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  1. What is your most controversial opinion?

    It would be a nice show but no one is beating Brady out of another Super Bowl.
  2. What is your most controversial opinion?

    @Verbal32 we need your assistance.
  3. What is your most controversial opinion?

    I've read a few WoT fanfics in the past. Usually not Seanchan stuff though. People take the BDSM undertones and ramp it up to 11. I agree about the blur though. RJ really lost a lot of focus at that point I guess.
  4. What is your most controversial opinion?

    No. And come on that's literally like the only place that might happen. Don't you live in SD? The story was extremely tight and focused up to book 4 or maybe 5 (been awhile). Naturally character creep began to take it's toll even with RJs exceptional recycling of characters. Everyone acknowledges that the Perrin/Faile Aiel chase is "slow" at best. So parts were definitely bad in my opinion but yeah the world building was exceptional which kind of highlights the bad parts even more. It's the reason why someone might prefer a fanfic to New Spring.
  5. What is your most controversial opinion?

    There are people who think beef ribs are better? I've never met one.
  6. What is your most controversial opinion?

    The Wheel of Time is a better "world" than it is a story. (See: Star Wars)
  7. Pokemon Sun & Moon

    Yeah same. I keep getting into an argument with a friend about those. He says they wont make them because enough time hasn't passed and I say the games are over 10 years old so plenty of time has passed.
  8. The Shannara Chronicles S02

    The season was ok. I kind of thought it was ending but we got a to be continued and a sort of cliffhanger (not unsatisfying). So I guess there will either be a season 3 or an unfinished story.
  9. Pokemon Sun & Moon

    UltraSun and UltraMoon were not what I thought they were going to be. I was so disappointed I didn't even buy it. I thought it was going to be more like B2W2 not like Emerald, Platinum, etc.
  10. Overwatch

    Anyone watching the first day of the OWL? Dallas got robbed imo. Literally lost to a Tracer.
  11. IQ tests

    Wow this conversation jumped several sharks.
  12. political meme's & lolz

    Welcome back everyone.
  13. More mass shootings...

    That's a fair point. It often doesn't matter what the intention is but what the result yields. I admit that in many cases when having these hypothetical conversations I haven't always fully thought through my position. That's why I enjoy the conversation, it helps me refine my ideas and views.
  14. More mass shootings...

    Which group of people is not equal before the law? Sure. Not true at all. I have no desire to shut down this conversation. I misread what he was saying. And I made it clear he didn't say it, it's what I thought he was implying. I was incorrect. Is that ok? Millions dead from starvation alone, for starters.