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  1. I don't know about a cop out, but Fain does feel like an unsatisfying answer. The attack on Demira set into the motion the events that drove Rand out of Caemlyn and into the hands of the Tower embassy in Cairhien. It's hard to imagine that not being a Darkfriend conspiracy.


    It was Verin who used the attack to guide Demira into suggesting their confrontation, so that part still makes sense even though she didn't have anything to do with the attack itself.

  2. I like today's memory.


    @fionwe yes, I mostly agree. In fact, for me the most jarring thing coming to Rand from LTT was something that happened before VoG, not after. There is a moment in tGS, ch 42 when LTT says that he likes Weiramon because he is honest. I find this comment extremely weird and completely out of character. LTT was crazy but not stupid. He was never shown to be a bad judge of character before.


    I know what you mean in a way but I think there's a lot of (very intentional) cross-over in TGS. There has always been cross-over, like Lews Therin thinking about growing up in the Two Rivers, and Rand thinking about orchards and whatnot. Lews Therin has, in addition, also been an expression of Rand's subconscious thoughts. Why did Rand tolerate Weiramon? Perhaps there was something about Weiramon's (albeit fake) flattery that fed Rand's ego. I don't think it's very helpful to think of the voice as being a true manifestation of Lews Therin's personality, especially considering the guy was only crazy for a day or three.


    Rand being philosophical is not precisely the problem, though the idea that it's somehow more a part of his character than it is a part of Rand's is contradicted by Rand's statements to Moridin in the TGS dream. The problem is him randomly assigning motivations to things that 1) don't make much sense and 2) don't really require explanation in the first place. As a person said above, it is indeed reminiscent of Richard Rahl, and I don't see how this kind of thing coming from Rand somehow makes it better.

  3. "Shai'tan TAKE you, does the taint already have you so far in its grip?"


    "That name. Shai—" Lews Therin shuddered and raised a hand as though to ward off something. "You mustn't say that name. It is DANGEROUS."


    "So you remember THAT much, at least. Dangerous for YOU, fool, not for me. What else do you remember? REMEMBER, you Light-blinded idiot! I will NOT let it end with you swaddled in unawareness! Remember!"


    For a moment Lews Therin stared at his raised hand, fascinated by the patterns of grime. Then he wiped his hand on his even dirtier coat and turned his attention back to the other man. "Who ARE you? What do you WANT?"


    The black-clad man drew himself up arrogantly. "Once I was called Elan Morin Tedronai, but NOW—"


    "Betrayer of Hope." It was a whisper from Lews Therin.  Memory stirred, but he turned his head, shying away from it.


    "So you do remember SOME things. Yes, Betrayer of Hope. So have men named me, just as they named YOU Dragon, but unlike you I embrace the name. They gave me the name to revile me, but I will yet make them kneel and WORSHIP it. What will you do with YOUR name? After this day, men will call you Kinslayer. What will you do with THAT?"


    Lews Therin frowned down the ruined hall. "Ilyena should be here to offer a guest welcome," he murmured absently, then raised his voice. "Ilyena, where ARE you?" The floor shook; the golden-haired woman's body shifted as if in answer to his call: His eyes did not see her.


    Elan Morin grimaced. "LOOK at you," he said scornfully. "Once you stood FIRST among the Servants. Once you wore the Ring of Tamyrlin, and sat in the HIGH SEAT. Once you summoned the Nine Rods of Dominion. Now LOOK at you! A pitiful, shattered WRETCH. But it is not enough. You humbled me in the Hall of Servants. You defeated me at the Gates of Paaran Disen. But I am the GREATER, now. I will NOT let you die without knowing that. When you die, your last thought will be the FULL KNOWLEDGE of your defeat, of how complete and UTTER it is. If I let you die at all."

  4. So, I started lurking again about a year ago. I finely made a new user name a month or so ago when I couldn't remember my login details and I have some questions !


    A) why do a lot of people think Bashere is a dark friend? It seems totally out of context with his character.


    Mostly because they want him to be one and think it would be cool. And Min's 'something dark' viewing. And a certain perception of probability...



