on how to punish Rand al’Thor. Demira decides they will give him the silent treatment until Min reveals he’s at a boil.

Chapter 47: The Wandering Woman (Danu 8 - 11 N.E. 999)

Mat rides to Ebou Dar with Elayne and Nynaeve’s group, suffering various irritations. Elayne demands to study Mat’s foxhead medallion ter’angreal. After Mat replies with insolence, all the women experiment with channeling at him, or throwing things at him with the Power, which the foxhead does not prevent. When they finally enter Ebou Dar, Mat feels dice tumbling in his mind, a sign that his strange luck was at work, or an important decision was to be made. The Aes Sedai take rooms in the Tarasin Palace, under Queen Tylin Quintara’s hospitality. Mat randomly chooses an inn, the Wandering Woman, for his band. When the innkeeper Setalle Anan greets them, the dice in Mat’s head stop rolling.

Chapter 48: Leaning on the Knife (Danu 11 N.E. 999)

Nynaeve is frustrated that Adeleas and Vandene do not acknowledge her status as Aes Sedai. Vandene and Adeleas claim to be looking for runaways from the White Tower, but Nynaeve suspects they are hiding something. Elayne and Nynaeve are summoned to an audience with Queen Tylin, and Birgitte and Aviendha explore the city. As they are guided through the palace halls, Nynaeve sees the Whitecloak commander—Jaichim Carridin—who had unleashed slaughter in Tanchico. Elayne tells Queen Tylin the whole truth of their search for the bowl ter’angreal. Tylin believes the storeroom they seek is in the Rahad, a rough district across the river. Nynaeve and Elayne, encouraged, think that they will have the bowl within ten days.

Chapter 49: The Mirror of Mists (Danu 12 N.E. 999)

Loial arrives in Caemlyn, having unknowingly slipped past his mother and Elder Haman along the way. Rand asks if Loial will help him find and set guards on all the Waygates. Min arrives at a run, telling Rand that seven Aes Sedai from Merana’s delegation are coming, all together, against his restrictions. Rand mobilizes his Aiel to prepare to meet the Aes Sedai in the Grand Hall. The Aes Sedai use the Mirror of Mists to make themselves seem larger. They reject his restrictions and demand the respect due Aes Sedai. Rand channels to shatter their illusion, and tells them that his restrictions stand, with the additional requirement that they show proper respect for the Dragon Reborn. The Aes Sedai have no choice but to accept his dismissal.

Min feels that Rand is missing something about why Merena’s delegation confronted him, and rides back to The Crown of Roses to pry information from a Warder she has befriended. The Aes Sedai Bera Harkin and Kiruna Nachiman enter the inn, returning from the Aiel Waste. Min realizes there are now thirteen Aes Sedai in Caemlyn, and rides back to Rand. She tells him that the aura she saw meant blood, death, and the One Power—those women and Rand, all together. Rand gathers Perrin, Faile, Loial, and the Aiel, and then opens a gateway to Cairhien.

Merana reads a letter from Rand warning her not to bring more than five other Aes Sedai to Cairhien, which will supposedly put her on equal footing with the White Tower’s embassy. Alanna can sense, through her Warder bond, that Rand is in the east, but cannot use the bond to compel him. Merana tries to reassert control of the embassy, but Kiruna has precedence, and takes command.

Chapter 50: Thorns (Danu 12 - 21 N.E. 999)

In Cairhien, Coiren Saeldain of the White Tower’s embassy requests an audience, but Rand refuses. Rand visits Herid Fel to ask about the Seals on the Dark One’s prison, but Fel is distracted by Min. Fel leaves Rand a note, saying “Belief and order give strength. Have to clear rubble before you can build.” Min begins spending more time with the Wise Ones, and makes covert viewings of the Cairhienin nobles—she predicts the deaths of many, and views that Berelain will fall head over heels for a man in white.

Faile and Berelain enter into a rivalry over Perrin that exhausts him. Berelain escalates her stalking, inflaming Faile’s jealousy.

