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  1. I like to think that they never wrote down, if they could, any weaves in books because if those books got out of the WT than less novices would come to the WT. After all, if you can learn basic weaves, enough to survive at least, why would you travel all the way to Tar Valon? Now of course it would be more difficult to learn them purely from a book, same as trying to learn a college course with out the professor. Just my two cents, Len.
  2. Oops! Meant to hit 3rd on that! Bloody butter fingers.
  3. I cant stand audio books. I can see the appeal, but they just dont hold my attention as well as paper & ink books do. E-readers I can put up with, whenever I can not find the actual hard copy of a book anywhere and I will admit they are very convenient. I just personaly prefer paper & ink. I love the feel of the paper and if you can find an old enough copy of a book, the smell of the old pages. One of the best books I own, in my opinion, is a Bible from the 40's bound leather and all given to me by my grandmother. Old leather just smells and feels amazing. Sorry if I rambled abit, but I think I got my point across somewhere in there. -Len
  4. I honestly dont know, but I am going to say yes for two reasons. 1) I have not read the books in quite some time, which is why I am currently rereading them, so I dont remember most of the details. 2) This is the outcome I very much want to happen. -Len
  5. Hello everyone, figured I would introduce myself. Im new to these forums, but I am currently on my... 3th? reread of the WoT series and am still loving it. Cant wait to meet everyone here and maybe get into the community abit. Until then, Lenlo EDIT: I failed at being able to count and type at the same time, resulting in me saying I read more than I actually have.
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