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  1. :-/ Wouldn't kill you to give us some good news. Just sayin'. Do I count as good news?
  2. Holy Mathimatics Batman! Polynomial Regression is difficult. Programming it moreso.

  3. Running a Pathfinder game now

  4. Guess whos baaaaaack?!

  5. Hey there! Welcome to DM. I second Elgee on those obsessions btw. I share afew of them myself.
  6. Learning the Piano!

  7. Shhh your going to force mt to choose. Bring it. Alittle Warder here, alittle Aiel there and thats that. If I remember right I think the last and only time I played this I won. >.>
  8. I think it's by whatever criteria you choose to use. Most def this. See I would just want to live there. I am perfectly fine with Andoran living in Illian :P
  9. As we of the Aiel are raiding your tower this week, I thought this would be a perfect chance to ask a question ive had for awhile. If you were from the Wheel of Time world what nationality would you be? I have been told I would be Domani because of how I keep my facial hair and such, but I think I more closesly resemble an Andoran. What about you?
  10. Its your lucky week for e, the Aiel, are here in your tower to steal your wet lander drink and eat your food! What have you to say to this? Also as the first one here I would like to say hello!
  11. Preppin for grad. Cant wait to be done so I can focus on the Aiel

  12. Dude Wallace all the way. You dont mess with a man wielding a Claymore in a skirt.
  13. Learning Gaelic right now. Lots of fun.

  14. I second this. Ishy would keep all the drinks and nothing would go wrong.
  15. Just a note. While he may not have the most tact and some of the ways he does discussions are... questionable, he is discussing this as is the purpose of the thread. Just because he points out flaws in arguements does not mean he is insulting them or calling their points BS. Also DnD is not about being inflammatory. I have seen very little inflammatory posts there. Just denial and stubbornness of people refusing to admit when others are right. Dont mean to be rude or pop out of nowhere but wanted to say that. Bye bye! Its nice reading this.
  16. Alright, ill play. I always have wanted to be a millionaire after all.
  17. Name one or some of your favorite races from a sci-fi and/or fantasy world. Halflings. I have always loved them. Or the servant people from Mistborn. Those were good to. Tell us about a race you've created that you're proud of, or if you haven't created one, make one up now! :) Alright... Ive never actually amde a race before so here goes. Mythology. Which sci-fi/fantasy world has the best creation stories or mythology? Dragonlance imo. I loved the balance and the thought put behind it. Tell us a bit about your own created mythology. I have never created my own. I dont make to many of my own worlds/campaigns. I just dont have the time. Languages. Do you like an extra made-up language or two? If done well they are amazing, but more often than not they are poorly done. I prefer not to take the risk with made up languages rely on the world for the story or to make races unique. Have you made up your own language for your projects? Tell us a but about it. I have not. Do you prefer a world with an instant traveling spell/technology? Or do you prefer a world where they have to walk everywhere? Walking. As I say in the next question, whats the point of the world if you can ignore it. Things like carts or horses to make you go faster are alright, but not any *BOOM* your there stuff. What's an instant travel technique you have used? None actually. Im not a fan of instant travel in my worlds. Whats the point of making a world and everything if they can just fast travel around it? Do you prefer a world with subtle magic/technology (Game of Thrones/Hunger Games) or heavy magic/technology (Wheel of Time/Starwars)? Subtle, but preferably more easily seen than GoT. LotR was pretty good about it. Magic was in alot of places but you never directly got to see how it works or any obvious magic short of Gandalf and the Balrog.
  18. Continues to devour the food on the table. "Say... you dont think those guys in gray jump suits were invited do you? Hate them. Ruined my Hotel..."
  19. No heres a question... What happens if a woman who can channel is also one of the Wolf Kin like Perrin? Like if Perrin and an Aes Sedai had a child or something... That would be very weird.
  20. Sneaks in and immidiatly goes to the food table, wondering if this place had anything better to eat than his old home. Hello people...
  21. Established sci-fi/fantasy worlds - What is your favorite sci-fi/fantasy world? Why? Hmm... Fantasy - I have to say either Krynn or World of Darkness which is a table top game Sci-Fi - Enders Game. Its the reg world, but I just love the books. Its so well written. I may also say Incarnations of Immortality's world by Piers Anthony but im not sure if its Sci-Fi or Fantasy Creating sci-fi/fantasy worlds - Are you more comfortable writing a sci-fi world or a fantasy world? Why? Fantasy. Its so much easier and there are so many less rules in my eyes. In a Sci-Fi world all the laws of science and the inventions have to make sense but in Fantasy worlds there is one word that, while not a good way to explain things, is very helpful for the harder things. Magic. Explains everything. Its a horrible trope to use when building a world but it works. Fantasy: What kind of magic system is your favorite, or easiest to understand? World of Darkness - Mage rule set or DnDs system. I dont know of many other magic systems to be honest. Mistborn kinda is but thats not really a massive established magic system. Dragonlance uses the same as DnD and there just isnt much to pick from. Sci-fi: What kind of technology is your favorite, or easiest to understand? I dont read much Sci-Fi but... I loved Star Wars. Made sense, all the space ships werent just nice looking boxs. They are gritty and look functional.
  22. Luke eh? But... I dont wanna lose my hand! I need it for stuffs! Fnnorrll, can I keep my hand this time? Please!
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