    B) What has led some people to think Roderan is Demandred ? Process of elimination?



    Mostly, yes. But once one embraces the idea it turns out there is a lot going for it, not just in terms of evidence in the books, but also in terms of Demandred's character. Demandred did not think much of Sammael's need to have every eye on him.


    C) Cadsuane: like / dislike?!





    D) Will Jesus Sedai I mean Rand actually die and be resurrected after 3 days or is the merging of the two identities to form Jesus Sedai the symbolic death of rand?! I would kind of prefer the latter...



    The evidence points toward the former. Very loudly, yet in a very subtle way, particularly in the Irish mythology scattered through the books. Obviously there are elements of Jesus and Artur and Norse myths and Slavic myths in Rand's death, but the Irish mythology appears to foreshadow the specific method of his resurrection.


    E) Can someone talk Tor, Harriet et al to put the book up forsake via kindle tonight because I'm off till Jan 3rd for the holidays and my lurking the theory board is getting out of control.



    lol. Good luck with that.

  5. I know that a few of these will be wrong. Just don't know which ones, obviously.


    1. Gawyn and Egwene will be involved in Rand's death, though Egwene maybe more by association. Moiraine might also be involved, but she is less clear than those two.


    2. Nynaeve will rip Rand out of Tel'aran'rhiod.


    3. Rand will live out his days in the Westwood with Min. Visitation rights apply.


    4. Moiraine will be Queen of Cairhien.


    5. Aviendha will remember how to make a gateway like she did the first time. I hope she will also, independently of Androl, beat the dreamspike. For Rand, of course.


    6. Perrin will be King of Saldaea by the end. (Faile will not die; she will be Queen and Perrin's claim is through her.)


    7. Tuon will be bound by the Oath Rod. Not sure what for, but it will either explicitly or implicitly involve serving Rand.


    8. Tuon will bond Mat.


    9. Rand will die before sealing the Bore.


    10. Much of the negotiation with the Seanchan will take place after Rand's death.


    11. The Aiel will return to the Way of the Leaf.


    12. Justice will play an important role in the truce with the Seanchan. (Been saying this ever since it was revealed that the sword was Justice. Luckers and I have a bet.)


    13. Demandred's plan includes taking out all of the Great Captains at the onset of the Last Battle. He might or might not be successful.


    14. Bashere will be killed, probably by his officers in the Legion of the Dragon or maybe Demandred himself. Or one of the Asha'man.


    15. Roedran is Demandred's alter ego.


    16. The Legion of the Dragon is heavily infiltrated by Darkfriends and will take its orders from Demandred.


    17. Androl will beat the dreamspike by linking with Pevara. The technique is similar to unweaving, but in reverse, sort of.


    18. There are dangers lurking from Rand's bond with Moridin. I don't know if a full merge will happen—Min said they 'seemed' to merge which might be accounted for in what we've seen already—and a swap seems even less likely, but Rand might lose control of his body. He won't end the story in Moridin's body. He might also be mindtrapped when he goes to Shayol Ghul. It can only be done there, would explain why his first trip is a disaster, would explain at least one bloodspilling, and with the foothold Moridin already has on his mind, the effects could be interesting.


    19. Fain will kill Shaidar Haran. This might be Fain's role in helping Rand to seal the Bore; it could serve as a distraction. Fain might even get some gloves so he can torture Shaidar Haran for, oh, maybe three days? Fain will not be happy when Rand dies. He will know when it happens.


    20. Rand will be dead for three days, though it might technically be two and a half days. As per Gawyn, the sun will rise two days late. As per Elayne, Nynaeve will hold down the sun at dawn, presumably by delaying Rand's resurrection until the right moment. As per several hints, the sky will go dark on the day of Rand's death at noon, and as per Aviendha, Moiraine, Egwene foreshadowing, the second dawn might be (by hours) at midnight. The eclipse is a warning; the sky will go dark for real when Rand dies, and the sun will rise again when he is resurrected.