Rand continues to receive audience requests from Coiren, and sensing that Alanna and the Salidar embassy is nearing Cairhien, finally grants Coiren her audience.

Chapter 51: The Taking (Danu 22 N.E. 999)

Rand prepares to receive the White Tower embassy. Coiren arrives with Galina Casban, Katerine Alruddin, and a dozen serving women with two brass-bound chests—who are Aes Sedai in disguise. A shield of saidar blocks Rand from saidin.

Rand finds himself in a cell, transported there inside one of the treasure chests. Six Aes Sedai sustain the shield on him. Feeling along the shield, he senses six soft points in the barrier they wove. Rand hopes that the Wise Ones happen by, sense the channeling, and rescue him.

Sorilea passes by the manor house where the Aes Sedai were staying, and as usual, senses the constant channeling going on inside. Min has disappeared, and Sorilea has an instinct that something is wrong.

Chapter 52: Weaves of the Power (Danu 22 N.E. 999)

In the common room of the Wandering Woman in Ebou Dar, Mat passes time gambling. Nynaeve and Elayne keep slipping away from the Tarasin Palace without Mat’s men spotting them. Mat and Nalesean set out to search the Rahad for them.

Elayne and Nynaeve search the Rahad for the building they saw in Tel’aran’rhiod. They, Birgitte, and Aviendha are disguised by inverted weaves and appear to be Ebou Dari; they have also disguised their ability to channel using a weave gleaned from Moghedien. They witness a knife duel, and a young, red-belted Domani woman named Asra steps in to treat the wounded duelist. To Elayne’s surprise, the woman channels saidar and weaves flows of Healing. Birgitte warns Elayne against following Asra, as she seems well respected, and to accost her would earn more drawn blades than they could handle.

Egwene visits Logain, who is shielded as custom dictates. She asks what he thinks of Rand’s amnesty. Egwene goes to bed and enters Tel’aran’rhiod to meet Elayne and Nynaeve, whose forced optimism tells Egwene that the search for the bowl is going badly. Elayne chafes against the suggestion of using Mat to help. When Egwene wakes, she confirms with Siuan the preparations to allow Logain to escape.

Myrelle waits with Nisao, who has been studying sicknesses of the mind. Myrelle senses Lan out in the night, coming closer, and she uses Spirit to compel him to come to her. Lan’s bond to Moiraine was passed to her without Lan’s consent, as a means to counteract the suicidal rage that accompanies a Warder losing his Aes Sedai and keep him alive.

Chapter 53: The Feast of Lights (Danu 28 N.E. 999)

In Cairhien, Perrin picks his way through the revelry of the Feast of Lights. Rand and Min have been gone for six days, with no one knowing where they went. He feels Rand’s need for him like an itch. Lord Dobraine reports that Lord Maringil was found dead from poison, and High Lord Meilan was stabbed in the streets. Lady Colavaere dined with guests from a number of smaller Houses, discussing an alliance to support Colavaere for the Sun Throne. Berelain enters, bearing Rand’s sword and the belt with the dragon buckle, and all gathered realize Rand has been taken by force. Sulin orders the Aiel to muster; Perrin will lead the army to take Rand back. Rhuarc reports that the Shaido Aiel are on the move. Sorilea reveals that the Wise Ones can channel, and will pit their powers against the Aes Sedai.

Galina has stuffed Rand back inside the brass-bound chest to punish him for killing two Warders in an escape attempt. She agrees to let Erian, whose Warders Rand killed, take charge of his punishment.

Erian beats Rand with the One Power. Aiel Wise Ones arrive and talk to Galina, and Rand realizes they are Sevanna’s Shaido. In his head, Rand tells Lews Therin to work with him, and to his astonishment, Lews Therin answers. Lews Therin instructs him to wait for when the six soft points he feels on the shield turn hard. That happens when the flows are knotted, and Lews Therin knows how to unravel knotted weaves.

