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Hello Hello Hello!


I have been a member of DM since April 2003. I was a Green Sister and Wolf Pup as well as active on the RP side and a staff over there. I returned in January 2011 after a two year break, and started off fresh.


I am a member of EVERY social group, but I am mostly active at only three of them. My list of titles follows:


Wolfkin: Assistant Social Group Leader, Mistress of Pups, Council Member, and Sora'Nosane (Healer Elder)

White Tower: Head Clerk of the Gray Ajah, Sitter, Main Bartender of Blade's End Tavern, Suster to Tynaal and Elgee, Sister to Leelou, Sister to Leala

Shayol Ghul: Moridin (Dreadlord Faction Leader), Ishmael (Queen of the Forsaken Task Force), and Point Whore




Aiel: Gai'shain. Member of the Shaido Clan

BotRH: Former Captain-General of the Infantry

Black Tower: Civilian

The Kin: Blue Sash

Ogier: Ogier


Away from DM, I am a Writer and Reader, I obsess myself with crafting and cooking. I love all Historical Fantasy, and have a BA in Early European History (Minor in Ancient Lit)


I am also married to a wonderful man by the name of Jon. He is a Sergeant in the US Marines and works with Ammo. We celebrated two years this May.




I have been labeled a general Mommy and happiness maker! I consider myself to be the Queen of Organization. Any time you see me involved in a project here on DM, I am the person running around, barking out orders, and keeping things running smoothly!


If you have any questions about DM or any of the Social Groups, please just ask! I am always here to help!

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