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  1. 17 hours ago, Niniel said:


    That sounds like a great group. 


    Oh it was :wub:



    7 hours ago, Mrs. Cindy Gill said:

    We still haven't seen endgame ? 


    Get on that!  (Totally worth it!)


    5 hours ago, Niniel said:

    I hope you can see it when they release the dvd. It’s a must.


    *nod nod*  If you have watched and enjoyed most - even a good chunk - of the MCU movies, it is so very satisfying.

  2. 11 hours ago, Niniel said:

    We´re going to see Spiderman - Far from home today. :)


    I still need to see that... might wait for that to come out on digital, though.  


    10 hours ago, Niniel said:

    Thanks. I love Tom Holland as Spider-Man.


    He's just adorable.  :laugh:



    2 hours ago, Niniel said:

    It’s fun to go to the movies but it’s easier (and closer to the bathroom) to watch at home. ?




    (And pausing when you need to go to the bathroom, total plus.)

  3. Yeahhhh so many options.  We haven't had any Wheel of Time ones yet so I'm not opposed to guessing the Two Rivers, lol... I expect we'll have to get at least one more clue to get anywhere on this one.

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