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  1. Alright, just going through the Theoryland database I'm not finding anything where Brandon claimed we could figure out his alter ego.


    There's the time MrBlack pointed out.


    Then there's a time where he was asked "Can we figure out who Demandred is disguised as based on evidence?"  to which he said "There are clues"  Personally, the clues have always pointed me to Shara.  Which tells me his alter ego is a nobleman there.  Nothing dishonest or disingenous there.


    That is the key word, and he was asked that several times in different ways. And he did say that about the alter ego, and even said that some fans online had guessed it, which wasn't true. We didn't know anything about noblemen in Shara; from what we were told, there weren't any, aside from the Sh'boan and Sh'botay. So it's the "who" bit along with similar words "Demandred's identity" or "alter ego" which makes it disingenuous.

  2. I've been perusing the interview database, and the only time I can see Brandon stating anything even remotely definitive on Demandred's identity is in response to one of your questions, where he repeated RJ's statement that Demandred's alter-ego had not been seen "onscreen" through KoD.


    Look harder. Try the Demandred tag if you haven't already. He also extended that to TOM, and implied in another book that his books were a package deal on that particular front.


    Thanks for the quick response. Disappointing that so much time was spent trying to figure out his alter-ego and it was from some previously unknown prophecy. Had RJ and BS simply RAFOd the answer I would be fine with the Shara thing. But the fact that they said we could have figured it out from the previous books seems a little too much. One other item, someone else on this thread wondered how Bryne was compelled through his dreams even though he was bonded as a warder. Weren't we told early on in the series (by Moraine i think) that the warder bond provides certain advantages including protection/warding of dreams? Am i remembering this incorrectly or is this addressed in AMOL as some new/unknown technique from the AOL?

    Did they say that?  I recall Brandon stating that Demandred's alter ego had not made an appearance as of KoD, but that's it.


    Brandon made lots of comments about Demandred's alter ego. Any time someone asked if we could figure out "who" Demandred was, Brandon said yes. Misleading at best, disingenuous at worst.

  4. Not socks. Stockings. Same thing.


    "No tears yet, farmboy," she smiled. "No stammer." Ruffling his hair as if he were ten, she walked to the door, but as she sometimes did, she moved in a gracefully swaying fashion that might not have produced tears and stammer but certainly did make him stare however hard he tried not to. His eyes whipped to her face as she turned around. "Why, sheepherder, your face is flushed. I thought the heat never touched you now. Never mind. I wanted to tell you, I will be careful. I’ll see you tomorrow. Be sure to put on clean stockings."

    Rand let out a long breath once the door was firmly shut behind her. Clean stockings? He put on clean every day!

    "Is Mat well?" Bode asked, suddenly anxious. "Is he with you? Mother worries about him so. He wouldn’t even remember to put on clean stockings if someone didn’t tell him."
  5. one of the major points of the past 2 books has been that nothing is inevitable, not even prophesy. You even see it in Min's visions as she starts to see possibilities rather than certainties.


    RJ said her viewings are absolute. When she sees options, then one of the options will happen. The only prophecies that aren't certain are Dreams, and those that were given after the Pattern began falling apart (around COT or KOD), but we only know of a couple that didn't come true. Like a Seanchan woman handing Egwene an a'dam, which I suspect was only left unfulfilled because ewot missed it on their list of prophecies. :rolleyes:


    Obviously, many people noticed this memory was a reference to Rand's first use of the Power.


    That was my first reaction too. But I agree with Sid - it's weird to give this line to Faile given that she's never seen Bela before.


    It's not weird in context.



    Two things come mind. First, Rand might've heard that VOICE before; whether he did or not, we'll finally have our answer,


    I'm also hoping that we will but a couple of people in this thread claimed that according to some interviews the VOICE at the end of tEoTW will never be explained.


    Not true. Harriet just asked Brandon to keep quiet about it, to the point that he wouldn't confirm or deny it was addressed in the book.


    This is part of the problem with spoiler boards. I have a problem with that particular scene/concept as well, but in a way it's extraneous and has nothing to do really with how the Bore is sealed. Don't get the idea that the solution revolves around it. It doesn't.

    It may not have much to do materially, but it is important nonetheless. Without this, the idea of killing the DO still persists, maybe in Rand's mind, definitely in the reader's mind. This was needed to wrap up some things about WoT metaphysics that had not been explicitly shown before.


    Rand's idea about killing the Dark One was stupid. It wasn't important to the plot in any way, which is why it is extraneous.

  8. I'm not so sure. Ishamael played that game back in TEOTW.



    Egwene stood there, and Nynaeve, pale and frightened, with flowers in their hair. And another woman, little older than the Wisdom, gray-eyed and beautiful, clothed in a Two Rivers dress, bright blossoms embroidered round the neck.

    "Mother?" he breathed, and she smiled, a hopeless smile. His mother's smile. "No! My mother is dead, and the other two are safe away from here. I deny you!" Egwene and Nynaeve blurred, became wafting mist, dissipated. Kari al'Thor still stood there, her eyes big with fear.

    "She, at least," Ba'alzamon said, "is mine to do with as I will."

    Rand shook his head. "I deny you." He had to force the words out. "She is dead, and safe from you in the Light."



    He tried to make the vision more believable by taking away Egwene and Nynaeve, but it was still a sham, even to the whisper at the very end as Rand used the Power to destroy the Illusion.


    Also, Rand's thought is a regret, not a promise to himself. Or rather, it was a promise to himself...a promise he could not keep:



    "All things must grow where they are, according to the Pattern," he explained over his shoulder, as if apologizing, "and face the turning of the Wheel, but the Creator will not mind if I give just a little help."

    Rand led Red around the shoot, careful not to let the bay's hooves crush it. It did not seem right to destroy what the Green Man had done just to avoid an extra step. Egwene smiled at him, one of her secret smiles, and touched his arm. She was so pretty, with her unbound hair full of flowers, that he smiled back at her until she blushed and lowered her eyes. I will protect you, he thought. Whatever else happens, I will see you safe, I swear it.


    The bit in AMOL was a direct quote of that, along with many other direct quotes from the RJ books scattered throughout.

  9. I like Androl, and I don't particularly have a problem with his role. (The only thing I don't like about him is that he's done everything. Or close to everything.) Older readers had a similar problem with Cadsuane, lol. They asked RJ things like, did you have her role in mind from the beginning, or did you just decide to come up with her when writing ACOS? Apparently it was annoying that characters like Moiraine disappeared to make way for Cadsuane.

  10. That might have been my favorite scene in the book. Also, called it. I only said 'the dagger' specifically in that instance because the context was Brandon's 'innocent foreshadowing'. My first guess was this quote, because it was the first one with implications I came across when digging through Brandon's recent wotrr chapters:



    Verin nodded, but frowned at the same time. "Yet, even if it is found, who can return it safely? Whoever touches it risks the taint if they handle it long. Perhaps in a chest, well wrapped and padded, but it would still be dangerous to those nearby for any great time. Without the dagger itself to study, we cannot be sure how much it must be shielded. But you saw it and more, Moiraine. You dealt with it, enough for that young man to survive carrying it and to stop him infecting others. You must have a good idea of how strong its influence is."

    "There is one," Moiraine said, "who can retrieve the dagger without being harmed by it. One whom we have shielded and buffered against that taint as much as anyone can be. Mat Cauthon."



    And that was before his full Healing in Tar Valon. I love that all four of my guesses were actual foreshadowing, though two of them were easy guesses due to the Blood Calls Blood prophecy.

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