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  1. I think we can use the terms "missing" and "destroyed" interchangeably in this situation.
  2. I thought they had returned or something and Ed was getting his panties wet. And then I realized I don't really care if they are here or not. Still not worth the time to get off my ass and go stab them.
  3. Hax, you're cute. I'm going to start plotting your death now.
  4. AND CYAN! And Moghy! And isn't TMD still running about? We have some ladies!
  5. That's about the best I can come up with. Congrats to Vambram and WildTaltos on becoming Dreadlords. Go out and kill people, my dears. *stabs*
  6. Black Ajah : 467 Ahmoondah 130 Barmacral 25 Basel Gill 43 cindy 69 cosmicpanda 5 Haxorsist 15 Kivam 125 Naeann 40 Panchi 20 Dreadlords : 395 Christine 45 Cyan 90 dapianoplay3r 95 Kathleen 5 lolguy26 10 ThorkinBarrimore 5 Vambram 20 WildTaltos 125 Shadowspawn : 315 Katiora 180 Leelou 50 NakedFrog 10 Nyanna al'Meara 5 Nynaeve 15 RandAlThor 25 Reyoru 5 Starrik 5 TinaHel 5 Verbal32 5 WWWwombat 10 DO / Fuls : 180 LilyElizabeth 55 Andrej 5 cloud 5 *Elan Sedai* 20 Mirdraal 5 nicana 15 samuariflip05 5 Sorcha al'Parr 60 WolfbrotherKronos 10 Congrats to Katiora and the Hags.
  7. Not you, Cindy! Krak... I don't recognize this... thing. It looks like the deformed offspring of Barm on a rainy day and Verbal when he has been rolling in horseshit.
  8. You have to EARN that. That being said, I will gladly tell you what I think your name would be.
  9. Dearest Narg, Why have you not eaten Verbal yet?
  10. I actually have a Wolfkin Name, that I rather like. It is Brook Melody. This was given to me by members of the WKSG after I reached the last rank of Elder. I rather like it. It expresses the idea of a calm brook through a forest, with the water flowing gently against rocks and the dirt on either side, and just flowing along. I think it's beautiful, and it fits me... somewhat. It is more like the person I want to be. It is the wolf name I would WANT Hopper to give me. That being said, my name would likely be more like Burning Leaf, in that I'm rather hotheaded, and I seem to float around against everything. Or perhaps Burning Rock, since I'm also hardheaded and fling myself against things. And I would probably hate it.
  11. In the Wheel of Time, a Wolfbrother (or Sister) is someone that develops a relationship with Wolves and gains some Wolfish abilities. This includes enhance sight and smell, the ability to tell emotions, and joining the Wolf Dream (Also known as Tel'aran'rhiod). But, to the Wolves that a Wolfbrother grows attached to, our names are not correct. I would never be known as Christine. That doesn't express the image that is needed. The emotion that a Wolf feels. Perrin is known as Young Bull, because he is young and strong. Elyas is known as Long Tooth, because of the long knife that he carries. The Question I pose to you is this : Hopper and his pack have just run into you. You are a member of the pack. You are Wolfkin. What do they call you? And why? Do you agree with the name?
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