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  1. Woooooo! Earned a Merit Scholarship!

  2. Dang Nya... You are evil. Matty didnt deserve that.
  3. OH a Dance? I never knew! Guess its not a good thing I went to a renaissance festival this weekend huh? *Walks in still dressed in his garb* ((And yes I wear something very similar to this. Though alot more colorful.))
  4. Wooow. Everyone is suddenly so hostile after the election.

  5. Feelin... alright. I guess.

  6. The sun had barely risen when the morning bell rang and all of the trainees started to wake up and get out of bed. Oren sat on his bed, ready and dressed, thinking about his arrival the night before. They had gotten to Tar Valon as the sun was going down. After talking to some guards they were lead to the White Tower where his sister was taken inside and Oren was lead to the Trainee barracks. His thoughts were interrupted though when one of the trainees come over to Oren and said "Cmon new guy, its time for the morning spar and then breakfast." Oren let loose a sigh of relief. Sparing! Finally something he knew how to do. He eagerly followed the other trainees out of the barracks and across the yard to the sparring yard. His excitement showed on his face as they all lined up and waited to be matched into pairs to spar.
  7. *Is super busy. :(*

  8. Missed my cousins wedding... :(

  9. Yaaaaay found my wallet.

  10. Yaaaay... lost my wallet.

  11. *Is asleep*

  12. Hum dee dum. Hum dee dum. Thank you end of year testing for giving me a reason to sleep.

  13. Yaaaaaaay for familial troubles. Heres hoping it blows over in two-three days.

  14. *Whistle* Wow... Just finished Mistborn Trilogy. Must say the last 4-5 chapters were... amazing. Wasnt expecting about 90% of that.

  15. So should I be worried about Maidens Kiss? Seems everyone is laughing for some reason.


  16. Sleep... why u no come? English teacher.. why u make me write 6 essays and 5 summaries. Y U hate me!

    1. Lenlo


      Coffee... Y U have ability to keep me awake to finish these.

  17. See, my question is, where would you find someone cabable of using balefire willing to cut your hair? Unless Balefire is just the newest brand of scissors.
  18. Hey there, welcome to DM. Once you get into it this place is alot of fun. Id suggest taking a look at the social groups and find some that you like the best. It can get pretty crazy in afew of them.
  19. Ive only gotten to book 4 in my reread so far so I dont have alot that I can remember. 1) TEotW: When Rand meets Morgase and Elaida for the first time 2) tGH: Rand taking now 5 Grolm with nothing but 5 arrows 3) tGH: Rand meeting the Amrylin after Lan taught him how to act. 4) tDR: Mat beating Galad and Gawain 5) tDR: Perrin finally getting to be a blacksmith again in Tear is one of my favorite moments ever. Havnt read it again yet, but I from what I remember I love the boot analogy as well. One more I remembered, Perrin forging his hammer. I think Perrin just has some of the best scenes in the books. Not my fav character, but has the best scenes.
  20. Feels odd seeing my face on my profile now...

  21. Sadly, year 2038 is the year of the horse. As for this year of tha dragon, I had not even noticed. I dont look at the chinese calendar much but thats pretty good timing non-the-less.
  22. 194) When you freak out all day about losing your copy of whichever book you are on but go home to find it right next to your bed where you put it the night before.
  23. Lets take a crack at this Walking with Wolves - By Perrin t'Bashere Aybara with notes from Elyas Machera Crowns, Crowns Everywhere - Matrim Cauthon From Shepherd to Shayol Ghul - Autobiography of Rand Al'Thor
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