    21. Elayne will give birth on the day Rand is resurrected. This might be why Nynaeve delays the resurrection; Elayne will need to be able to bond Rand again as soon as he is ripped out. Nynaeve can be midwife.


    22. Nynaeve will be Tuon's new Truthspeaker.


    23. Dragonmount will erupt when Rand dies. Shayol Ghul might erupt as well, but definitely Dragonmount.


    24. Berelain will be adopted into the Imperial Family. She will lose Galad, either because he dies or because Gawyn dies and he ends up with Egwene. :tongue:


    25. Cadsuane will die in a blaze of glory, perhaps related to her foreshadowed confrontation with Sorilea.


    26. Sorilea is a Darkfriend.


    27. Lan will kill Slayer, in fulfillment of his oath to avenge what cannot be defended. (And also a parallel to Ragnarök.)


    28. Tel'aran'rhiod will somehow be involved in the sealing of the Bore, and this is where Egwene will shine the most.


    29. Verin's letter to Galad was about Luc, and everything she had learned about Slayer. She might have included suspicions about Rand, but I'm thinking her primary concern was Galad's uncle. She doesn't appear to have told him anything about the plans for Caemlyn.


    30. Elayne will be almost-raped a la Kahlan. (Sorry RJ.) Hanlon will think he is going to get her but he will get offed by a higher power. Her pain will distract Rand when he is at Shayol Ghul.


    31. Valan Luca will get a POV in "The Last Battle". Latelle will scatter his opponents with her stick.


    32. Tuon will agree to free the damane by the end of the book, though we might not see the process really begin.


    33. Tar Valon will be destroyed when Dragonmount blows and the new home for the Aes Sedai will be in Rhuidean. This is more neutral territory and does much to diminish the inherent advantage of the women in Tar Valon. The Ogier will rebuild/finish it before returning to their world, and they will plant a grove. (Rhuidean has a lake now.)


    34. Farstrider got out of Ghenjei alive. The bargain said they had to leave the portal open, so if he could have found his way back to that, he could have gotten out without the ashandarei.


    35. Elayne will link with Rand (or perhaps another man) and successfully copy Mat's medallion.


    36. Birgitte will not die.


    37. The gay male character is Androl.


    38. Gawyn will end up with Laman's sword.


    I might update this post later. Running out of things to predict.

  6. @terez why would Rand say "You are not him" to Frastrider even if Farstrider shows up alive?




    Has to be rand finding out that Moridin is ishy. He still doesn't know that fact but has been seeing moridins face since book 7 i think? Also Leigh mentioned something along this line of we knowing a fact for ages but a character in the story not.


    Rand realized who Moridin was when they met in the dream in TGS. He told Min when he woke up that Ishamael had returned. He realized in KOD that Moridin was the man he met in Shadar Logoth.

  7. I don't even know the reason. I'm guessing it's just because she doesn't feel like fan-teasing is her kind of thing. She'd rather get to work on her analysis.


    As for Pat, I imagine it's not so much about punishing him as it is about sending a clear message that their spoiler embargo is serious business. If they allow people to break it with no repercussions, then it's essentially a toothless policy that no one will follow.

  8. Pat's not getting a copy this year because he broke the embargo last time. (Ken/Nethspace knew that from Theoryland but apparently decided not to tell him.) But none of the reviewers are allowed to do early reviews, and none of them were last time either (hence Pat's early spoiler-ish post being a violation of the embargo). The only other official early review we got last time was Matt's, and I'm hoping to see his some time this week. Mine was unofficial; I got TOM 10 days early on my own. As for the other early readers, Linda chose not to do a review and Jenn and the others never do them.

  9. I am amused by Brandon's handwriting. My dad writes in a combination of capital and lower-case letters, but he's at least consistent. Like, he always uses a capital A, but Brandon basically wrote:


    A MeMoRY of Light!

    AND TheN RAND Died.

    The eNd


    So he sometimes uses a lower-case d, but sometimes not, apparently. Also,


    I AM GoodKind! Fear Me! Kneel Before Zod!!


    I get the impression that he tries to use block letters to make his handwriting more readable, but he sometimes gets lazy.

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