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  1. I passed over a lot of iffy things, but noted down a few blatant errors. I don't think they're too spoilery, so I'll go ahead and post them. I was also half-delirious while reading a lot of the book so I'm sure I missed quite a few things. I'll try to catch them on re-read.



    Egwene: "Who? Moridin?" (how does she know of his existence?)


    "....Is it Power-forged?"
    "I don't know," Rand said.
    (In TGS, Min thinks "It had been Power-forged, he claimed. He seemed to know things about it he did not share.")


    Egwene waved a few fingers, sending the other women off, except her two shadows—Gawyn and that Seanchan woman... (Mat POV, he kind of knows Egeanin)


    Logain tells Gabrelle to Heal him and she argues with him. She should be compelled to do it immediately.

  2. I love reading this and seeing wich memories got guessed correctly and wich is waaaaaaaay off :laugh:


    It's not nice to taunt people. Like kcf said, most of these are not really great clues. We've only been making wild guesses because we don't have anything better to do while waiting for the book; I doubt many people expected their answers to be correct.

  3. It's hard to judge because some of our theories are loony and some of them are more serious. So you'd have to keep track of things like, well I think this one has a 50% chance of being true, and this one has an 85% chance, and no one does that. Someone tried it before TOM with assigning odds and whatnot but I didn't like the odds system so I didn't do it. Also, some theories turn out to be part-true.

  4. Rand stiffened. He'd known what he was doing, on some level, but to hear it explained was disconcerting.


    Moridin explaining what it is to channel the True Power.


    Good idea. I do have a question though. Is the use of past perfect fully consistent with this explanation? As a nonnative English speaker I've never been comfortable with these things. I mean, Rand didn't really know what he was doing when he was channeling TP in tGS (LTT did, however). He only fully understood what happened after VoG.


    The tense is actually what led me in that direction. Even better would be "He'd known what he had been doing", but I'm not sure we can read so much into that.

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