Galina notes that all the Wise Ones save Sevanna could channel, several quite strongly. She plans to use the Shaido to kill Gawyn and his Younglings, and to torture Rand until she can present him, broken, to Elaida.

Sevanna considers using the cube Sammael had given her to summon him when Rand was captive, but decides against it, planning to be the wife of the Car’a’carn himself. At Sevanna’s command, the Wise Ones tear apart one of their own, Desaine, using the One Power.

Chapter 54: The Sending (Taisham 1 - 8 N.E. 1000)

Perrin and his army set out on the Tar Valon Road. He reaches out with his mind to the wolves in the area, who guide them toward the Aes Sedai camp. When Perrin tells them that the Aes Sedai have caged “Shadowkiller,” the wolves howl and inform him they will come. Loial suspects they will face at least thirteen Aes Sedai when they catch up to Rand. Perrin’s group is joined by the Two Rivers army, with nine Salidar Aes Sedai and their Warders. Dannil tells Perrin that Alanna can find Rand. Perrin reveals that Rand is being held prisoner by Coiren and her Aes Sedai. The Aes Sedai grant Perrin permission to join them, but Perrin says that the Aes Sedai can join his army. They grudgingly agree. On the tenth day of their chase, the wolves tell Perrin they have found a large gathering of humans, and he needs to come now.

**Chapter 55: Dumai’s Wells **(Taisham 11 N.E. 1000)

Gawyn is troubled that the Aes Sedai are holding Rand al’Thor captive. He promised not to raise a hand against al’Thor, but he won’t raise a hand to help him either. He decides he will rescue Min, but a severely wounded scout reports thousands of Aiel approaching.

Rand endures the injuries from his torture and reminds himself never to trust Aes Sedai again. He feels the wagon stop, and his chest being put on the ground, but nobody opens it. He grows frantic.

Perrin arrives to find Shaido Aiel surrounding the Tower Aes Sedai’s caravan. The Power is being wielded on both sides. Perrin readies his army to charge into the battle, and summons a thousand wolves. Cutting his way through Aiel, he hears a hollow boom ahead, and suddenly black-coated men step out of Gateways, felling Aiel with swords and the Power.

Rand realizes that some of the Aes Sedai holding his shield have tied their weaves. He breaks through the shield, and then blows up the chest with Air. Three of the Aes Sedai are unconscious, dead, or stilled. He sees Min on the ground beneath shards of the chest, and becomes aware of the Power being used in battle around him. He realizes that Taim and the Asha’man have come for him. Rand shields the remaining Tower Aes Sedai and knocks them out. Gawyn rallies his Younglings to leave, and is almost attacked by an Asha’man. Mazrim Taim commands the Asha’man to make a dome of Air around the wagons, a barrier against the Shaido channeling. The fighting wraps up quickly inside the dome, but the rest of Perrin’s army is still outside. Taim commands the Asha’man to unleash carnage, utterly destroying the attacking army. The Salidar Aes Sedai present themselves as allies, but Rand commands them to their knees, along with the Tower Aes Sedai.

**EPILOGUE: The Answer **(Taisham 13 N.E. 1000)

In Ebou Dar, Falion Bhoda plots to deliver Elayne and Nynaeve to Moghedien.

Herid Fel is in his study in Cairhien when a Gholam squeezes under the door and tears him limb from limb.

In Salidar, Moghedien lies in her tent when Halima enters, identifies herself as Aran’gar, and calls Moghedien by her real name. Aran’gar channels, and Moghedien realizes she is channeling saidin. Aran’gar removes Moghedien’s a’dam and tells her she has been summoned to Shayol Ghul.

Egwene feels Moghedien’s pain through the a’dam, realizing that a man who could channel has touched it. She wonders whether Logain is responsible.

Demandred kneels in the Pit of Doom under Shaidar Haran’s gaze, and asks “Have I not done well, Great Lord?” The Dark One’s laughter fills Demandred’s head.

The Wheel of Time

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